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5 - Sundar Kaand

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Page 17:  Sarg 50-51

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Sarg 50-Hanuman-Raavan Dialog

On the other hand, when Raavan saw Hanumaan, he thought, "Is he not Bhagvaan Nandee in this form? Because he gave me Shaap at my laugh, so maybe he has come in this Vaanar form. Or is he not Baanaasur?" Then he said angrily - "Ask him that where he has come from and why has he come here? Why did he destroy my Ashok Vaatikaa and why did he kill my Raakshas? What did he get out of it? Why did he fight for?"

Prahast said - "You don't fear. Hey Vaanar, If you are sent here by Indra, then tell us the truth. You will be freed so you shouldn't worry at all. You have entered Lankaa in a very beautiful form. Has Kuber or Varun or Yam send you here? Or Vishnu has sent you here? Because your grace shows that you are not Vaanar, only that you look Vaanar. Therefore you tell us the truth. If you will tell lie then you won't be able to live. If you have any purpose to come here then tell that also."

Hearing this, Hanumaan said - "I have not been sent by Kuber Varun or Yam, nor I have any friendship with them. I am born in Vaanar Vansh and I have come here to see the king of Raakshas Raavan, but I found it difficult so I destroyed the Vaatikaa for that purpose. When Raakshas came to fight with me then I also fought with them. Even Devtaa or Asur's weapons cannot control me because I have also got this Var from Pitaamaha (Brahmaa Jee). I just did not untie it only to see the king. I am free from weapons, but these Raakshas have brought me here thinking that I am bound by the weapon. I have come here to do Raam's job and He has sent me here, therefore you listen to me, this is my wish."

Sarg 51-Hanuman Advises Raavan

Looking at Raavan, Hanumaan further said - " I have come here to see you by the order of our Swaamee. Our Swaamee and your brother Sugreev has asked about your welfare. He has sent you his message - "There was a Raajaa named Dasharath in Ikshwaaku Vansh. He was very brave, knower of Dharm and well-wisher of all. He has an eldest son Raam. By the order of His father He came to forest with His younger brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa. 

When they were living in Jansthaan then He lost His wife. While searching for Seetaa, both brothers met Sugreev on Rishyamook Parvat. Sugreev promised Raam to search Seetaa and in turn Raam promised Sugreev to get his kingdom back from Baali - Sugreev's brother. Raam killed Baali only with one arrow and crowned  Sugreev on his throne. Hey Raavan, You also know Baali very well."

Now according to his promise, Sugreev is trying to search for Seetaa. He has sent his millions of Vaanar in all directions. Among those Vaanar, some Vaanar are like Garud, some Vaanar are like Vaayu. Thus all those Vaanar are wandering in search of Seetaa.

I am the son of Vaayu and my name is Hanumaan. I have come here crossing this 100-Yojan wide sea to see you only. I know it very well that you are a knower of Dharm, Arth, and Kaam, therefore it doesn't look nice to you that you keep somebody else's woman. 

I don't see anybody who can comfortably live with the enmity of Raam in the whole Tri-Lok. Because when Raam will order His younger brother Lakshman, then even Devtaa, Gandharv, Asur etc cannot stay in the battlefield. Therefore, I humbly request you to return Seetaa to Raam. Because I have found Seetaa here. If you will not return Seetaa to him then He will decide His course of action after I have seen him.

Whatever Var you have got from your Tapasyaa, I have to say in relation to that, that Raam is neither Devtaa, nor Gandharv, nor Asur etc. He is only a human being and Sugreev is a Vaanar. So it seems impossible for you to escape. Killing of 14,000 Raakshas in Janasthaan, killing of Baali, and friendship with Sugreev, you know all this very well, 

I can destroy your whole Lankaa along with chariots, horses, elephants by the grace of Raam, but I do not have his permission to do that. He has vowed to kill him who has abducted Seetaa Himself. To who you are taking as Seetaa, She is the destroyer of this Lankaa. You should trust Raam's messenger that Raam has the power first to destroy Tri-Lok and then to recreate it as before."

Raavan got very angry to hear all this and he ordered [his people] to kill him.








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