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Sarg 23/1-Raavan And Raajaa Bali

Agastya Muni said - "Hey Raam, Then Raavan went to Ashm Nagar. There he saw gold pillars studded with Vaidoorya Mani, diamond-studded stairs etc. Seeing that palace Raavan asked Prahast - "Hey Veer (brave), Whose palace is this? Tell me after finding it out." Prahast didn't see anybody at the gate so he went inside up to seven rooms without any hurdle. There he saw a very graceful Yam-like man wearing gold chain who was laughing seeing him. Prahast got scared hearing his loud laugh. He came back silently and told everything to Raavan.

Then Raavan himself came down of the Pushpak Vimaan and wanted to enter the palace that a very graceful man who was carrying Mudgad stopped him at the gate. He had moon on his head. His tongue was like fire, his eyes were red, his neck was like a conch, he had a long beard. Raavan also got scared to see such a man. That man said - "Hey Raavan fight with me carefully, what are you thinking about? Or if you want to fight with Bali Mahaaraaj then tell me like that."

Scared Raavan said patiently - "Hey Bhadra (noble man), Who is the master of this palace. I will fight with him." That man said - "Raajaa Bali, Who is truthful, brave, mighty, qualitative. very kind, graceful like Sun. horrible like Yam Raaj, handsome and Swaamee of Daanav lives here. If you want to fight with him then come soon, don't delay it." And that man took Raavan inside the palace.

Raajaa Bali laughed seeing Raavan and made him sit in his lap. He said - "Hey Dashgreev, Tell me your wish as what has brought you here?" Raavan said - "I have heard that Vishnu has controlled you, I can free you from His dependence." Bali laughed heartily hearing this and said - "Hey Swaamee of Raakshas, You see this black man standing on our gate? This is the man who has controlled me. He is the Swaamee of Trilok. He creates, sustains and destroys the whole universe. Neither I know Him, nor you know Him. He is lighted like Moon, speedy like Pavan (wind), and mighty like Indra. He has defeated Vritraasur, Danu, Shukraachaarya, Shumbh, Nikumbh, Kaalnemi, Virochan, Yamalaarjun, Kans, Madhu, Kaitabh etc  mighty Daanav. And the Raakshas He has killed, they had defeated Devtaa thousand times, but they could not stand Him and got killed by Him."

Raajaa Bali further said - "Hey Veer (brave), You see that fire-like Chakra? Bring it to me." Proud Raavan laughed hearing this and tried to pick that Chakra forcefully. But when he could not even move it then he tried to push it. As it shook, Raavan fell down like felled tree and bled a lot.

Raavan's ministers got very sad and cried to see that. When Raavan gained consciousness after two Ghadee (half an hour), then Raajaa Bali said to him - "Hey Lankeshwar, This is an earring which you were trying to pick up. This is my great grandfather's (Hiranyakashyap's) jewelry for his ear. At the time of fight his one earring fell here and the other one on a mountain. He got the Vardaan that he would not be killed by Kaal, Death, disease, in day or night, in water or land, and by any kind of weapon. When an argument took place between him and his son Prahlaad then a horrible man named Nrasinh (Avataar) appeared from a pillar. He caught hold of mighty Hiranyakashyap with His both hands, put him on his thighs and tore his chest with His nails. Look Raavan, He is the most respectable man among Devtaa who is standing at our door."

Hearing this Raavan said - I have seen Yam Raaj, the king of Death and Pret, also carrying Kaal Paash in his hand. His large molars, light-like shining tongue, red eyes are scary enough to frighten all living beings. But Hey Daanav, I have defeated such Yam Raaj too, but the way you are admiring Him so much, I do not know Him, kindly introduce Him to me." 

Raajaa Bali said - "This man is the Swaamee of Trilok and Omnipresent. Graceful like 12 Soorya and Devtaa's king. This man is the deliverer of Saankhya Shaastra, Swaamee of all Yagya and is like Yam. All Rishi always meditate Him. He is the same man, by chanting whose name human beings cross this world sea." Hearing the words of Bali, Raavan headed towards that man quickly. But that man disappeared thinking that "since Brahmaa Jee has given him Var that is why it is not proper to kill him now". When Raavan didn't see that man, he happily went back to his Pushpak Vimaan from the same way from which he came. Then he headed towards Soorya Lok.

Sarg 23/2-Raavan's Victory Over Soorya

Agastya Muni said - "Raavan was flying very fast in his Pushpak Vimaan. He stayed on Sumeru Parvat overnight and then arrived at Soorya Lok. He saw Soorya wearing gold jewelry, surrounded by thousands of Raakshas women and riding Uchchshraivaa horse. Raavan ordered Prahast to inform Soorya about his coming and tell him to say 'either fight with me or say "I am defeated". Prahast told Raavan's message to Pingal Dandee gatekeepers. Dandee conveyed Prahast's message to Soorya. Soorya Bhagvaan said - "Dandee you yourself are intelligent, whatever you consider proper, tell it and do it. Dandee repeated the same message to Raavan. Raavan made a loud noise of his victory and went away from there.

Sarg 23/3-Raavan And Raajaa Maandhaataa

Now Raavan headed towards Chandra Lok. On his way he saw a man on a divine chariot, playing with Apsaraa. He got tired of playing so he slept in her lap. At the same time Parvat named Rishi came there. Raavan asked him - "Hey Maharshi, Who is he who is sleeping in his chariot such shamelessly?" Parvat Muni replied - "Hey Raavan, He is very gracious man. He has got the Swarg through his own good Karm." At the same time Raavan saw two more gracious men who were on divine chariots and were enjoying all kinds of pleasures.

Raavan asked about them also, Parvat Muni said - "These people have also got Swarg because of being religious." Raavan asked - "Will these Naag fight with me?" Muni replied - "No, They are going to Swarg so they will not fight with you. You go to Ayodhyaa Nagaree and invite its King Maandhaataa, he will surely accept your invitation."

Hearing this Raavan came to Ayodhyaa Nagaree and challenged Maandhaataa to fight with him. Maandhaataa came and the fight started. Prahast etc showered thousands of weapons on Maandhaataa, but he didn't move from that shower, rather he destroyed the Raakshas army with Bhushundi, Maalaa, Tomar etc weapons and made Raavan unconscious with five Tomar weapons. When Raavan regained his senses, he also made Maandhaataa unconscious. After Raavan shot Raudra arrow, king failed it with Aagneya arrow (Fire Arrow). Raavan aimed Gaandharv weapon, but King failed it with his Varun Astra.

Now Raavan took Brahm Astra. Seeing this the King took out Paashupataastra. Seeing this all beings got scared. So Maharshi Gaalav and Pulastya came there and ceased their fight. They became friends.







It is similar to baseball bat, but little smaller and thicker.



















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