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Page-11:  Sarg 23/4-5

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Sarg 23/4-Raavan's Victory Over Chandramaa

Now Raavan proceeded towards Chandra Lok. He came at a distance of 10,000 Yojan from Prithvi where swans live. Then he went 10,000 Yojan up where Aagneya birds and clouds live. Then he came 10,000 Yojan up where Siddh and Chaaran live. He went 10,000 Yojan up again where Bhoot live. After 10,000 Yojan from this point, he came to Aakaash Gangaa (Milky Way). From here, up 10,000 Yojan up he flew on Garud's path. From here, up 10,000 Yojan he arrived at Sapt Rishi's (Great Bear) place. This is wind's eighth path. Above this is Chandra Lok. Seeing Raavan coming there, Chandramaa got very angry. He made Raavan and Raavan's army weak. They started crying - "Hey Raakshas Raaj, kindly move from here, we are dying."

Raavan started showering arrows at Chandramaa. The then Brahmaa appeared there and said to Raavan - "Chandramaa is the king of Braahman. He gives light to all Lok. Don't kill him. I give you a Mantra. If you pronounce it at the time of your death, you will not die." Raavan got very happy to hear this, he said - "Please give me that Mantra. I will surely become immortal. Pitaamaha Brahmaa went away after giving that Mantra to Raavan.

Sarg 23/5-Raavan's Meeting with Kapil Jee

Agastya Muni further said - "After some time, Raavan went to west sea shore with his ministers. There was a man as gracious as fire. He said to him - "Either fight with me or accept your defeat." That man roared hearing this, Raavan also laughed loudly. Then Raavan showered many arrows at him but he remained unmoved. Because of Dharm and Tap, he was thousand times powerful than Raavan. He had Kaam Dev in his penis, Vishwa Dev in waist area, all 49 Marut (Pavan) in his sides, eight Vasu in his middle part, four seas in the stomach, Rudra and Pitar in back, Brahmaa in heart and Gaw Daan, Bhoomi Daan and Swarn Daan (donation of cow, land and gold) in all his fur. He had Dhaataa, Vidhaataa and Vidyaadhar in his arms. He had Shesh Naag, Vaasuki, Vishaalaaksh, Airaavat elephant, Keval, Dhananjaya, Takshak etc poisonous Naag in his hands' fingers, fire in mouth, 11 Rudra in shoulders, Pavan Dev in nostrils, Naagee and Saraswatee in throat, Ashwinee Kumaar in ears, Soorya and Chandramaa in eyes.

When such a powerful man slapped Raavan, he fell down and that man went to Paataal Lok. When Raavan came into his senses, he asked his ministers as where that man had gone. They told that he had gone to Paataal. So Raavan also headed towards Paataal.

There he saw 30 million (3 Crores) men dancing in the same attire and form in which he saw that powerful man on the sea shore. He came back from there. On the way he saw a man sleeping on a very valuable bed and a woman who looked like the jewel of Tri-Lok sitting close to him. Seeing that extremely beautiful woman, desire-stricken Raavan entered that room. As the man saw Lankeshwar coming, he laughed very loudly. Hearing his laugh Raavan fell down unconscious.

Then that man spoke - "Hey Raavan, Because of Brahmaa's Vardaan, you will not die, so get up and go." Frightened Raavan said - "Hey Bhagvaan, Kindly tell me who are you so gracious like Pralay-time Agni?" That man replied - "What you will do to know me? I do not want to kill you now". " Raavan said - "By the Vardaan of Brahmaa I cannot be killed. Hey Bhagvaan, Although I am immortal still I wish that if I die then I should be killed only by you." Then Raavan got very surprised to see Tri-Lok, 12 Soorya, 49 Marut, 8 Vasu, 11 Rudra, Kuber, Samudra, 4 Ved, 14 Vidyaa, Maharshi, Garud, Daitya in His body."

Hearing this story, Raam asked Agastya Muni - "Hey Bhagvan, Who was that man? and who were those 30 million men who were there?" Agastya Muni said - "He was nobody else except Bhagvaan Kapil Dev and whoever were dancing, they were His sounds. Hey Raam, Bhagvaan Kapil Dev did not look at Raavan angrily, because if he had done that, then Raavan would have burnt at the same moment. That is why He scolded him only by words. Then Raavan came back to Lankaa.















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