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Page 15:  Sarg 41-46

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Sarg 41-Hanumaan Destroys Ashok Vaatikaa 

After saying farewell to Seetaa, Hanumaan thought that "still some work is left, because I have not yet found out about enemy's strength. I should use Dand (punishment) policy and my strength to find it out. When I will destroy Raakshas then they will think "when this messenger is so powerful that he killed so many Raakshas then what will happen to us when Raam will come here with His army". And this information will help then to plan their attack. So first I should destroy this Vaatikaa". So he started destroying Vaatikaa. Now that Vaatikaa looked terrible because Hanumaan demolished the houses also built in the Vaatikaa. Then he came out and sat at the gate and planned for his future actions.

Sarg 42-Hanuman Fights With Raakshas

When Hanumaan did this, all birds flew away. Because of this wings' noise, Raakshasee woke up and found Ashok Vaatikaa destroyed. They saw a Vaanar who was in his huge form. Seeing Raakshasee looking at him, Hanumaan made his form more horrified. Raakshasee asked Seetaa - "Where this Vaanar has come from? And why has he come for? Who is he? And what did he talk to you? Tell us everything fearlessly."

Seetaa said - "I don't know where he has come from. As you are afraid of him, I am also afraid of him. I think he is Raavan in this form." All Raakshasee went to Raavan and said - "There is a Vaanar with a huge body. He has destroyed the whole Ashok Vaatikaa leaving only that tree under which Seetaa is living. It seems that he is the messenger of Indra or Kuber or Raam has sent him to find out about Seetaa's whereabouts. We asked Seetaa about this, but She didn't tell us anything, so we have come to you."

Hearing this Raavan got furious and a couple of tears fell from his eyes on the ground. He sent Kikkar named Raakshas to punish Hanumaan. Kikkar was very powerful like Raavan. Seeing that Raakshas coming, Hanumaan gave a loud cry beating his tail on the wall. Kikkar came with 80,000 Raakshas army to tie Hanumaan. Lankaa echoed with Hanumaan's cry. Flying birds fell on the ground. He shouted - "Victory to Raam, Victory to Lakshman, Victory to Vaanar Swaamee Sugreev. I am the messenger of Raam and my name is Hanumaan. I am the son of Vaayu. I destroy the enemy, even thousands of Raavan cannot stay in front of me in war. I will destroy this city and bid farewell to Seetaa and go away."

Raakshas' doubt was cleared with this introduction of Hanumaan and they started attacking him. Hanumaan killed many of them with Parigh (a kind of weapon) which he picked up from there only. Then he started killing other Raakshas too. Thus he killed almost all Raakshas including Kikkar sat on the roof with the desire of having a fight again. Whoever Raakshas escaped, they went to Raavan and told about the killing of Kikkar and the army. Then he furiously sent Durjaya, Prahast's son to fight with Hanumaan. He was also killed.

Sarg 43-Hanuman Destroys Raakshas Temple

Hanumaan thought "This is all right that I have destroyed this Vaatikaa, but the Raakshas Kul Devtaa (family Bhagvaan) still remains to be destroyed." Hanumaan again repeated the previous sentences and sat on the temple of Raakshas Kul Devtaa. He attacked the Raakshas who were guarding the temple. He broke the main pillar of the temple which had gold work on it and revolved it in the air. The pillar started burning the temple. 

Seeing the temple burning, Hanumaan flew in the sky and said - "Thousands of Vaanar like me are wandering on the whole Prithvi. Some Vaanar have the strength of 10 elephants, some have the strength of 100 elephants, and some have the strength of 1,000 elephants. And many Vaanar have the strength more than that. This Lankaa will be destroyed and Raavan will also be killed, because you have invited your death by abducting Raam's wife Seetaa."

Sarg 44-Hanuman Kills Jaambmaalee 

After Kikkar and Durjaya, Prahast's another son Jaambmaalee went to fight with Hanumaan by the order of Raavan. He had large teeth. He wore red clothes, a necklace in his neck and earrings in his ears. He seemed infallible. He came riding on a chariot driven by donkeys. When he came, Hanumaan was sitting in the inner part of the temple.

Jaambmaalee shot many arrows at Hanumaan. Then he shot Ardhchandra named arrow at the mouth of Hanumaan and wounded his head by Karnee named arrow. He shot 10 arrows at his arms also. Blood flowed from Hanumaan's mouth. Hanumaan hit him with a rock but Jaambmaalee broke it with his arrow. This time Hanumaan threw a Shaal tree which he cut with his four arrows. Then Jaambmaalee shot 10 arrows at Hanumaan's chest and arms. Hanumaan got wounded. Then Hanumaan hit Jaambmaalee with a Parigh which killed him.

Hearing the news of Jaambmaalee's death Raavan got very furious. He sent seven brave Amaatya's (minister's) sons to arrest Hanumaan.

Sarg 45-Hanumaan Kills Seven Sons of Raavan's Minister

By the order of Raavan, the seven sons of his minister went to fight with Hanuman. They also went riding their chariots. Each of them had the desire of victory. Their mothers got very sad because they had already heard about the killing of Kikkar. Now all ran towards Hanumaan and started showering arrows. Hanumaan went into sky to cheat them, so their aims were missing all the time. Hanumaan thought "I should test their strength" so he started hitting them with fist and nails. He killed some by his loud scream, some by crushing their thighs and chest. After the minister's sons were killed, their army also ran away. But Hanumaan killed many running away soldiers too and he still wanted to fight more so he went back and wait again.

Sarg 46-Hanuman Kills Five Army Chiefs

Now Raavan got impatient hearing the news of the killing of his minister's sons. He started planning for his future actions carefully. He ordered his five brave army chiefs to arrest Hanuman. They should take as much army as they needed and they should go there carefully. He said - "He doesn't seem to be Vaanar by his actions. He is destroying my large armies. I guess that Indra is trying to insult us. Because you have already defeated Indra, Gandharv, Asur, Naag, Yaksh, that is why Rishi have sent this Vaanar to destroy us. Therefore do not consider him as an ordinary Vaanar and deal with him carefully.

I know those brave Baali, Sugreev, Jaambvaan, Neel etc Vaanar. They cannot act like this, nor they are so brave and powerful as he is. They are neither so intelligent, nor have so much strength, nor so much courage. They cannot even change their form. He is some very powerful being in the form of a Vaanar. I know it very well that nobody in the world can stand you in the battlefield, still it is always proper to be careful."

Thus those five brave army chiefs came to the temple and saw Hanumaan sitting on the roof of the temple. He surely looked very brave, courageous and powerful. All Raakshas started using their weapons. Durdhar shot five sharp arrows at Hanumaan's head. As he shot them, Hanumaan flew in the sky and gave a loud cry which shook all directions. Then Hanumaan jumped on Durdhar's chariot and killed all eight horses and broke his chariot's axle. so he fell dead on the ground.

Virupaaksh and Yoopaaksh got very angry at the death of Durdhar. So both hit Hanumaan with fists and hands Hanumaan uprooted a Shaal tree and hit them with it and killed both of them. Now Praghas and Bheemkarn Raakshas went to him and hit him with their spears. Blood flowed from Hanumaan's body. He took some trees and rocks and threw them on both of them and killed them too.

When Hanumaan killed all the five army chiefs, he started killing their army. Their dead bodies were lying all around. After killing them Hanumaan again sat on the roof of the temple.









Ashok Vaatikaa
A small garden of Ashok trees where Seetaa was living in Lankaa.




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