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Sarg 1-Muni Community Comes to Raam

After killing Raavan and other Raakshas Raam started ruling Ayodhyaa. Many Muni then came there to please Raam. Kaushik (Vishwaamitra), Gaargya, Gaalav, Yaavakreeya and Kanv Rishi came from East side. Swastyaatreya, Namuchi, Pramuchi, Agastya, Sumukh, Vimukh, Atri Muni came from South. Nrishadgu, Kavashee, Kausheya, Dhaumya Rishi came from West. Vashishth, Kashyap, Jamadagni, Gautam, Bharadwaaj etc Rishi also came to Ayodhyaa.

Agastya Muni told the gatekeeper of king Raam to inform Him about their coming. Gatekeeper immediately informed Raam about Rishi's coming. Raam ordered him to bring them in soon with respect. Raam stood to welcome them. He worshipped them and offered them Kush grass and deer skin Aasan to sit upon. Then He asked all Muni's and their disciples' welfare.

Muni said - "Hey Raam, We are all well. We are very fortunate that you killed evil Raavan who was torturing the world. We are very happy to see you very well. You have earned a lot of Punya by killing Prahast, Vikat, Viroopaaksh, Mahodar and Kumbhkarn, Atikaaya, Devaantak, Naraantak, etc Raakshas and protecting Muni from their tortures. Even Devtaa were unable to kill such Raakshas like Raavan. You have earned a lot of glory after killing him. 

When we heard that you killed Indrajeet who was more powerful than Raavan and Kumbhkarn, we were very surprised, because it was not easy to kill Indrajeet. This indicates your immense power and strength. This is very happy news that now we are fearless in your kingdom. Victory be yours."

Hearing Muni's words, Raam said softly and politely - "Hey Muni, I am surprised to know that Indrajeet was more powerful than Raavan and Kumbhkarn. Mahodar, Prahast, Devaantak, Naraantak, Atikaaya, Trishiraa and Dhoomrapaaksh etc were also more powerful, still you are admiring Indrajeet more. Why? Kindly pacify my curiosity. What type of powers he had? How did he get Var? How did he win Indra? How did he become more powerful than his father and uncle? Please tell me everything."

Sarg 2-Birth of Raavan's Father

On the request of Raam, Agastya Muni said happily - "Hey Raam, Now you listen to as how he won his enemies and how he could not be killed by them. First I tell you the account of birth of Raavan and how he got boons.

There was a Pulastya Rishi, Prajaapati Brahmaa's son, in Sat Yug. Pulastya Jee was like his father (Brahmaa Jee) in glory and nature. He was very popular among Devtaa and all Lok because of his good qualities and being Brahmaa's son. Once he went to Trinabindu's Aashram located near Sumeru Parvat to do Tapasyaa. There he started his Tapasyaa controlling his Indriyaan. Where Muni was doing Tapasyaa, that place was very beautiful. It gave pleasure in all seasons and weathers.

There used to come Naag, Rishi and Raajarshi girls to play and enjoy. They created obstruction in Muni's Tapasyaa. They came there daily, danced, played musical instruments, sang songs. This continued for some time. One day Muni got tired. They seemed to him as a great disturbance in his Tapasyaa, so he said angrily - "From today whoever girl will come here and see me, she will get pregnant." Hearing these words all girls stopped coming there and abandoned that place immediately.

By chance, Raajarshi Trinabindu's daughter didn't hear Muni's words, so she came there again in search of her friends and wandered around [although she couldn't see any because they heard Muni's words and stopped coming there]. At that time Muni was doing "Vedkaraa Paath". For some time she listened to that Paath and then she looked at Muni. As she looked at Muni, she became pregnant. She turned yellow and all marks of pregnancy appeared in her body. She got scared to see this. "What has happened to me?" thinking thus she came back home and went to her father.

Trinabindu asked - "You are unmarried. How did you get pregnant?" Princess said sadly - "I don't know myself. I went up to Pulastya Muni's Aashram in search of my friends but I didn't see any of my friends there. Father, It happened to me there only." Trinabindu meditated and found out that this was the result of Pulastya Rishi's Shaap.

He took his daughter to Rishi's Aashram and said to him - "Hey Bhagvan, Please accept my all qualitative daughter as Daan in your service." She has come here herself. You are doing Tap controlling your Indriyaan, she will serve you well during that period." Pulastya Rishi readily accepted her. Raajaa came back to his Aashram after handing over his daughter to Muni. And the king's daughter got busy serving Muni.

After some time satisfied and pleased with her services, Muni said - "I am very pleased with your nature and service, therefore I bestow you with a son who will increase both Vansh. His name will be Paulastya and because you have heard Ved Mantra while I was doing Paath therefore his name will be Vishravaa.

When the time came the princess gave birth to a son Vishravaa. He was like his father in Ved, Shaastra, nature, behavior, Vrat, Tapasyaa etc.



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