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Page 12:  Sarg 35-36

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Sarg 35-Hanumaan Tells Many Stories to Seetaa

Seetaa asked hearing this - "Tell me how did you meet Raam and how do you know about Lakshman? How humans and Vaanar can be together? Tell me the identification of Raam and Lakshman so that my all doubts are clear." Hanumaan said - "Raam's eyes are like lotus flower leaves, His grace is like Soorya's grace, He is intelligent like Guru Brihaspati, He is dear to all and protects all, He follows Brahmcharya, that is why He is worshipped by all. He is worshipped by other three Varn also. He Himself worships Braahman, knows politics, and knows Ved and Vedaang (parts of Ved). He is very handsome and is known as Raam.

He has three lines on His stomach and neck. His height is four Haath (see the side bar). His thighs and arms are alike. He has 14 joints, His teeth are sharp, He walks like a lion. He has nine auspicious marks on His body. He is truthful.

His younger brother Lakshman is also very gracious. He also has all qualities like Raam. Lakshman is fair complexioned, while Raam is Shyaam Varn. When you had been abducted, we saw them wandering around searching for you. Our Swaamee Sugreev who was in exile by his elder brother, spotted them and sent me to find about them. I met them and brought them on the mountain, and introduced them to Sugreev. Then they became friends witnessed by Agni (fire).

Both told their story, both consoled each other. Then Sugreev showed them that jewelry which you threw on the mountain while being abducted. In fact I picked it up, Sugreev didn't know anything about it. He recognized the jewelry as yours and got unconscious seeing it. Both brothers saw them several times. Raam is very sad without you. He does not sleep in your separation. Even if He goes somewhere out, He doesn't like the scenery. He always remembers you. [Since He has sent me to find out about you] Now He will come soon to free you.

Raam killed Sugreev's brother and got his kingdom back. I am the messenger of Sugreev only. When Sugreev got kingdom then he collected his all Vaanar and sent them all around to search for you. Baali's son Angad is our army chief.

When we were searching for you, we lost our way, we passed our time limit also, so we were preparing to die. Then there was a Geedh, named Sampaati, on Vindhyaachal Parvat. He heard Angad crying that "the whole army is ready to die in search for Seetaa. Jataayu also lost his life in protecting Her". Sampaati was Jataayu's brother. Hearing about the death of his brother, he came to us and asked - "Who has killed my brother?"

Angad told the whole story of his killing by Raavan in Jansthaan. He got very sad hearing this and told us about you. Thus we got the clue of your whereabouts from Sampaati. We were very happy to hear about you. We all gathered on the sea shore and got worried seeing the width of the huge sea. So I offered to come here and I came crossing the 100-Yojan wide sea. I entered Lankaa in the night, searched you everywhere, and now I am here.

Hey Seetaa, Whatever you asked I told you everything. Trust me, I am the messenger of Raam. You should take me Vaayu-Putra (son of wind) and Sugreev's minister. Your husband is all right and Lakshman is also all right serving His elder brother and I have come here to do your husband's work by the order of our Swaamee Sugreev. My mission is successful, my crossing the sea is successful. Because I have seen you, I will get fame. Now your husband will come to see you and kill Raavan along with his sons.

Hey Seetaa, There was one Kesaree named Vaanar who went from Maalyavaan Parvat to Goranaa Parvat. There he killed one Raakshas named Shambhsaadan. This was done by the Vardaan of a Devtaa. I am the son of that Vaanar's wife and Vaayu and because my Karm (actions) I am known as Hanumaan. All these stories I have told you for your trust."

Now Seetaa trusted him. Hanumaan got very happy [to gain Her trust]. He further said - "Now you tell me what should I do. If you say then I can go back to Raam. I have the same strength as my father and Vaayu."

Sarg 36-Hanumaan Further Convinces Seetaa

Hanumaan further said - "When I was coming here, Raam gave me this ring for your trust. See this and recognize this if it is of Raam?" Seeing that ring Seetaa got very happy and said - "Hey Vaanar, You are great, you are very powerful because you have entered this city, alone, which is full of Raakshas, after crossing the 100-Yojan wide sea with your strength. That is why I don't consider you an ordinary Vaanar because you are not afraid of Raavan or his Raakshas.

If you are the messenger of Raam, then I can talk to you because Raam must have sent you only after testing your strength. If you say that Raam is all right, then why doesn't He burn this Lankaa with His anger, because He can punish even Devtaa.

Hey Hanumaan, Does He  remember me? Does His friend respect Him? Does He get any news about Kaushalyaa, Bharat, or Sumitraa? Will Bharat send his army to free me? Or will Vaanar Raaj Sugreev send his army? I want to see Raavan killed along with his friends. Is Raam patient in my separation? Because He does not love even His parents as He loves me. Hey Pavan-Putra, I am also alive only up to the time He is alive."

Hanumaan said - "O with lotus flower petal like eyes, Raam didn't know about you till now. If He knew your whereabouts, He must have taken you from here long ago. Now when I will tell Him about you, then only He will come with Vaanar army and take you soon. If anybody will be hurdle in that, He will kill him immediately because Raam is very sad in your separation. He is not eating properly. He always thinks about you, because if any insect is on His body He doesn't remove it from there. He doesn't sleep properly, even He gets some sleep sometime then He gets up suddenly saying, "Seetaa, Seetaa".






(1) Hand.
(2) An old measurement -  length from elbow to the tip of middle finger, usually 18".




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