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Chapters 18-19

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18-Children of Diti and Aditi and the Birth of Marud Gan

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Savitaa's wife Prishni had eight children - Saavitree, Vyaahriti, Trayee, Agnihotra, Pashu, Som, Chaturmaasya and Panch-mahaayagya. Bhag's wife Siddhi gave birth to three  sons and a daughter. This girl was very beautiful and had a very good character. Dhaataa had four wives - Kuhoo, Sineevaalee, Raakaa and Anumati. They had four sons - Saanya, Darsh, Praatah, and Poornmaas. Dhaataa's younger brother's name was Vidhaataa. His wife was Kriyaa. Vidhaataa and Kriyaa had Pureeshya named five Agni. Varun Jee's wife's name was Charshanee. Bhrigu Jee was born to her. Before this he was the son of Brahmaa Jee, but he again took birth from Charshanee. Mahaayogee Vaalmeeki Jee was also Varun's son. Because he was born from Valmeek that is why his name was Vaalmeeki. Seeing Urvashee both Mitra and Varun's semen fell down, so they both kept it in a pitcher. From that were born Munivar Agastya Jee and Vashishth Jee.

Mitra's wife was Revatee. She had three sons - Utsang, Arisht and Pippal. Indra's wife was Pulomaa's daughter Shachee. Indra had three sons from her - Jayant, Rishabh and Meedhvaan. Bhagavaan Vishnu Himself took birth as Vaaman (Upendra) through His Maayaa. He measured Tri-Lok in three feet land. His wife's name was Keerti. They had the son named Brihachchhlok. He had Saubhag etc several children. Why Kashyap's son Bhagavaan Vaaman was born to Aditi, this I will tell you later. [Skandh 8]

Now I will describe Kashyap Jee's other wife Diti's children in which Bhagavaan's dear devotee Prahalaad Jee and Bali were born. Diti gave birth to two sons - Daanav Raaj Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh. I have already told you this story before. Hiranyakashyap's wife was Kayaadhu. Her father Jambh married her to Hiranyakashyap. Kayaadhu had four sons - Sanhlaad, Anuhlaad, Hlaad and Prahlaad. They had a sister also - Sinhikaa. She was married to Viprachitti Daanav. They had a son named Raahu. He is the same Raahu whose head was cut by Mohinee Bhagvaan at the time of drinking Amrit. Sanhlaad's wife was Kriti. She had a son named Panchjan. Hlaad's wife was Dhamani. She had two sons - Vaataapi and Ilval. Ilval offered Vaataapi's cooked meat to Maharshi Agastya Jee. Anuhlaad's wife was Soormyaa. She also had two sons - Baashkal and Mahishaasur. Prahlaad's son was Virochan. His wife's name Devee. She gave birth to Daitya Raaj Bali. Bali's wife's name was Ashanaa. She had Baanaasur etc 100 sons. Bali was great. I will tell his story later. [Skandh 8/6] Bali's son Baanaasur became the chief Gan of Shiv's Gan after worshipping Shiv. Even today Bhagavaan Shankar lives close to his city to guard it.

Diti had 49 sons more besides Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh. They are called Marud Gan. They all remained childless. Dev Raaj Indra asked them to join Devtaa." Pareekshit asked - "What good Karm were of Marud Gan that they could leave their Asur nature and were taken by Indra?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Bhagavaan Vishnu had killed Diti's both sons - Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh favoring Indra, Diti got very sad and thought - "Indra is very cruel. He killed his own brothers. When that day will come when I will get him killed and will sleep with peace in my mind. Indra is becoming mad thinking himself as immortal. Now I will do such a thing that I can get such a son who can destroy Indra's proud." Thinking thus in her mind she used to serve Kashyap Jee more and more. Although Kashyap Jee was very intelligent still he admired her services. He at last accepted that he would fulfill her wishes.

This is not surprising about women. In the beginning of the Creation Brahmaa Jee saw that all Jeev were wandering A-Sang (alone) then he created woman from his half body and since then women have been attracting men's wisdom. Kashyap Jee said to Diti smilingly - "Dear, I am very pleased with you, ask anything you want." When husband is happy there is nothing difficult to get for a wife in this world. As all men worship the same Bhagavaan in the form of many Devtaa, in the same way all women worship their husbands." Diti said - "Brahman, Indra killed my both the sons through Vishnu, therefore if you want to give me any Var then fulfill my wish that I get such a son who can kill Indra."

Kashyap Jee repented hearing this, he thought, "How I have involved in Indriya pleasures that this woman has controlled me like this. Certainly I will fall in Narak. This woman is not at 100% fault. She has acted according to her nature. This is all my fault that I could not control my Indriyaan. In reality the women do not love anybody. In their selfishness they can kill anybody - their husband, brother, son, themselves or they can get them killed by somebody else. I shouldn't be proved wrong but Indra is also not worthy of killing." So he thought and said a bit angrily - "If you will follow my Vrat for one year then you will get the son who will kill Indra. But if there will be any mistake in that Vrat then he will become the friend of Devtaa."

Diti said - "Brahman, I will certainly follow that Vrat. Now tell me what I have to do, what I don't have to do and which actions will spoil my Vrat." Kashyap Jee said - "In my Vrat, do not trouble anybody by heart, action and spoken word; do not give Shaap or abuse; don't tell lie; don't cut nails and hair and do not touch any unholy thing. Don't take bath in the river, don't be angry, don't talk with bad people, don't wear unwashed clothes, don't wear other's necklace and garlands. Don't eat unclean food, do not take Bhadrakaalee Prasaad or non-vegetarian food, do not accept the food brought by Shoodra or menstruated woman and don't drink water with hands, don't get out of the house with unclean mouth without doing Aachman in the evening, with loose hair, without makeup, without control on speech. Don't sleep without washing feet, in unclean condition, with wet feet, with head towards North or West, with others, naked, in morning and in evening. You should leave these things and keep yourself clean. Always wear washed cloth and wear all marriage signs necessary for a married woman. Worship cow, Braahman, Lakshmee Jee and Bhagavaan Naaraayan before taking breakfast. After this, worship married women with flower garland, sandal paste etc then worship husband and serve him and always imagine that husband's Tej is in my womb. This Vrat is called Punsavan Vrat. If you will follow it religiously then you will get a son who will kill Indra."

Pareekshit,  Diti was very firm in her intentions. She accepted the challenge. Now she had a child in her womb and was following Kashyap Jee's Vrat. Dev Raaj Indra understood the intentions of his mother's sister. So he changed his Roop (form) and came to her Aashram and started watching her very closely. He was doing it to catch a mistake. But in spite of keeping very sharp eye he could not find any mistake. But he did not abandon his service to her.

Diti became very weak following all the rules of the Vrat, so one day, in the evening, she slept with unclean mouth, without doing Aachaman and without washing her feet. Indra was watching. He took it as a good opportunity and he immediately entered her womb. He made seven pieces of that shining child with his Vajra. They did not die rather started crying. Indra was very surprised to see this. Then he again made seven pieces of each of the seven pieces. Then they said to Indra- "Why are you killing us. We are your brothers - Marud Gan." Then Indra said - "OK, If you are my brothers then don't be afraid." So Hey Pareekshit, As Ashwatthaamaa's Brahm Astra could not do any harm to you in the same way by the grace of Shree Hari those children did not die in spite of being cut into 49 pieces. Now those 49 Marud Gan joined Indra and they became 50. Indra also considered them as Som Ras drinker Devtaa. When Diti woke up then she found that her 49 children are with Indra. She became very happy to see this and said - "My son, I was doing this Vrat because I wanted to have a son who could kill you and I intended to have only one son, but then how did they become 49? If you know this secret, then tell me. Don't tell lie to me."

Indra said - "Maa, I knew the purpose for which you were doing this Vrat. That is why I came here from Swarg for my own selfishness. I did not have the religious feeling the least. That is why as your Vrat was broken, I cut the child into 7 pieces. Then they became seven children. Then again I divided each of them into seven pieces Then also they did not die, rather they became 49. This was a great surprise to me. You are very respectable to me. I have done this foolishly so please forgive me for this. This is why you are lucky that even on being cut your children they are alive."  Diti got satisfied with the purity of the heart of Indra. Indra greeted Marud Gan and went to his Lok.

19-Method of Punsavan Vrat

This is Vishnu's Vrat and if even one, husband or wife, does this Vrat, both get its fruit. If wife is unable to do this Vrat then the husband should do this. Married woman should do it for 12 months and do its Udyaapan on Maargsheersh Amaavasyaa (new Moon) day. Prasaad of this worship gives good luck and good son. One can get desired thing by doing this Vrat. Maiden gets good husband, widow goes to Vaikunth, a woman whose children die she gets long lived sons, poor get wealth, ugly people get beauty and sick people get healthy.




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