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Page 10:  Sarg 27-30

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Sarg 27-Trijataa Tells Her Dream 

All Raakshasee got angry hearing this. Some ran away to Raavan to tell him what Seetaa said. There was an old and intelligent Raakshasee named Trijataa who was hearing all this conversation between them till now. Now she spoke to other Raakshasee - "The way you want to eat Seetaa, why not eat your own flesh first in that way? You should drop the idea of eating Raajaa Janak's dear daughter and Raajaa Dasharath's daughter-in-law, because today I have seen a dream which is very terrible. In that I saw the good of Her husband and destruction of all Raakshas."

All Raakshasee again got angry hearing this and asked her to tell her dream. Trijataa said - "I saw that Raam and Lakshman have come here riding in a chariot of 1,000 horses. That chariot had many ornaments on it. Seetaa met Him like the shine meets the Sun.

In another dream I saw that Raam and Lakshman have come here riding on an elephant with four tusks. He made Seetaa ride on the elephant and took Her. Later I saw all the three coming in Lankaa on the same elephant through skyway and then flying away to North in Pushpak Vimaan. I saw Raavan as a criminal with the string attached to his neck to kill him. He fell from Pushpak Vimaan. He wore black clothes and his head was shaved. He looked like an insane who sometimes laughed, sometimes cried and sometimes danced. He was drinking oil. Whatever condition I saw of Raavan, I saw the same for his brothers and sons also.

Then I saw that Raavan on pig, Meghnaad on Soons and Kumbhkarn on camel were going to south. But I saw Vibheeshan flying in the sky in white clothes with royal umbrella. Raakshas rejoiced with him singing and dancing. And after this Lankaa sank in the sea.

This dream indicates that Raam will definitely get Seetaa. And this is also certain that Raam will kill you along with Raakshas. That is why don't speak harsh words to Seetaa and move from here. Please Seetaa by praying Her. If you will speak to Her politely She will definitely be pleased. Raam will win Raavan and Raavan will be killed. I believe firmly that my dream will come true." Hearing this Seetaa said - "If it happened thus then I will surely protect you."

Sarg 28-Seetaa Weeps Again

Still Seetaa was sad remembering Raavan's harsh words. She said - "How I am alive here in such grievances. I will not be at fault even if I commit suicide, because, otherwise also he will cut me into pieces by his sword as Indra did to the embryo of Diti." And Seetaa cried loudly, "Haa Raam, Haa Lakshman, Hey Sumitraa, Hey Maa Kaushalyaa. I am sure that Maayaa Mrig (magical deer) must have killed Raam and Lakshman also as he attracted me. Whatever pride I had of being Raam's wife, all is over now. Who is going to give me any weapon to die?" So She thought to die by tying the knot by Her plait. But as She stood up to do that She noticed some good omens for the fulfillment of Her wish.

Sarg 29-Seetaa Notices Good Omens

She noticed that the left parts of Her body were showing good signs. Besides Her cloth also flew in the air so She thought that now She will surely get Raam.

Sarg 30-Hanumaan Makes Plans to See Seetaa

Sitting on the tree, Hanumaan heard everything - threatening to Seetaa, crying of Seetaa, dream of Trijataa. He thought, "all Vaanar are searching for whoever Seetaa, I have got Her here. Swaamee said to me to find out about the power and strength of the enemy also, so I can see that he is powerful. But for now I should console this sad Seetaa. I should not go back without consoling Her. It is necessary to console Her but it is not proper to console Her in front of Raakshasee, it may harm Her. And it is necessary to console Her before the night is over, because if the night had been over then certainly Seetaa would die.

When I will go to Raam and He will ask me about Seetaa then what would I reply Him without talking to Seetaa. And if I returned without taking Seetaa's message then Raam will be very angry. If I had brought Sugreev only without seeing Raam then also Seetaa will not survive. Therefore let Raakshasee go somewhere then I will console Seetaa.

And I should talk in human's language because if I talked in Sanskrit like Braahman language, then She may take me as Raavan. Even Raakshas can also come to kill me, that it is proper to talk to Her in human's language. If somehow Raakshasee got frightened and they called Raakshas and they attacked me, then I can kill them. But then I will not be able to go back and my mission of coming here will be unsuccessful. Raam will not be able to know as where is Seetaa.

I don't see any other Vaanar too who can cross 100 Yojan wide sea. If I did anything carelessly then everything will be ruined." Then he thought and thought that if I will praise Raam then Seetaa will be happy and trust me.






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