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Page 11:  Sarg 31-34

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Sarg 31-Hanumaan Praises Raam

Hanumaan said - "Raajaa Dasharath was born in Ikshwaaku Vansh. He had all kinds of happiness and comforts. He was a kind king and a worshipper of Ahinsaa (non-violence). He always protected cows and Braahman. His eldest son is Raam. Raam came to Van along with His younger brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa by the order of His father. There He killed many Raakshas. When He killed Khar and Dooshan then Raavan became His enemy. He abducted Raam's wife by means of Maayaa Mrig (magic deer).

While searching Seetaa Raam extended His friendship to my Swaamee Sugreev. Raam then killed Sugreev'a brother Baali and returned Sugreev's kingdom to him. Raam sent millions of Vaanar in search of Seetaa. On the advice of Geedh Raaj Sampaati, I crossed this 100 Yojan sea and came here in Lankaa. The way Raam praised Seetaa, I have seen Her today." After saying this Hanumaan got silent. Seetaa moved Her hair from Her face and saw upward towards the tree where Hanumaan was sitting.

Sarg 32-Seetaa Gets Scared to See a Vaanar

Seetaa saw Hanumaan's golden body with red clothes. She thought this Vaanar was very horrible. He had a large frame. Seeing him one can get frightened. Raakshas can neither catch him nor win him. In fact Seetaa also got frightened to see him. She cried and after a while She thought - "This is not good to see Vaanar in dream, because Shaastra prohibit it. Therefore may Bhagvaan bless Raam and my father Janak. I love Raam and I always remember Him." Then She bowed to Shambhoo and Brahmaa and prayed - "Whatever this Vaanar has said, it should surely be true so that my wish is fulfilled."

Sarg 33-Hanumaan Meets Seetaa

Hanumaan went in front of Seetaa, bowed his head and said - "Hey Tapaswinee (female hermit), Who are you in this Tapaswinee guise and standing here under the Ashok tree. You are weeping, why? In which Kul you are born? Devtaa, Gandharv, Asur, Naag? Whose daughter are you? To me you look like a Devee (Devtaa's wife). Have you come here like Arundhatee after satisfying Vashishth Jee? Tell me the name of your son, husband and father. In whose worry you are lost? You look like a daughter of a king and a queen of a king.

O Beautiful, Raavan has abducted Janak's daughter Seetaa from Janasthaan. If you are really Seetaa then answer my some questions. After seeing your face I believe that you are Seetaa - Raam's wife." Seetaa said to Hanumaan - "I am the daughter-in-law of Raajaa Dasharath who is very spiritual. I was born in Raajaa Janak's house. I was married to Raam Chandra. After the marriage I enjoyed 12 years with Raam. Then in 13th year when Dasharath wanted to perform Raajya Abhishek of Raam, then queen Kaikeyee said to her husband - "If you gave kingdom to Raam, then I will end my life without eating and drinking anything. Whatever Var you have given me, if they are true, then according to them, Raam should go to Van. Hearing this Raajaa got unconscious, but he could not change words, because he was the follower of the truth, and he had already given Var to Kaikeyee.

Raam is also the follower of truth, so He took off His royal clothes and wore the clothes of a Tapaswee (hermit). He asked me to be in the service of Kaushalyaa, but I came with Him, because I do not like even Swarg without Him. Lakshman also came with us. When we were living in Dandkaaranya (Dandak Van) then Raavan abducted His wife Seetaa. And that Seetaa is me. Raavan has given me only two months time. After that I will die."

Sarg 34-Hanumaan Convinces Seetaa

Hanumaan said - "I have come to you by the order of Raam as His messenger. Raam and Lakshman are all right and have asked your welfare. Lakshman has sent you His greetings." Seetaa got happy to hear this and said - "Whoever people are alive they still like to talk about life. " Thus Seetaa trusted Hanumaan and Hanumaan recognized Seetaa. Then they started talking. As they talked, Hanumaan went forward towards Seetaa. Once Seetaa thought lest Raavan has come here changing his form.

Seetaa sat down on the ground. Hanumaan greeted Her feet, but because of fear She didn't look at him. She said fearfully - "If you are Raavan and have come here changing your form, then this is not good. Because whatever form I saw in you in Janasthaan, that is there in you. O Maayaavee (knower of Maayaa) Raavan, Whatever grief you are giving to me, it is not good. But my doubt may be wrong also, because I have started developing a kind of trust in you.

If you are really the messenger of Raam then you are welcome. I am very happy today that I am seeing the messenger of Raam. I have never seen Raam Lakshman even in my dreams since I have come here. I don't know whether this is my imagination or it is real?" So Seetaa still took  him as Maayaavee Raavan and sat quietly.

Hanumaan understood the mind of Seetaa so he spoke sweetly - "Who is as dear as Kuber, who has control over Tri-Lok like Vishnu, who is as soft spoken as Guru Brihaspati, who is as handsome as Kaam Dev and who punishes sordid people like Yam Devtaa, I am the messenger of the same Raam. Raam and Lakshman, along with my Swaamee Sugreev, always remember you. This is very happy news that you are still alive in spite of so much threatening. Now you will see Raam, Lakshman and Sugreev with their army. I am the minister of Sugreev. My name is Hanumaan. I have come here crossing the 100 Yojan wide sea. Whatever you are doubting, I am not that person."






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