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Page 18:  Sarg 43-47

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Sarg 43-Raam Gets News of the City

While talking among themselves, Raam asked Bhadra - "This is people's nature that they talk about king. So what people talk about, Seetaa, Bharat, Lakshman, Shatrughn and Kaikeyee etc mothers?" Bhadra said joining his palms - "Hey Raajan, You have got the victory after killing Raavan, people often talk about this." Raam said - "Bhadra, You tell me all without any fear, that what do they talk about us, whether it is bad or good."

Bhadra said - "They talk only that Raam won this great Raakshas Raavan, built bridge on sea, extended friendship with bears and monkeys. He did such wonderful works, but we are surprised to see Raam loving to the same Seetaa to who Raavan kept in his house forcefully in Lankaa; and lived in Raakshas family for so long. When Raajaa does that then the public will also follow the same behavior." Hearing this Raam got sad and asked - "Tell me, Do people talk like this?" People said politely - "Undoubtedly some people talk like this." Hearing this Raam sent those people off.

Sarg 44-Raam Calls His Brothers

Then Raam asked the gatekeeper to call Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. In a few minutes all three brothers came there. Seeing Raam very sad, brothers also got worried. Raam asked them to sit and said - "You are very intelligent and our everything. I am ruling this country only with your help. I have a very serious problem. Listen to it and advice me on that.

Sarg 45-Raam Orders Lakshman to Leave Seetaa

Worried and sad Raam said - "Dear brothers, Listen to this carefully. What insulting things public is talking about us. I just can't tolerate. We are born in Ikshwaaku Vansh. Seetaa is also born in a very reputed family of Janak. Hey Lakshman, You know everything whatever has happened to us in the forest - from abduction of Seetaa by Raavan, killing of Raavan by me, Seetaa's Agni Pareekshaa (fire test) with the idea that Seetaa had lived in Raakshas family. Agni, Pavan, Soorya, Chandramaa praised Seetaa's Paativrat a lot and declared Her sinless, and handed over to me in the presence of Devtaa, Gandharv, Raakshas and Maharshi.

I also know from my heart of heart that Seetaa is clean and pure. I brought Her here in Ayodhyaa clean and pure, but I am unable to to digest this defame. Brothers, I cannot tolerate this. Leave Seetaa alone, I can sacrifice my life, I can leave you [but I cannot tolerate this]. Whoever king is defamed he lives in lower Narak. Therefore listen to me.

Lakshman, You go in the morning and leave Seetaa alone near Valmeeki's Aashram which is on the bank of Tamasaa River across Gangaa. You take vow on my life that you wouldn't say anything in favor of Seetaa, just do that what I say. If anybody will create any obstacle in this, he will be considered as my enemy. Seetaa has already expressed Her desire to see Rishi living on the banks of Gangaa, that is why this time is very appropriate for Her to be left there." Saying this Raam let them go and He Himself also went to His palace weeping.

Sarg 46-Lakshman Takes Seetaa to Forest 

Lakshman ordered for the chariot in the morning. Chariot was soon ready with fast running horses and beautiful beds in it. Lakshman took the chariot to palace and said to Seetaa - "According to your desire, Mahaaraaj has ordered me to take you to Rishi who live on the banks of Gangaa, so the chariot is ready." Hearing this Seetaa got very happy and started getting ready to go. She took many clothes and jewelry to give to Muni's wives. Lakshman kept everything in the chariot and drove the chariot.

As She proceeded several bad omens occurred. Seetaa got very worried thinking about them. She said to Lakshman - "Hey Lakshman, Why are these bad omens happening? Bhagavaan may do good to your brothers and my mothers-in-law." Lakshman was also very sad, but He said - "Bhagavaan will do all good, don't you worry." They took rest on the bank of Gomatee. 

Next day, Sumantra took Seetaa in the chariot and arrived on the banks of Gangaa around noon. Seeing the bank of Gangaa, Lakshman broke into tears. Seeing weeping Lakshman, Seetaa said - "You are so sad only in two days time of separation from your brother. We will get back soon after doing Darshan of Maharshi and honoring them with clothes and jewelry. You don't worry at all." Sad Lakshman didn't speak a word. He asked for a boat from Kevat and took Seetaa across Gangaa Jee.

Sarg 47-Lakshman Tells Seetaa the Truth 

After crossing Gangaa, Lakshman said to Seetaa - "Hey Vaidehee, Today I am very sad to bring you here. What this world would talk about me. I wish I should die here so that I should not be blamed for this action. I am doing this only by the order of Raam. Please don't be angry with me." And He fell down on the ground. Seeing Lakshman's condition Seetaa got worried and sad. She said - "Hey Lakshman, Is your brother well? Why are you so sad? What order Raam has given to you, tell me that?"

Grief-stricken Lakshman said - Hey Kalyaanee, Raam has left you hearing the defame about you from public. Although Raam considers you faultless and innocent but He has done this because of public defame. Here lives Vaalmeeki Jee on Gangaa's banks. You live here without any problem. You are a Pativrataa woman, if you will live here meditating Shree Raam and serving Muni's feet, I am sure, you will live happily."






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