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Page 16:  Sarg 47-49

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Sarg 47-Hanumaan Kills Akshaya Kumaar

Hearing the killing of his five brave army chiefs, Raavan looked at his son, named Akshaya. He was ready to go. He had his bow and arrows, rode on gold chariot and started towards Hanumaan with his many weapons. When Akshaya saw Hanumaan, he got very furious and shot three arrows at his head. Devtaa also got scared seeing both Akshaya and Hanumaan in the battle field. Soorya Dev got cool and air ceased to flow.

Hanumaan proceeded towards Akshaya with blood on his body. Akshaya started shooting arrows continuously. Hanumaan gave a loud cry and started throwing rocks on Akshaya. Akshaya shot arrows but Hanumaan cut all his arrows and flew in the sky. Akshaya looked at him with admiration. In turn Hanumaan also admired the Raakshas youth Akshaya. So he thought that "I should not kill this brave prince. But if I did not kill him, he will kill me, therefore it is proper to kill him". So he proceeded and killed his eight horses only with his hands and broke his chariot.

When Akshaya's horses were killed, and chariot was broken, he fell down on the ground. He got up and flew in the sky with his sword and bow and arrows. He went to the sky as Rishi go to Dev Lok. Then Hanumaan held his feet and revolved him like his father Vaayu thousand times and hit him on the ground. All bones of Akshaya were crushed and he died. Thus Hanumaan frightened Raavan by killing his son Akshaya. Even Devtaa got surprised to see this. Hanumaan came back and sat again on the same place.

Sarg 48-Meghnaad Ties Hanumaan

After Akshaya's killing, Raavan said to Meghnaad, who was like Devtaa - "You are a very good soldier and are good at building your own weapons. Even Devtaa and Asur are scared of you. You have learned weaponry by worshipping Brahmaa, that is Marut etc. Even Devtaa could not win you protected by Indra. Whatever you intend to do, you can do it, you are brave like me. That Vaanar has killed Kikkar, Durjaya, Jaambmaalee, Amaatya's five sons, and your brother Akshaya. Now you go and defeat him. Adopt only that policy by which you can control him. Do not take your ordinary sharp arrows, you cannot guess his strength. So take your divine bow."

Hearing this Meghnaad bowed to his father and went to fight with Hanumaan. He shot many sharp arrows at Hanumaan. Hanumaan also proceeded and gave a loud cry. Both warriors started fighting and it looked like Dev-Asur Sangraam (war). Hanumaan cut all arrows shot by Meghnaad and started wandering like Vaayu (air), his father. Wherever Indrajeet (Meghnaad) used to shoot his arrows, Hanumaan jumped in the sky and he always missed his aims. Thus others took this fighting as fun. When Hanumaan cut Indrajeet's arrows, he didn't even know when Hanumaan cut his arrows.

When Indrajeet couldn't control Hanumaan in any way, he thought to use Brahmaa's weapon (Brahmaastra) - that was the only way he thought to control him. So he got ready to use that, then he remembered, that it cannot go without aim, so he used Tatweebindu weapon and caught Hanumaan. Hanumaan fell on the ground, but he didn't get worried. He thought because "I have Bhakti in Brahmaa, that is why I am unable to untie it. I am not afraid of this weapon, because Brahmaa, Indra and Vaayu protect me. And I feel that my arrest is also beneficial for me because in this way I can see, meet and talk to Raavan.'" So he kept quiet.

Many Raakshas started beating him, then he made strange sounds like monkey. Raakshas got him tied with rope then Indrajeet freed him from the Brahmaa's weapon, because it does not work with other kinds of ties.. But Hanumaan didn't show that he had been free from Brahmaa's weapon. They took him to Raavan's court. On the way Hanumaan saw many gold houses which belonged to Raavan's old servants.

Then Raakshas sitting in the court asked - "Who is this? And where has he come from? Who is his master? Burn him, or eat him." Hanumaan saw gracious Raavan and Raavan saw Raakshas pulling Hanumaan. Then Raavan ordered his minister to talk to Hanumaan. On asking by his minister, Hanumaan said - "I am sent by Vaanar's Swaamee Sugreev."

Sarg 49-Hanuman Sees Raavan

Hanumaan looked at Raavan who had gold crown on his head. The crown was studded with valuable pearls and diamonds. His dress was also of very valuable cloth. He had sandalwood paste on his forehead and was sitting on an Aasan studded with gems etc. Many young girls were standing beside him and serving him with fanning etc. He had four chief ministers around him. When Hanumaan saw him, he thought "How much brave he is! He is handsome and graceful. He is really full of all qualities. If he had not done any A-Dharm he could be the king of all Lok. But he is insulted only because of his Karm." Thinking thus Hanumaan got worried.








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