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Page 14:  Sarg 38-40

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Sarg 38-Seetaa Gives Choodaamani to Hanumaan 

Hanumaan further said - "Hey Seetaa, Whatever you have said it is all according to Dharm. If I will take you then I will not be able to cross 100-Yojan wide sea. And that you do not want to touch anybody else's body. That can also be said by a woman like you. When I go to Raam, I will tell Him everything what you have said to me. Hey Seetaa, In fact I got too much worried seeing your condition that is why I said those words. I just thought that I should help you to meet Raam. This I said only because of my Bhakti to Raam, nothing else. So if you do not want to go with me, then give me your some mark so that I can show it to Raam."

Seetaa said - "Remind Him the incident which happened on the bank of Mandaakinee when we were living in Chitrakoot. We were wandering around in the flowering and full of fruit forests that He sweated. There was a crow who had bad intentions so he hit me with his beak on my head. He sometimes appeared, sometimes disappeared. I got very angry on that crow and my clothes went loose. I was trying to make it tight, but my cloth went more loose and slipped down. At that Raam smiled and I got angrier and embarrassed too.

Then I went to Him and slept in His lap. He consoled me. Then both of us slept as we were tired. The crow came again and bit me on my breast and attacked me repeatedly. When the blood dropped on Raam's body, He woke up and asked "Who has wounded them?" And then He noticed the crow sitting nearby. That crow could fly very fast because he was the son of Indra.

Raam took a Kush grass blade from our Aasan and shot it after doing Abhimantrit it with Brahmaastra. Now tha Kush arrow followed the crow. Crow went everywhere but the arrow didn't leave following him. He went to his father Indra and other Rishi, but nobody provided him protection. He got disappointed and came back to Him for protection.

Being kind He protected him and said - "This weapon cannot go waste" so He pricked his right eye with that Kush. He greeted Dasharath and Him and flew away.

Hey Hanumaan, You tell Him this story as a mark of our meeting. He used Brahmaastra to protect me then, but why He is silent now? I look like an orphan in spite of my husband alive. You are right that 'kindness is Dharm' and He is very brave, then why doesn't He use those weapons against these wicked Raakshas? Why Lakshman doesn't get me free with the permission of His brother? This is all my ill fate."

Hanumaan said - "When Raam is sad Lakshman is also sad. Now when He will know your whereabouts, He will come here soon." Seetaa said - You greet Raam for me, you greet Lakshman too for me. Lakshman who is like Raam, who is Sumitraa-Nandan, who behaves like Raam and who regards Raam and me like His parents. And tell them that they should comfort me as soon as possible. Tell them that Seetaa will wait for them only for one month. After that She will die." After saying this Seetaa gave Her Choodaamani to Hanumaan. It could not fit in his arm so he wore it on his finger. He took farewell from Seetaa and went away from there.

Sarg 39-Seetaa's Request to Send Raam Soon 

After giving the Choodaamani Seetaa said to Hanumaan - "When Raam will see this, He will automatically remember me and parents and will guide you for future plans. Now my freedom is in your hands, so do whatever is possible. " Hanumaan said - "Raam will come here soon and comfort you. Hey Seetey, Raam can fight with anybody - Soorya, Indra, Yam etc. So when He will attack Lankaa, it is sure that He will win." 

Hearing this Seetaa said to Hanumaan softly - "If you like you may rest here for a day or more in some secret place. If you will live here for one day more, I will feel comfortable. You know it very well that if you came late then you may not find me alive. I only doubt it that how all other Vaanar will cross the sea because this power is only in you, Garud and Vaayu. So to make this mission a success is in your hands. When He will take me from here, it will be worthy of Him, so bring Him soon."

Hanumaan said - "He will come soon to destroy Raavan. He has many very powerful Vaanar who are very smart and who have encircled this Prithvi several times and there is no smaller Vaanar than me in Sugreev's army. When I could come here, they cannot have any problem in coming here. You shouldn't worry about it, just wait. Raam will come with His huge army and destroy Lankaa and will take you from here. Just wait till I see them, because as soon as I see them they will attack Lankaa.

Sarg 40-Seetaa Bids Farewell to Hanumaan

Seeta again requested Hanumaan to tell Raam to make hurry. She said - "I am happy to see you. You remind Him of that Kush arrow. I am alive only in the hope that He will come soon. If I will know that He is delaying in coming here, I will die in  a moment." Hanumaan said - "Hey Seetey, Raam is very sad in your separation, and because of Him Lakshman is also sad. Now you keep patience, He will come soon and attack Lankaa, because both are eager to see you. Your grievances are over now. Give one more mark which is known to Raam only." Seetaa said - "This Choodaamani is enough to remind Him about me." And She blessed Hanumaan for his safe journey.



An ornament to wear in wrist like a bangle




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