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Sarg 34-Baali Defeats Raavan 

Raavan forgot his insult of defeat by Sahastraarjun after a few days, and again started wandering on Prithvi with the desire of fight. One day he arrived in Kishkindhaa Nagaree and challenged Baali for fight. Baali's father-in-law Taar was standing at the gate. He said - "Hey Raavan, Baali has gone to do Sandhyaa on all the four seas, so you can stay here till he comes back. When he comes back then you can fight with him, or if you want to die earlier than that then go to south sea. You can find Baali there doing Sandhyaa."

Hearing Taar's words Raavan went to south sea in his Pushpak Vimaan. He saw Baali there doing Sandhyaa, so he went slowly to catch him, but Baali had already seen him coming and understood his purpose of coming there, that is why he didn't move at all and continued his Sandhyaa. When Raavan was very close to him, he immediately caught Raavan from his back. He put him in his armpit and headed towards other three seas to do Sandhyaa by skyway.

When Prahast etc ministers saw this, they followed them but couldn't pace with Baali so they came back. Baali first went to west sea, there he took bath and did Sandhyaa; then he went to north sea; and from there he went to east ocean. Then he came back to Kishkindhaa. During this whole time Raavan was in his armpit. He released Raavan in Kishkindhaa and then asked him - "Who are you? Where have you come from?"

Because of being in armpit for quite some time, Raavan was not feeling well, he said - "Hey Vaanarendra, I am the king of Raakshas Raavan. I came to fight with you, but you have defeated me very easily. Who is so much mighty in Trilok who can go to all four seas carrying me in his armpit. O mighty Vaanarendra, I want you to be my friend." Baali agreed with Raavan. Both became friends in front of Agni. Raavan stayed in Kishkindhaa for a month, then he went to Lankaa." So Hey Raam, You crowned Sugreev after killing the same Baali."

Sarg 35-Hanumaan's Story 

Raam said to Muni joining His palms - "Hey Muni, I heard about the might of Baali and Raavan from you, but what I understand that Hanumaan is more mighty than both of them. He just crossed 100-Yojan wide sea to search for Seetaa, assured Seetaa and killed many Raakshas along with Raavan's son. Then he talked to Raavan without any fear and burned the whole Lankaa. But why didn't he kill Baali in spite of being so mighty, this is the doubt in my mind. Kindly tell me about him.

Hearing Raam, Agastya Muni spoke in front of Hanumaan - "Hey Raam, You told the truth. There is nobody else as mighty as him, but Muni gave him Shaap. I tell you the story of his might. His father Kesaree used to live on gold Sumeru Parvat with his wife Anjanee. One day Anjanee went to pluck flowers in Van. He got hungry after she had left for Van. When he looked around to get something to eat, he saw the rising Sun. He thought it was fruit so he ran towards it. Devtaa got very surprised to see him because his speed was faster than Garud. Seeing his son going towards the Sun, Pavan covered him to protect him from the Sun's heat keeping him cool. He came to the Sun with his own might. Soorya also didn't burn him considering him very brave child.

When he arrived there he saw that Raahu wanted to swallow the Sun, so he climbed on Soorya's chariot and hit Raahu with his foot. Raahu got frightened and ran away. Raahu came to Indra and said - "Hey Indra, You gave me Soorya and Chandra to satisfy my hunger, but then why did you send another Raahu to eat Soorya?" Indra got very surprised to hear this. He rode on His Airaavat and followed Raahu to see this.

Seeing Raahu coming, Hanumaan took him also as a fruit and ran to eat him. Raahu ran back to Indra. At the same time Hanumaan saw Airaavat coming. He also took it as a fruit and ran to eat. Indra didn't get angry considering him a child and hit his chin with His Vajra very softly. This broke his left side of chin and he fell unconscious. Seeing this Pavan got very angry. He stopped his movement in all beings and sat down in a cave carrying him in his lap. Because of no movement of air all beings got lifeless. Then all Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "You have given us Pavan to sustain our life, but he has stopped his movements. Please do something." Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Dev, Indra has hit Pavan-Putra from Vajra, that is why he is angry. Let us go to Pavan." There Brahmaa Jee saw Pavan-Putra lying in his father's lap.

Sarg 36-Powers of Hanumaan 

Seeing coming to him Pavan greeted Him. Brahmaa gave life to Hanumaan by touching him. Seeing his son alive, Pavan again started flowing. Brahmaa Jee said to all Devtaa - "This Pavan-Putra will do your work, that is why please him by giving him Vardaan. Then Indra took off His lotus flower garland from His neck, gave it to him and said - "Because Vajra's hit his chin (Hanu) is broken that is why he will be known as Hanumaan from today. I give him one more Var that he cannot die from Vajra." Soorya Dev gave 1/4th part of his grace to him and said - "When he will be able to study Shaastra, I will teach him Shaastra." 

Varun bestowed him with millions of years of age and said - "He should not be afraid of water and my Paash." Yam Raaj said - "My Kaal Dand will not be able to kill you and you will always be healthy. No disease will come to you." Kuber said - "He cannot be killed from my Gadaa." Shiv Jee said - "He cannot be killed by my weapons." At last Brahmaa Jee said - "You will not be killed from my Brahm Dand. And Hey Pavan, Nobody will be able to win your son in war and he will be able to go everywhere. Brave Hanumaan will almost defeat Raavan in war and will do wonderful actions to please Raam." And all Devtaa, along with Brahmaa Jee, went back to their Lok.

Now after getting such powerful Var, Hanumaan started troubling Rishi in Aashram fearlessly. When Hanumaan did not stop his activities, in spite of being stopped by Kesaree and Pavan, then Rishi gave him Shaap - "Hey Vaanar, Because of Vardaan you trouble us, therefore we give you this Shaap that, you will not have the knowledge of your strength and powers until you will be reminded." Now Hanumaan became an ordinary Vaanar and lived in Aashram. After the death of Riksh Raaj, Vaanars' ministers crowned Baali as their king and Sugreev their Crown Prince. But nobody reminded Hanumaan about his strength and powers at the time of the enmity between Baali and Sugreev, otherwise there was no reason for Sugreev to live in hiding like this.

When Hanuman grew up, he started going to Soorya to study Shaastra. He also traveled from Udayaachal to Astaachal along with Soorya studying Vyaakaran (grammar). He became like Brihaspati in studying and Tapasyaa. Hey Raam, Who in the world can stand against Hanumaan (Bajarangee, Bajarang Balee). In fact, Hanumaan, Sugreev, Nal, Neel, Angad etc Vaanar took birth here only for you."

Hearing Agastya Jee all Vaanar along with Raam got surprised. Agastya Muni further said - "Hey Raam, Whatever you asked, I told you all, now kindly permit us to go." Raam said - "We are all blessed having your Darshan. Kindly accept our one request more. Now we want to do one Yagya, so please join us in that Yagya. Agastya Muni agreed for that and then they all went to their Aashram.

Sarg 37-Raam's Kingdom

After the Yagya was over, Raam took bath along with all Rishi. Next day Bandee Gan woke up Raam praying thus - "Hey Kaushalyaa Nandan, You are brave like Vishnu, handsome like Ashwinee Kumaar, intelligent like Brihaspati, king like Prajaapati, gracious like Soorya, forgiver like Prithvi, deep like ocean and pretty like Chandramaa. When you wake up then only this world wakes up." Hearing His prayer, Raam woke up, did His daily chores and went to Dev Mandir. Then He came to the outside gate and to the royal court. Vashishth Jee and other ministers were sitting there. Raam took His Aasan and others, Sugreev, etc Vaanar, other kings, Vibheeshan etc Raakshas also sat on their Aasan.




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