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Chapters 15-19



15-Bali's Victory Over Swarg

Pareekshit asked - "Shree Hari Himself is the Swaamee of all, then why did He ask three feet land from Raajaa Bali like a poor and then why was He not satisfied even after getting with what He asked for? And why did He tie Bali? How did it happen that Bhagavaan begged and tied an innocent man?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, When Indra took Bali's all wealth and even his life, Bhrigu's grandson Shukraachaarya Jee put life back in him with his Sanjeevanee knowledge. Then Bali started serving all Bhrigu Vanshee Braahman along with his Guru. Those Braahman got very pleased with his services, so they helped him to do Vishwajit Yagya to win Swarg. When Agni Dev was given his share, a very beautiful gold-plated chariot appeared out of the Havan Kund. Then appeared green-colored horses like Indra's horses and a flag with lion's picture on it to put it on the chariot. A gold-plated Divine bow and two ever-filled quivers and a Divine Kavach (armor) also appeared from the Havan Kund. His grandfather Prahlaad gave him a flower garland whose flowers were ever-fresh. And Shukraachaarya gave him a Shankh (conch shell).

Raajaa Bali first bowed to Braahman, then to Prahlaad Jee, then climbed up on the chariot with all the gifts. At that time he looked very graceful. Then he attacked Amaraavatee, the capital of Devtaa which Vishwakarmaa himself had constructed. It had very wide highways. It had a golden wall around it as a boundary wall. It always has 100 billion Vimaan ready for flying. People who do not follow Dharm are thug and evil, they cannot go there. Bali surrounded that Puree and blew his Shankh given by Shukraachaarya Jee. Indra got scared by that sound and went to Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee and told his problem.

Brihaspati Jee said - "I know the cause of your enemy's power. Bhrigu Vanshee Braahman have given him this power. At this time nobody can face Bali except Bhagavaan Himself, so better you hide somewhere and wait for your good times. Braahman have given him this power, so when he will insult those Braahman then he would get destroyed with his family." So Devtaa left Swarg, Bali took over Amaraavatee and won Tri-Lok also. Then Bali did 100 Ashwamedh Yagya with the help of those Braahman.

16-Kashyap Jee Tells Aditi About Payo Vrat

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Hearing the victory of Bali, Devtaa's mother Aditi got very sad. After long time, one day, when Kashyap Rishi woke up from his Samaadhi and came to Aditi's Aashram, he found her Aashram without any decoration and sad. Seeing Kashyap Jee Aditi greeted him and gave him Aasan to sit upon. After taking his seat, Kashyap Jee asked - "Is everything all right? You look sad. Are your children well?" Aditi said - "Braahman, cow, Dharm and I all are well, but powerful Daitya have taken our everything - kingdom, wealth, status, so kindly do something so that our sons can get their things back."

When Aditi told all this to Kashyap Jee, he was very much surprised. He said - "It is very surprising, Dear. Bhagavaan's Maayaa is very powerful. Neither somebody is husband of anybody, nor somebody is the son of anybody. This is only Moh which is playing the game. You should worship Bhagavaan Vaasudev who resides in everybody's heart. He is very kind, He will surely fulfill your desires. This is my firm belief that Bhagavaan's worship never goes waste." Aditi asked - "Bhagavan, How should I worship Him so that He is pleased with me soon, tell me that way. I am very much sad for my sons." Kashyap Jee said - "I also asked Brahmaa Jee the same question when I desired for children. Whatever he told me, now I say that to you.

Drink only milk in the Shukla Paksh of Phaalgun Maas. On the day of Amaavasyaa, if you can get some soil dug by a pig, then take bath in a river by rubbing that soil onto your body. And pronounce this Mantra. After this finish your daily chores then worship Bhagavaan in the form of Moorti (idol), Vedee, Soorya, water, Agni and Gurudev, Then invoke (Aahvaan or Aavaahan) Shree Krishn and pray thus with these Mantra (not given here, Mantra 29-37). Worship with flowers, garland, Aachman, Prasaad, offer Bhagavaan a bath of milk. Then worship Him with 12-letter Mantra (Aum Bhagvatey Vaasudevaaya Namah). If possible, offer Shaali rice Kheer with Ghee and jaggery. Later either distribute it into devotees or take yourself. Then do Aachman again and offer Paan (betel leaf). Do Jaap of the above 12-letter Mantra 108 times and pray by saying prayers. Touch the Moorti with head and do the Moorti's Visarjan (flowing in a river or stream or pond). Feed at least two Braahman with Kheer and give Dakshinaa to them. Then eat yourself. On that day keep abstinence and next day after taking bath do the same as the previous day. Have Shraddhaa and faith in Bhagavaan and keep this Vrat with milk only.

Do Havan and Braahman Bhoj daily. Thus it should continue till 12 days. This should be started from the first day of Shukla Paksh of Phaalgun Maas. Till 13th day, keep abstinence, sleep on the floor and take bath three times. Do not tell lie, do not talk to bad people, leave all kinds of pleasures and do not make anybody sad. On the 13th day give bath to Vishnu with Panchaamrit with the help of known Braahman and offer the Bhog of rice Kheer. Do Yagya with that Kheer and offer tasty Naivedya to Bhagavaan. After this give clothes, jewelry and cow etc to Braahman. Feed Braahman and friends and guests etc. From 1st to 13th, everyday dance, sing and pray etc of Bhagavaan. This is called Payo Vrat told me by Brahmaa Jee. Do this and Bhagavaan will surely fulfill your desire. Because this Vrat fulfills all desires that is why it is called "Sarv Yagya" or "Sarv Vrat".

17-Var to Aditi

Shuk Dev Jee said - "So Aditi did that Vrat for 12 days. Then Bhagavaan appeared before her. She stood up in His respect and tried to pray Him but could not pray. She was so much moved with love. Then slowly she gathered herself and prayed. Bhagavaan knew her desire, so He said - "I know your desire. Enemies have taken the wealth of your sons and have exiled them out of Swarg Lok. You wish that your sons should win after killing those Daitya and then you worship Bhagavaan with them. You also wish that when your sons have killed Daitya you should see their wives weeping and crying. But the present time is not favorable for that, but I am very pleased with your worship and your worship should not go waste. So I will take birth in your house and protect your children. You should imagine me in Kashyap Jee and serve him dearly. And do not tell this secret to anybody even if anybody asks about it, because Devtaa's secret should remain secret only."

After saying this Bhagavaan disappeared from there. Imagining this that Bhagavaan Himself will be born as her son, she felt very happy and started serving Kashyap Jee with full heart. Kashyap Jee knew everything. He knew through his Yog that Bhagavaan's Ansh has entered him. Then he impregnated her. When Brahmaa Jee knew about this He started praying Him.

18-Vaaman Avataar and Bali

Shukdev Jee said - "Hearing Brahmaa's prayer Bhagavaan appeared in front of Aditi in His Chaturbhuj Roop. At that time Moon was in Shravan Nakshatra, the day was the 12th day of Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad Maas. Muhoort was Abhijit. That day is called "Vijayaa Dwaadashee". Soorya was in the middle of the sky. Both Kashyap and Aditi got very happy to see His Roop. Immediately He became a Vaaman Brahmchaaree. Braahman got very happy to see His this Roop. Kashyap Jee did all His Sanskaar. Savitaa himself came to deliver the knowledge of Gaayatree to Vaaman. Brihaspati Jee gave Yagyopaveet and Kashyap Jee gave Him waistband. Earth gave Him black deer skin, Chandramaa gave Him scepter (Dand), Aditi gave Kaupeen and lower cloth, Devtaa gave Chhatra (umbrella). Brahmaa Jee gave Him Kamandal, Sapt Rishi gave Him Kush, Saraswatee gave Him Rudraaksh Maalaa (a holy rare beads necklace). Then Yaksh Raaj Kuber gave the pot for alms and Umaa gave Him first alms. At that time Bhagavaan heard that Raajaa Bali was doing the 100th Ashwamedh Yagya under the guidance of Bhrigu Vanshee Braahman. So He started His journey to his place. 

There is beautiful place named Bhrigukachchh on the North bank of Narmadaa River. Bali was doing his Yagya there. When Braahman saw Vaaman Bhagavaan coming, it seemed to them as if Soorya was rising in that direction. They started thinking that maybe Soorya, or Agni, or Sanat Kumaar were coming to see that Yagya. Then Bhagavaan Vaaman entered the Yagyashaalaa. They all stood in respect for Him and greeted Him. Bali got specifically pleased to see Him in His little body parts. He gave Him an Aasan to sit on and worshipped Him. He washed His feet and touched that water with his forehead.

Bali said - "Hey Braahman Kumaar, It is good that you came here. I bow you. Now kindly order me what can I do for you? My all sins are destroyed after washing your feet. It seems that you need something. Hey Brahmachaaree Jee, Ask me anything you need."

19-Vaaman Asks for Three Feet Land, Bali's Promise and Shukraachaarya Stops Him

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Vaaman Bhagavaan got very pleased hearing Bali's offer. He said - "Hey Raajan, You have behaved in a very religious manner. Your grandfather is Prahlaad, your Guru is Shukraachaarya. Your Vansh is very pious. When Hiranyaaksh went down to win the world, he found nobody to fight with. Even Vishnu won him with great difficulty. Even after winning him, He used to remember his power and strength and He did not consider His victory over him as a true victory. When his brother heard of his killing, he went to Vaikunth to fight with Vishnu in great anger. But Vishnu is the greatest Maayaa creator, so He being scared converted Himself into a tiny form and entered his heart through his breath. When Hiranyakashyap did not find Vishnu there, he thought that maybe He has gone to the Lok from where no one comes back. Enmity ends with the end of physical body, cause of anger is A-Gyaan (ignorance) and Ahankaar promotes it, so he calmed down. Your father Virochan was a great devotee of Braahman. Even his enemies Devtaa asked for his age (Aayu) appearing in disguise in Braahman, and in spite of knowing all that he gave his age to them. You come from the same family. I just want only three feet land (of my foot measurement), not more."

Raajaa Bali said - "Hey Braahman, You talk like old learned people, but your thinking is like children's thinking. Since you are only a child, you are not understanding your good or bad. I am Swaamee of Tri-Lok and I can give you all Dweep and many other things, and you have asked me for only three feet land? You are not an intelligent person. Whosoever comes to me to ask for anything he should not need that thing for his whole life, so think again, whatever land you need for your life, ask me for it."

Bhagavaan Vaaman said - "Hey Raajan, All the pleasures of the world are not enough to fulfill one man's desires, if he cannot control his Indriyaan. Whoever is not satisfied with three feet land, he cannot be satisfied even with a Dweep with nine Varsh also, because he will still be desiring for seven Dweep. I have heard that Gaya, Prithu etc were the kings of seven Dweep, still they were not satisfied with that. Dissatisfaction from getting enough pleasures is the cause of getting into the cycle of birth and death, therefore whatever is available, one should be satisfied with that. It takes you towards Mukti (salvation). There is no doubt that you can give people their desired things but I ask only for three feet land."

Raajaa Bali smiled and said - "OK, As you wish" and he picked the water pot to read Sankalp for three feet land. Shukraachaarya Jee knew everything. When he saw that Bali was ready to give three feet land to that Braahman child, he said to him - "Bali, What are you doing? He is not a Braahman child, He is Vishnu Himself. He has taken this Avataar in Kashyap and Aditi's house to favor Devtaa. He will take your everything and give it to Indra. You don't know this and you have vowed to give Him alms? He will measure all three Lok with His three feet. When you have given everything to Him, how will you live? He will measure Prithvi with one foot Swarg with another foot and His huge body will cover the whole sky, then where He will keep His third foot? Then you will not be able to fulfill your promise and you will have to go to Narak. Learned people do not admire that alms which does not leave anything to live up on. Who divides his wealth in five parts - some for Dharm, some for Yash (fame), some for investment, some for pleasures and some for his own people, only he lives happily in this Lok and Par-Lok (other world).

If you are scared of breaking of your promise, then I can tell you some Shruti from Ved - "Accepting to give something to somebody is truth, and not accepting is a lie. This body is like a tree and truth is like its flowers and fruits. But if the tree is not there, then where the flowers and fruits will come from? Because refusing, means not giving his thing to anybody, this is the root of the body tree. As without root, a tree cannot stand and falls down, in the same way giving away the wealth dries the life. "Yes I will give" this sentence keeps away the wealth, then even its pronouncement makes one empty of wealth. But one should not do this at all times because who refuses all the things to all the people, he is defamed. That man is like a dead man in spite being a living person. To tell lie to please women, in joke, in marriages, admiring a marriageable girl, to protect one's livelihood, to save one's life, for the good of cow and Braahman, to save somebody from death, is not so bad."



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