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Pulastya Jee

Pulastya Jee was one of the ten Maanas Putra (Brain child) of Brahmaa Jee - Angiraa, Atri, Bhrigu, Daksh, Kratu, Mareechi, Naarad, Pulah, Pulastya and Vashishth. He was one of Sapt Rishi in the first Manvantar - Swaayambhuv Manvantar. Pulastya Jee was married to one of the nine daughters of Kardam Jee - Havirbhoo. He had two sons - Maharshi Agastya and Maharshi Vishravaa. Maharshi Vishravaa had two wives - Idvidaa (the daughter of Trinabindu * and Alambooshaa Apsaraa) and Kaikasee or Keshinee (the daughter of Sumaalee and Sukeshee). Idvidaa had one son Vaishravan or Kuber; and Kaikasee had three sons - Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan and one daughter - Shoorpanakhaa.

* Note
Trinabindu was in the lineage of Raajaa Marutt who used all pots made of gold in his Yagya and Braahman could not take all Dakshinaa whatever they were given, so they left lots of wealth there only and then later Yudhishthir used that gold to do his Ashwamedh Yagya.

There is a reference of Nidaagh in Ribhu Rishi's description, that Nidaagh was Pulastya Rishi's son, but we don't find this name anywhere else and in any other reference. Maybe he was his son in some other Kalp.

He has told some Puraan also to people. He received Vishnu Puraan from Brahmaa Jee and told it to Ved Vyaas' father Maharshi Paraashar who then told to other Rishi.

Birth of Paulastya (Vishravaa)
This story comes in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, 7/1. Once Pulastya Jee went to Trinabindu's Aashram to do Tap. That place was very beautiful and peaceful, so Pulastya Jee sat down there and started doing his Tap. Since that place was very beautiful, many Naag and Gandharv girls came there to enjoy its beauty. They played there, sang songs, and played musical instruments also. Raajaa Trinabindu's daughter also came there and played with her friends. This distracted Muni's attention. For some time he kept quiet, but then when he could bear no more, he pronounced - "Whoever girl will come here and will look at me, she will get pregnant." Hearing this all the girls stopped coming there, but Trinabindu's daughter [her name is given as Idvidaa] did not hear this announcement, so she did not know anything about it. As usual she came next day but did not find any of her friends. She looked around too but still she could not find any.

In the meantime she saw Muni busy in his Tap. As she saw the Muni, she got pregnant. All the marks of pregnancy appeared on her body. She got surprised to see all this. She went back to her home and told everything to her father. Her father asked - "How come that you have become pregnant without getting married?" His daughter said - "I don't know, Father, I really don't know." Trinabindu meditated and found he reason. He adorned his daughter and took her to Maharshi. He said to him - "This is my daughter. She has come here herself. She is all qualitative, please accept her as your servant. You are doing tap, she will serve you." Pulastya Jee gladly accepted her and Trinabindu went back to his palace.

The princess started serving Rishi sincerely and faithfully. After a while Muni said to her - "I am very pleased with your nature and service, therefore I bestow you with a son who will increase both Vansh. His name will be Paulastya and because you have heard Ved Mantra while I was doing Paath therefore his name will be Vishravaa. When the time came the Princess gave birth to a son Vishravaa. He was like his father in Ved, Shaastra, nature, behavior, Vrat, Tapasyaa etc.

Some Events of His Life

(1) Once Raavan went to Sahstraarjun or Sahastrabaahu with the desire of a fight, but Sahastrabaahu caught him and took him to his city and kept him in his stables where children used to play with him. Hearing this Pulastya Jee himself had to go to Sahastrabaahu and ask him to release him. Respecting Pulastya Jee, Sahastrabaahu not only freed him, but extended his friendship with him and gave him many jewels etc as a token of friendship.

(2) Another time Raavan went to fight with Raajaa Maandhaataa on the recommendation of Parva Muni. Both fought bravely but when Raavan took out his Brahm Astra and Maandhaataa took out his Paashupat Astra, Muni Gaalav and Pulastya Jee came there and stopped their fight. (read this story here)

(3) Pulastya Mun sent the message to Raavan through Vibheeshan not to fight with Raam and return His wife Seetaa to Him in those days when he was preparing for a fight with Raam. Tulasee's Maanas says this - "Muni Pulastya san Kahee yeh baat..."

(4) Pulastya Jee stopped Paraashar Muni also doing the Yagya to destroy all the Raakshas when he heard that a Raakshas devoured his father Shakti. Pulastya Jee taught him Vishnu Puraan  which he told to Maitreya Rishi later.



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