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Page 17:  Sarg 38-42

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Sarg 38-Raam Sends Everybody Home 

Raajaa Janak lived in Ayodhyaa for a long time then one day Raam said to him - "You have maintained the relationship of Mithilaa and Ayodhyaa very well. I am very grateful to you for that. You must be feeling uncomfortable in living here so you might go back to Janak Puree." Janak Jee said - "You are right. I am very much satisfied to see your rule so now I can go back." And he went back to Janak Puree. 

After Janak Jee had left, Raam told very politely to Maamaa Yudhaajit that since Naanaa is very old now, so he should also go to Kaikaya Pradesh. Then Raam bade farewell to the king of Kaashee - Pratardan too. He sent off other 300 kings also who came from various countries, saying - "Because of you only we have been able to win Raavan. Hearing about the abduction of Seetaa, Bharat sent for you to help us in war. Undoubtedly, you have tolerated lots of troubles because of us. Now you may also go home." Kings said - "Hey Raam, We are extremely happy to see you along with Seetaa enthroned on Ayodhyaa's throne after killing Raavan. Whatever you have said about us it is your greatness. We only wish that we should always live in your heart. We are your obedient, ask for your love and now permit us to go."

Sarg 39-Raam Distributes Gifts to Vaanar

Those kings started for their countries with their Akshauhinee army. On the way they were talking thus - "Bharat Jee called us late. If he had called us before, we could have shown our power and bravery in war." They all arrived in their respective countries. Later they sent some gifts to Raajaa Raam - horses, elephants, money, gems, jewelry etc.

Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughn brought their gifts and kept them in front of Raam. Raam distributed those gifts among Sugreev, Vibheeshan and other Vaanar. Then Raam made Hanumaan  and Angad sit in His lap and said to Sugreev - "Hey king of Vaanar, Your son Angad and minister Hanumaan have done a great job for me. Therefore both are worthy of respects." And He took off His own jewelry and put them on the bodies of Angad and Hanumaan. Then He said to all Vaanar - "Because of you only, today we are free from this great trouble. You are everything - friend, brother. I am very grateful for your kind help." And He gave gems etc to them too. They all lived there happily for one year.

Sarg 40-Raam Bids Farewell to Sugreev Etc

One day Raam said to Sugreev - "Hey Mitra (friend), Now you may also go back to Kishkindhaa along with Angad, Hanumaan, Nal, Sushen, Neel, Gaj, Gavaaksh, Jaambvaan, Gandhmaadan, and rule there without any problem. Just keep in mind that these Vaanar helped me without caring for their lives, so take care of them very well.

Then Raam said to Vibheeshan - "All praise is less for you. Your elder brother also called you Dharm Knower. Now you may also go back to Lankaa and rule there according to Dharm and law." Saying thus Raam embraced Sugreev and Vibheeshan repeatedly. At that time Hanumaan said - "Hey Bhagvan, We should live until people tell your stories. We should always have Bhakti for you, and you never forget us." 

Then Raam embraced Hanumaan and said - "Your wish will be fulfilled. I give you this Var that till my stories will be told and heard, you will live, and my stories will be told and heard till Pralay Kaal (end of the world)." Saying this Raam took the necklace of Vaidoorya Mani off His neck and put it in Hanumaan's neck and saw all Vaanar off. All Vaanar felt this sorrow as much as people feel leaving their body.

Sarg 41-Kuber Sends Pushpak Back to Raam

One day, in the afternoon, Raam was sitting with His brothers, that they heard a sweet voice - "Hey Raam, look at me. I am Pushpak Vimaan. I went back to Kuber according to your instructions, but Kuber said - "That great gracious Raam has won you after killing that great Raakshas along with his brothers and friends, therefore I happily order you to serve Him. So please fulfill the wish of Kuber and provide me with an opportunity to serve you." Raam said - "Hey Pushpak, You are most welcome. We don't want to make Kuber words lie. But now you may go, and when we will remember you then you come." Thus He sent off the Pushpak Vimaan.

Sarg 42-Ten Thousand Years Pass 

After sending Pushpak Vimaan back to Kuber, Raam came to His beautiful Ashok Vaatikaa. Raam got very please to see the Sandal, Arun, mango, Paarijaat, Madaar, Kadamb, Jaamun, pomegranate trees which were blooming there and were laden with fruits. There were several ponds with Sphatik (a kind of stone) stairs and blooming lotus flowers. Many flowers had fallen on the ground, and they looked like stars in the sky. Raam ate many sweet fruits. At that time Kinnar and Apsaraa came there to sing and dance.

Thus Raam enjoyed life with Seetaa for 10,000 years. He used to spend day's first Prahar in religious activities, second one with Seetaa Jee. Seetaa also spent Her first Prahar in religious activities and serving mothers-in-law and second Prahar in the service of Raam. After some time, Seetaa got pregnant, then Raam said to Her happily - "At this time when you are pregnant, whatever your desire is, tell me, I will fulfill it." Seetaa said - "I have a great desire to greet great gracious Rishi's lotus feet. Please permit me to go there for one night." Raam said - "To fulfill your desire I will definitely send you to Tapo Van tomorrow." Then He went to somewhere else with His people.


































One Prahar is of three hours. So a day is of four Prahar and a night is also four Prahar. Thus eight Prahar constitute a day and night.

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