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Page-16:  Sarg 37/1-5

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Sarg 37/1-Birth of Baali and Sugreev 

Raam said to Agastya Muni - "Hey Rishivar, You told that Baali and Sugreev's father's name was Riksh Raaj. What was their mother's name? And why these names were given to them?" Agastya Muni said - "Hey Raghu Nandan, Once Naarad Jee came to our Aashram wandering around. When we asked this him, he said - "On the peak of Sumeru Parvat, where Devtaa live, there is Brahmaa's divine court in 100 Yojan area. Once when Brahmaa Jee was practicing Yog, two drops of tears fell from His eyes. Brahmaa Jee took them in His hand and wipe His hand with His body. Later when he shook His hand then one drop fell on the ground.

A Vaanar was born from that drop. Brahmaa Jee said to him - "Look Vaanar, you stay on the peak of that mountain. After some time there will be something good to you." That Vaanar went away there and lived there on fruits, and flowers. Now this Vaanar used to offer beautiful flowers and honey on the feet of Brahmaa Jee. Thus a long time passed.

One day this Vaanar got very thirsty, so he went to look for water to the north side of Sumeru Parvat. There he found a pond, and as he bent down to drink water from that pond, he saw his shadow in the water. He thought, "Who is this my enemy here? I will kill him." And he jumped into the pond to kill him. But when he came out he found himself in the form of a beautiful woman.

At that time Indra was coming back from Brahmaa Jee. By chance Soorya Dev was also came there on his way to somewhere. Both Devta saw that beautiful woman and had a desire to have her. Indra's semen got ejaculated and fell on the head of that woman. This produced a Vaanar. Because the semen fell on her hair (Baal in Hindi language) he was called Baali.

Soorya's semen fell on her neck (Greevaa in Hindi language). This also produced a boy who was called Sugreev because of the semen falling on her Greevaa. Indra gave a very qualitative chain to Baali and Soorya appointed Hanumaan for Sugreev's help. So Hey Raajan, After this that woman again became Riksh Raaj.

Then Riksh Raaj went to Brahmaa Jee along with his two sons. Brahmaa Jee assured him and sent His messenger with him to Kishkindhaa Nagaree saying - "There live Vaanar and human beings of four Varn. Invite all of them and crown him as king there." So that messenger brought them to Kishkindhaa Nagaree, crowned Riksh Raaj as king there. Thus Riksh Raaj, Baali and Sugreev's father, is the king of all Vaanar of the whole world.

Sarg 37/2-Raavan Talks to Sanat Kumaar

Raam said - "Hey Munivar, Because of your grace we heard this interesting and wonderful story. When Baali and Sugreev are the sons of Indra and Soorya then why shouldn't they be so much glorious and gracious." Agastya Jee said - "Now I will tell you the reason as why Raavan abducted Seetaa. Listen to it.

In Sat Yug, once Raavan went to Brahmaa's son Sanat Kumaar and asked - "Hey Tapovan, By whose help Devtaa win in war? Who do Yogee meditate? Who do Braahman worship? Hey Maharshi, please explain me in detail." Sanat Kumaar said - Hey Putra, Who sustains everybody in this world; from whose navel Brahmaa Jee has born; on whom we all depend; Dev Gan win Raakshas with the help of same Vishnu Bhagavaan."

Raavan again asked - "Hey Muni Shreshth, Whoever Raakshas have been killed by Devtaa so far, what has happened to them?" Maharshi said - "Hey Raavan, Whoever have been killed by Vishnu, they get Moksh (salvation). They don't come back to Prithvi. Even the enmity of Vishnu is also good." Hearing this Raavan started thinking as how could he have a fight with Vishnu Bhagavaan.

Sarg 37/3-Sanat Kumaar Tells Raavan About Raam 

Seeing Raavan in thinking position, Maharshi Sanat Kumar said - "Hey mighty Raavan, Vishnu Bhagvaan will surely fulfill your wishes and will fight with you when the time comes." Raavan said - "Hey kind Rishi, What is His form (Swaroop). Please tell me that too." Sanat Kumaar said - "Hey Raavan, Bhagavaan Vishnu is the Aadi Purush (first man). He is everywhere. His form is endless as well as minute. All the three Lok are His creation only. Nobody - Devtaa, Naag, Daitya - can see Him. To who He wants to have His Darshan, only he can see Him. Hey Raavan, If you want to have His Darshan then listen to me - there will be a king named Dasharath in Ikshwaaku Vansh. His eldest son will be Raam. He will be the incarnation of Vishnu. He will live in forest with His younger brother and wife by the order of His father. I told you about Vishnu who is the Swaamee of everybody."

Agastya Muni said - "So Hey Raam, Raavan got very happy to hear all this from Sanat Kumaar and continued to wander in search of fights." Raam also got happy to hear this story and insisted Agastya Muni to tell some more stories.

Sarg 37/4-Why Raavan Abducted Seetaa

Agastya Muni said - "Hey Raam, Raavan abducted Seetaa only to get the death by you. I told you this as I heard it from Naarad Jee." This Kathaa destroys all sins and give Moksh. Whoever tells and hears this Kathaa with Bhakti, he does not come back here.

Sarg 37/5-Raavan and the Mightiest People

Agastya Jee further said - "One day Devarshi Naarad was coming back from Brahm Lok by skyway. Raavan was also going the same way. Seeing Naarad Jee, Raavan greeted him joining his palms and said - "Hey Bhagvan, You know about all Lok. Kindly tell me that habitants of which Lok are the mightiest ones. With whom I can fight as I wish?" Naarad Jee said - "Hey king of Raakshas, There is a continent named Shwet. There live very mighty and huge people. You can go there and fight with them."

Raavan asked - "What is the reason that the mighty people are born there?" Naarad Jee said - "Hey Raajan, They are not mighty because of doing Yagya or Tap, or giving donations, or living with discipline. In fact whoever were killed by Vishnu's Shaarang bow, the same are born there being more mighty and live there. And they all worship Vishnu."

Hearing Naarad Jee, Raavan thought for some time, then he went to Shwet Dweep to fight people there. Naarad Jee also liked fights so he also went there. Raavan arrived there roaring on his Pushpak Vimaan. But he was very surprised to see that even Pushpak Vimaan wouldn't stand there with the grace of that Dweep. Raavan's ministers got scared, they said - "We can't even tolerate the grace of this Dweep then how we will fight here?" and they ran away.

Then Raavan went on that Dweep alone. Seeing Raavan coming, a woman held his hand smiling and asked - "Whose son are you? And why have you come here?" Raavan angrily said - "My name is Raavan and I am Muni Vishravaa's son and I have come here with the desire of fight. But I am very surprised that I don't see any man here." Hearing Raavan one of the women there caught his hand and took him around like a boy and said to another woman - "Look, I have caught a black 10-headed 20-armed insect." Raavan got angrier at this statement and he bit her hand. She left his hand, but another woman held his hand and flew in the sky along with him. She dropped him from there. Raavan fell into the sea and drowned. So Hey Raam, Devarshi was happy to see all this Leelaa there. We heard this story also from Naarad Jee, so I told you now.



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