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Page 9: Sarg 21-22

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Sarg 21-Raam Worships Samudra

Raam spread Kush on the sea shore and slept on it facing East. He used his right arm as his pillow. he slept there thinking "either I will cross the sea or I will die". He passed thus three nights. Then He worshipped Samudra. In spite of worshipping carefully, when Samudra did not appear, Raam spoke to Lakshman in fury - "See the pride of the sea. In spite of my worshipping so much he is not appearing before me. Being quiet, simplicity, forgiveness and soft speaking are the qualities of good people. If you use them with a bad man, they show your weakness. This world respects only those who are wicked, stubborn and who punish everybody.

Whoever love peace do not get fame in the world and victory in war. Now you will see dying animals on the sea. I will dry it with my arrows. Samudra considers me powerless, because I chose the way of forgiveness, but to forgive such people is useless. Lakshman, you bring my bow and arrow, I will dry the sea and monkeys will cross the sea by walking. Today I will break the limits of the sea." And Raam shot a few arrows at Samudra. Arrows entered Samudra and shook it badly. They killed many animals; snakes, conchs, snails, crocodiles all got hurt. High tides started coming. Then Lakshman held Raam's hand and said, 'No, don't do this. Your work can be done even without drying the sea. It doesn't look graceful for you to be angry like this."

Sarg 22-Raam Samudra Dialog, Raam Crosses the Sea

Raam said to Samudra - "Today I will dry you along with Paataal. You will be all full of dust, after your water vaporized and animals are dead. then my monkeys will cross you easily. You don't know my powers because of being full of water and gems." Then He got ready to shoot Brahmaastra. As he got ready to shoot Brahmaastra, sky started being apart, mountains shook, darkness covered the earth and rivers and ponds were hurt. Strong winds started blowing. They were breaking trees and rocks from mountains. Lightening started burning things. very high waves started shaking Samudra and broke his limits up to one Yojan. Raam didn't stop the sea.

Then came out Samudra himself wearing shining gold jewelry and gem-studded necklace. His face was shining like Vaidoorya Mani. He came to Raghunaath and said - "Hey Raaghav, Prithvi, Vaayu, Aakaash, Jal and Agni, these five basic elements are dependent to their nature. They do not cross their limits. I am also under the same category, because I too, because being water, am bottomless and uncrossable. If I become without bottomless and crossable then I will leave my nature and I will become Vikaaree (which has something different from his nature, or impurity).

So Hey Prince, I will not dry my waters because of any greed, fear or disease, but I will find some other way so that you can cross me. I may tolerate some troubles also. I will hold back crocodiles and other animals until your army crosses me. I will prepare some flat ground for your Vaanar to go across."

At that point Raam said - "Hey Samudra, But listen to me, My this arrow cannot go waste, so tell me where should I shoot it?" Samudra said - "There is a holy place on my north side, Dram Kalp, where many Aheer and sinners live and drink my water. I don't want those sinners to touch my waters, so you may aim your arrow at that place." So Raam shot His arrow at the same place. 

Wherever that arrow hit, that place became famous by the name as Maru Van. Prithvi was hurt with that arrow. There created a wound and water came out of that wound. That wound became famous by the name of Brahm Koop (well). As water was coming out continuously from there, in a short time it started looking like a sea. Since that arrow pierced the earth up to Paataal, all water inside the Earth dried. That place got famous by the name of Marukaantar. Raam gave Var to that place that 'this place should be good for animals; should have less diseases; should have lots of fruits, roots and juicy things, milk and Ghee (clarified butter) and medicines. So that Maru Desh became a very good green pleasant place.

Then Samudra said to Raam - "You have a Vaanar named Nal. He is the beloved son of Vishwakarmaa. He has been bestowed by a Var given by his father, so if Nal will build a bridge over me, I will keep it stable on me. he is very skilled like his father." And Samudra disappeared after suggesting this.

Nal said - "I will build the bridge with the power of my father. Samudra said it rightly that it is apt to punish foolish people. It is useless to forgive them and to give them something in charity. Thus Samudra wanted to see the construction of bridge and he got scared Raam.

My father Vishwakarmaa gave a Var to my mother on Mandar Parvat - "Hey Devee, You will bear a son like me. So Hey Raam, I am Vishwakarmaa's  own son. I am learned like him. I cannot tell you my all skills. but I can build a bridge in sea, therefore permit all the Vaanar and me to build the bridge today."

All monkeys entered the forest, uprooted trees and threw them in the sea. They brought Saal, Ashwakarn, Dhav, Baans (bamboo), Kutaj, Arjun, Taal, Thilak, Tinish, Vilva, flowered Saptvarn and Karthikaar trees. They brought Daadim (pomegranate), Vibheetak, Kareer, Bakul, Neeboo (lemon) trees also. Large size and mighty broke rocks from mountains and threw them in the sea. First sea's water rose, then settled down.Thus Nal started building bridge in the middle of the sea.

First day this bridge's finished length was 14 Yojan. the second day they built 20 (14+20=34) Yojan  and the third day its length was 21 (34+21=55) Yojan. Fourth day they built 22 (55+22=77) Yojan. The fifth day they built 23 (77+23=100) Yojan - up to Suvail mountain. Thus Nal built this bridge in the sea like his father. It looked beautiful. All Devtaa, Siddh, Gandharv came and stood in the sky to see the construction of this wonderful bridge. And all of them saw 10 Yojan broad and 100 Yojan long bridge in the middle of the sea.

About 10 billion (1000 Crores) monkeys arrived across the sea jumping and dancing. That bridge looked like the partition in hair. Later Vibheeshan stood across the sea (towards Lankaa) to protect the bridge from enemy. Sugreev said to Raam - "You may ride Hanumaan's back, and Lakshman will ride Angad's back. Because sea is very wide to cross they will take you by skyway.

Somebody was walking on the bridge, somebody was going from its side, somebody was swimming, somebody was flying through skyway. That is how Raam's army was crossing the huge sea. After arriving on the other shore of the sea, Siddh, Chaaran, Devtaa etc worshipped Raam with holy waters.
















Brahmaa's weapon which is very powerful and never fails




Five Elements
Earth, Air, Fire, Ether, Water




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