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Dhaumya Rishi

There are two Dhaumya. Both Rishi Dhaumya are Mahaabhaarat characters.

Dhaumya as Kul Guru of Paandav

This Dhaumya Rishi was the younger brother of Deval Rishi. He is said to have iron teeth. And we meet him in MBH, Aadi Parv, just before Paandav intend to go to Drupad's country to attend Draupadee's Swayamvar. When they were going to Paanchaal Desh, Arjun met a Gandharv named Angaarparn. He suggested them to have a Braahman at their head to protect them, so they decided to appoint Dhaumya Rishi as their own Kul Guru whom they met on the banks of Gangaa River in Utkoch Teerth performing penance. Thus he was appointed the Kul Guru of Paandav family and was with them since they escaped from Laakshaa Grih and guided them at time to time. He was with them during their exile period also. (MBH, G-3-Youth/8).

(1) He performed the marriage ceremony of Paandav to Draupadee.
(2) He performed the Sanskaar of Paandav's all sons.
(3) He performed the ceremony of coronation of Yudhishthir in Indraprasth and performed the Raajsooya Yagya also.
(4) When Paandav went in exile he led them singing Yam Saam and Rudra Saam carrying Kush grass in his hands.
(5) He was the one who suggested Yudhishthir to worship Soorya Dev to ask help in taking care for many Braahman and other people who never wanted to go back leaving them in forest.
(6) In the forest he helped Bheem to kill Kirmeeraa Raakshas making him powerless.
(7) He described many Teerth to Paandav and went with them there too.
(8) When Draupadee was abducted by Jayadrath, Dhaumya helped them to recover her.
(9) He guided Paandav to hide their identity in Viraat Nagar.

Ayod Dhaumya-Rishi

Another Dhaumya, known as Ayod-Dhaumya or Apod Dhaumya, was a Rishi who is mentioned in MBH Aadi Parv (MBH, G-0-Prolog/4) in reference to Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya - that he had three disciples - Aaruni, Upamanyu and Ved. Ved's disciple was Uttank who wanted to take revenge from Takshak because he interfered him in paying his Guru Dakshinaa. This Dhaumya's name was Ayod-Dhaumya, and he was a very strict Guru. Ved did not like his so much strictness, that is why he did not behave in the same way with his disciples.

He is mentioned in Mahaabhaarat, Anushaasan Parv, 14 also in reference to Krishn. Here Dhaumya himself introduces himself to Krishn as the younger brother of Upamanyu and the son of Vyaaghrapaad Rishi. He was keeping contact with King Dyumatsen (father of Satyavaan) also.

His Disciples-Aaruni
Once Guru Jee sent Aaruni to field to stop some water coming from a canal into the fields. When Aaruni went there, he found that he could not stop that water with all his efforts. Seeing this he himself lay down as a wall to that water. This stopped the water and flooding the field. But as soon he tried to get up from there the water started coming again in the field, so he lay there for long time.

Evening fell and Guru Jee did not see Aaruni any where in the Aashram, so he asked his other disciples where was he. They told him that he himself sent him to stop the water coming in the field. "But it is  long time ago, he should have come by now." Guru Jee was worried about him so he took some of his disciples and went there. he could not see him so he started calling him - "Son Aaruni Where are you?" Other disciples also called him. After a few moments Aaruni replied - "Guru Jee, I am here." Following the voice they all went there where he was. They saw that Aaruni himself was lying as a wall to stop the water. He said - "Guru Jee, I could not stop this water in any way, so I lay down here and water stopped. If I came back to the Aashram, the water again flooded the field, that is why I lay down here only."

Guru Jee was touched with his unselfish devotion and very much pleased with him, he brought him home and blessed him that "he should gain mastery on Ved and Shaastra. Aaruni became fully enlightened as all knowledge dawned him in a flash. And it confirms that his other name was Uddaalak which was given to him by his Guru Ayod-Dhaumya ( MBH, G-0-Prolog/4).

His Disciples-Ved
Guru Jee asked Ved to till the field, sow the seed, raise the crops and take all care of the field till the harvest was done. He started taking care of the field with full interest and labor. The harvest came out very well. He took that harvest to Guru's Aashram. The load was heavy and bullocks were not able to pull cart comfortably, so Ved also started pushing the cart to assist bullocks, but the cart was still so heavy that he was out of breath and was about to collapse. Dhaumya himself was coming to him to check for him that how was he doing. Incidentally he found Ved collapsing on his feet. Guru was moved with the selfless devotion of Ved. He placed his right hand on his head and Ved was immediately revived. Not only he was revived but also al knowledge also came to him with that touch of Guru's hand.

Ved completed his studies and wanted to lead domestic life. His Guru said - "Son, Serve your Guru for some more time, it will be good for you." Ved stayed back and served his Guru tolerating everything without a murmur. After a long time Guru was satisfied. As a result of this satisfaction he also got a good fortune and universal knowledge. This was Ved's trial. He then came back to his home and started leading his family life. While living in family, he had three disciples - one of them was Uttank. He never told them to do any work because he himself suffered a lot in his Guru's house.

His Disciples-Upamanyu
Upamanyu was also a very devoted disciple of Dhaumya Rishi. He loved food very much so his Guru decided to curb his this habit. He gave him a few cattle and sent him to forest to graze them and to take care them until they were thousand. After a while Guru saw him that he was still healthy. he asked Upamanyu - "Son Upamanyu, I don't give you any food, still you look healthy, how is it?" Upamanyu politely sais - "I get some alms from nearby houses." Guru Jee said - "This is not good. Without Guru's permission asking alms from houses is not good." "As you say." and Upamanyu went away.

After a while, Guru again saw Upamanyu, still he looked o him healthy, so he asked him - "Son Upamanyu, Now you don't ask alms from nearby houses, then how do you look so healthy?" "Guru Jee, I drink some remaining milk of cows after their calves had drank." Guru Jee said - "But this is also not good, because those calves must have left more milk pitying on you, and they must have been hungry." UPamanyu said - "As you say, Guru Jee."

After a while Guru Jee again saw Upamanyu and he was still healthy. He again asked him - "Son Upamanyu, You do not go for alms, you do not drink cows' milk, still you look so healthy?" Upamanyu said - "Guru Jee, When calves drink milk, some foam falls down from their mouth, I drink that foam opnly." Guru Jee said - "This is not good, as those calves must have felled more foams pitying on you." "As you say, Guru Jee." and Upamanyu went away.

Since Guru had denied him everything possible, he started eating Aak (Dhatooraa) leaves to satisfy his hunger. After a while he became blind because of eating those leaves and when he was coming home, he lost his way and fell in a dry well. When Upamanyu did not return home, Guru Jee went to look for him with his disciples. He called - "Son Upamanyu, Where are you?" "Guru Jee, I am here." Upamanyu replied from the well, "I have fallen in the well. Guru Jee came there and found Upamanyu there in the well. He told him to invoke Ahwinee Kumaar and ask them to cure his blindness.

Upamanyu invoked Ashwinee Kumaar, they appeared there and gave him something to eat so that he could be cured, but Upamanyu said - "I am sorry, I can't eat anything unless my Guru permits me." Ashwinee Kumaar said - "You may eat it, no problem, your Guru also ate it when we gave this to him." "But not me." Guru Jee got very pleased with his devotion to himself, he said - "Take it, Upamanyu, and eat it." Then only Upamanyu took it and ate it. As he ate it, his blindness was gone and he started seeing. Guru Jee took him out of the well. and gave him all knowledge instantly. Upamanyu became a most renowned Rishi.

Uttank was his disciple Ved's disciple. Uttank was also a very great Rishi.



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