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Page 19:  Sarg 48-50

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Sarg 48-Seetaa's Message to Raam 

Seetaa got unconscious hearing all this. When She gained consciousness, She said - "It seems that I am born to tolerate all this sorrow. Before also when I was in exile, I had to tolerate so much, now I will live alone in the forest, then how I will tolerate all the problems of forest? What reason I will tell Rishi that why my husband has left me here? I cannot even die by drowning in Gangaa, because this makes our both families [mother's house and Raam's house] a laughing stock. 

Hey Saumitra, You don't worry about me and go back to Ayodhyaa obeying Raajaa's orders. Convey my regards to Mahaaraaj, my mothers-in-law and tell this to Mahaaraaj, "Seetaa has always served your feet, this you know very well. You have left Seetaa because of public defame. I myself wouldn't like to to do that which brings you public defame. You always rule following Dharm and treat the public in the same way as you treat your brothers. Duty of a Pativrataa is to obey husband's orders even if she has to die obeying them, therefore don't worry about me." Hey Lakshman, you tell all this to Raam on my behalf. I am pregnant, so you see these marks yourself."

Lakshman was extremely sad hearing Seetaa's words. He revolved around Seetaa, touched Her feet and said - "Hey Kalyaanee, Why do you ask me to see the marks of pregnancy? I have always seen your feet, never saw your face, then how can I see your body now?" And then Lakshman boarded the boat. He used to look back to Seetaa repeatedly. Seetaa was also looking at Him as a grief-stricken woman. When boat had sailed far, Seetaa started crying bitterly.

Sarg 49-Muni Brings Seetaa to His Aashram

Seeing Seetaa crying, some Rishi children told Vaalmeeki Jee - "There is one great gracious woman crying on the bank of Gangaa. We have never seen such a graceful lady before. She looks like a wife of a very fortunate person, but now She looks in trouble." Hearing this Muni knew with the power of his Tap that Seetaa is sitting on the bank of Gangaa left by Her husband. So Muni came to Seetaa along with his disciples and said to Seetaa - "Hey Pativrataa woman, I have known everything with my Yog power. You are the daughter of Raajaa Janak and wife of Raam. Raam has left you here scared of public defame, but I know that you are sinless and holy. Therefore you take this water and come and live here in the Aashram and live with other Rishi's wives. Yu will forget your sorrows soon in their company."

Seetaa obeyed Muni bowing him and headed towards his Aashram with him. Seeing Seetaa with Muni, Muni wives said - "Hey Maharshi, We welcome you and tell us what can we do for you?" Maharshi Vaalmeeki said - "She is the sinless daughter of Raajaa Janak and is a Pativrataa woman. You take care of Her and give Her company with respects."

Sarg 50-Sumantra Consoles Lakshman 

When Lakshman had crossed Gangaa, He continued to look at Jaanakee. When He has seen that Vaalmeeki Jee has taken Her from there, He said to His Saarathee (charioteer) Sumantra - "What can be the greater sorrow for Raam than separation from Seetaa. Let us go back to Ayodhyaa. Oh, Bhagvaan's wish is very powerful. On leaving Seetaa here in forest because of public defame, on the basis of public talks, will our glory be not destroyed? Hey Sumantra, Who can call such a man Dharmaatmaa (religious) who does such kind of Karm?"

Saying thus Lakshman got very sad. Sumantra said - "Hey Lakshman, Don't you be sad about Jaanakee. Raam will also not feel even after separating from His dear people. A time will come when Raam will leave Bharat and Shatrughn also. Look, I tell you one secret thing - this was told by Durvaasaa Muni to Dasharath Jee in the presence of Vashishth Jee and other Rishi Muni. I am going to tell you the same now. Although Dasharath Jee told me not to open this secret to anybody, but I disobey him seeing your condition. I tell you the reason why Raam has to suffer like this, but you never tell this to Bharat and Shatrughn." Lakshman assured Sumantra for this and requested to tell the whole story in detail.



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