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5 - Sundar Kaand

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Sarg 37-Hanumaan Shows Seetaa His Huge Body

Seetaa got very sad hearing all this [description of Raam], She said - "I am very sad to hear all this. Even though a person is very wealthy, when he is grieved, it is said to be his destiny. Hey Hanumaan, You tell Raam to make hurry because only two months remain [in Raavan's assigned period]. Raavan's brother Vibheeshan advised Raavan several times that "Send Seetaa to Raam" but that wicked Raavan doesn't agree with him, maybe because his last days are near. Death is searching for him. I came to know all this through Kalaa (Vibheeshan's daughter). Her mother sent her to me.

There is one Raakshas named Avindhyaa, he is very dear to Raavan, he also told Raavan about his destruction by Raam but he doesn't pay any attention to such advices. I am sure that I will see Raam soon, because He killed 14,000 Raakshas alone in Janasthaan, because His strength is limitless."

Hanumaan said - "Hey Janak Nandinee, As I will tell Raam about you, He will immediately come with His army of Vaanar to take you; alternatively if you want to go just now, I can take you on my back. I can lift even Raavan's whole Lankaa. I will take you to Raam as Agni Dev takes Havan's Havi to Indra. When I will take you, then no Raakshas can follow me." Hearing this Seetaa got very happy, but then She said after a while - "Hanumaan, Your size is very tiny, how can you take me to Raam?"

Hanumaan thought "Seetaa doesn't know my powers, let me show Her my huge form". So he came down from Ashok tree and stood in front of Seetaa. Then he started expanding his body. His body became like Meru Parvat, mouth got red. He said to Seetaa - "I can carry this Lankaa with all of its houses, end Raam and Lakshman's grievances through your pure mind."

Seetaa said - "I have seen your form, your strength, your speed, that you could cross the sea. But how other Vaanar can cross the sea? Hey Hanumaan, I agree that you can take me across the sea, but if I went with you then because of your speed I will certainly faint, and then I will fall in the sea, and the sea animals will eat me. 

Because when these Raakshas will see you taking me, they will surely follow you with their weapons. Then you will have to fight with them, and because of fighting you will have to worry about me. They will have weapons and you will not, then how you will protect me? Besides, you cannot do two jobs together. Maybe I also fall down in that situation then these Raakshas will surely take me away. Raakshas' cry may take my life and your labor will get lost. You can kill Raakshas, but if you kill them then what will happen to Raam's vow. Therefore if Raam will come with you that will be all right.

Hey Hanumaan, I don't want to touch anybody else' body except Raam. But when Raavan brought me, I was helpless. If Raam takes me Himself after killing Raakshas that will be better. So you go and bring Him soon."












Havi Or Havishya, Whatever eatables are put in Havan to offer to Devtaa.




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