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6-Yuddh Kaand

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Page 8: Sarg 19-20

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Sarg 19-Vibheeshan Exposes Raavan, Suggests to Pray Sea to Cross It 

After being fearless, Raavan's brother Vibheeshan bowed his head and came down on land. He fell on the feet of Raam along with four Raakshas [who came with him], and said - "I am Raavan's younger brother. He has insulted me. I have come to you leaving Lankaa, my friends and wealth. Now my kingdom, life, comfort all are yours."

Raam pacified Vibheeshan in His sweet voice and said - "Vibheeshan, Tell me about the strength and weaknesses of Raakshas." Vibheeshan said to Raam about Raavan's strengths - "Hey Prince, By the virtue of Var of Brahmaa, nobody, including Gandharv, Ugar, Devtaa, birds, Asur, can kill Raavan. After Raavan, he has an army chief named Prahast who defeated Manibhadra in a fight on Kailaash Parvat.

Indrajeet fights being invisible. he wears the protectors made from the skin of Goh on his fingers to protect them from the injuries of string of bow. He wears an armor which cannot be pierced. Raavan's army chiefs - Mahodar, Mahaapaarshwa, and Akampan are as brave and mighty as Lokpaal. There are more than 100 million Raakshas in Lankaa who eat meat and drink blood. Raavan fought with Lokpaal with the help of these millions of Raakshas and defeated all of them."

Raam said - "Vibheeshan, Whatever you have said to me about Raavan just now, I know that very well. I will crown you as king after killing Raavan, Raavan's sons and army-chief Prahast. You should know this as truth. Whether Raavan goes to Rasaatal, or Paataal, or to Brahmaa Jee, he cannot escape me. I will not enter Ayodhyaa without killing Raavan and his sons and friends, this I say taking vow on my three brothers."

Hearing this, Vibheeshan said - "I will help you in killing Raavan and Raakshas till I am alive. And I will go inside Raavan's army if need be." Raam asked Lakshman to bring seawater and crowned Vibheeshan as the king of Raakshas with that water. Lakshman obeyed Raam's orders. He crowned Vibheeshan as the king of Raakshas. All Vaanar got very happy to see such kindness to Vibheeshan in such a short time.

Then Raam asked Sugreev and Hanumaan as how to cross the sea. Vibheeshan said - "Hey Raam, You should go to Samudra (sea). This Saagar was dug by your ancestor Sagar, so he will surely favor you." Raam liked this suggestion, but He asked Lakshman, Sugreev and Hanumaan too to suggest their ideas. They also liked Vibheeshan's idea and said - "Without building any bridge on Varun's Saagar all of us cannot enter Lankaa. Do not make delay and pray Samudra to give you way to cross it." So Raam sat on the shore of the sea.

Sarg 20-Raavan Sends His Messengers to Sugreev

Shaardool named Raakshas saw Sugreev's army staying on the sea shore. That attentive Raakshas immediately went back to Raavan after seeing that army and said to him - "A very large community of monkeys and bears is coming towards Lankaa. This community is as large as another sea. Dasharath's both sons are now approaching Seetaa and are now sitting on the sea shore. This whole army is spread up to 10 Yojan. You and your messengers must know this soon, so whatever you want to do, do it now - Saam, Daam, Dand, or Bhed whatever."

Raavan heard Shaardool and decided something in his mind. He said to his minister Shuk - "You go to Sugreev soon and whatever I say to you tell him without any pressure in sweet words. Tell him "Hey Sugreev, You are born in a royal family. You are the son of Riksh Raaj and are very mighty. You have no enmity with me. And because of being born in a royal family, you are like my brother. If I have abducted a prince's wife, what is bad I have done to you? That is why it is better for you to go back to Kishkindhaa. Monkeys can never get this Lankaa, even Devtaa and Gandharv cannot get it, then what is a human being?"

Shuk immediately flew in the sky taking the form of a bird and said to Sugreev whatever Raavan had said to him to tell Sugreev staying in the sky only. As he was delivering the message of Raavan, monkeys caught him in the sky itself, brought him down on the land and started beating him.

He complained this to Raam - "Hey Raam, Messengers are never to be beaten anywhere in the world, so stop these Vaanar. Who says his own message after delivering Swaamee's message, or who says his own message which has not been told him to say so, that messenger is worth to be killed." Hearing Shuk, Raam stopped Vaanar for beating him.

After that he flew in the sky, and asked Sugreev -"Hey mighty Sugreev, Tell me what should I tell Raavan?" Sugreev said - "Tell him 'Neither you are my friend, nor you are my favorite, nor you have done any good to me; rather you with your family are the enemy of Raam that is why you should be killed like Baali. I will kill you along with your sons and brothers and burn the whole Lankaa. You cannot escape Raam, whether Indra protects you, or you hide in the path of Soorya or in Paataal, or hold Mahaadev's feet. I don't see any Pishaach, Raakshas, Gandharv or Asur in Tri-Lok who can protect you. What did you get by killing poor Jataayu? Did you abduct Seetaa in front of Raam and Lakshman?"

Then Angad spoke - "I don't think he is a messenger. He looks like a secret agent. While he is here, he is looking at all our secrets, that is why arrest him, and don't let him go back to Lankaa." Immediately Vaanar jumped, caught him and tied him. Shuk again started calling on Dasharath and Raam that - "These monkeys are hurting my wings and piercing my eyes. In whichever night I was born, and in whichever night I will die, whatever sins I have committed during that period, they will all go to you if I die." Then Raam again asked Vaanar to release him saying that "he was only a messenger and should not be killed".





































Three worlds, Bhoo Lok, Swarg Lok and Paataal Lok









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