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Chapters 13-14



13-Description of the Future Seven Manvantar

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Vivaswaan's son Shraaddh Dev is the Seventh Manu and this present Manvantar is his working period. Vaivaswat Manu has 10 sons - Ikshwaaku, Nabhag, Dhrisht, Sharyaati, Narishyant, Naabhaag, Disht, Karoosh, Prashadhra and Vasumaan. Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Vishwadev, Marud Gan, Aswinee Kumaar and Ribhu are the chief Gan of Devtaa, and Purandar is their Indra. Kashyap, Atri, Vashishth, Vishwaamitra, Gautam, Jamadagni and Bharadwaaj are Sapt Rishi. In this Manvantar also Bhagavaan has taken Avataar as Kashyap and Aditi's son - Vaaman Avataar - as the youngest brother of Aaditya brothers. This was the brief description of Seventh Manvantar.

Now I describe the seven future Manvantar. I have already told you [Skandh 6/3] that Vivaswaan (Soorya Bhagavaan) had two wives - Sangyaa and Chhaayaa. Both were the daughters of Vishwakarmaa. Sangyaa gave birth to three children - Yam, Yamee and Shraaddh Dev. Chhayaa also had three children - Saavarni (later appointed as Manu), Shanaishchar and Tapatee. Tapatee was married to Sanvaran. Then Sangyaa took the form of a Badavaa (mare) and had two sons more - Ashwinee Kumaar. 

So the 8th Manu will be Saavarni in 8th Manvantar. His sons will be Nirmoke, Virajask etc. At that time Sutapaa, Virajaa and Amritprabh will be Dev Gan. Virochan's son Bali will be their Indra. He is the same Bali from whom Vishnu asked for three feet land, and gave all the three Lok to Indra. Later He gave Sutal Lok, better than the Swarg Lok, to Bali. So later, in the 8th Manvantar, he will become Indra and will even leave the status of Indra and will achieve Param Siddhi. Gaalav, Deeptimaan, Parashuraam, Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaachaarya, Rishyashring and my father Vyaas Jee will be Sapt Rishi. At present they all are living in their Aashram. Devguhya's wife Saraswatee will give birth to Saarvbhaum Avataar. He will take Swarg from Indra and give it to Bali.

The 9th Manu will be Varun's son Daksh Saavarni. Bhootketu, Deeptketu etc will be his sons. Paar, Mareechgarbh etc will be Dev Gan and Adbhut will be Indra. Dyutimaan etc will be Sapt Rishi. Aayushmaan's wife Ambudhaaraa will give birth to Ansh Avataar Rishabh. Adbhut Indra will enjoy Tri-Lok given by Him only.

The 10th Manu will be Upashlok's son Brahm Saavarni. He will be very qualitative. Bhoorishen etc will be his sons. Havishmaan, Sukriti, Satya, Jaya, Moorti etc. will be Sapt Rishi. Suvaasan, Viruddh etc will be Dev Gan and Shambhu will be Indra. Vishwasrij's wife Vishoochi will give birth to Vishwaksen Ansh Avataar, and He will join Shambhu Indra.

The 11th Manu will be Dharm Saavarni. He will have a good control on himself. He will have Satya, Dharm etc 10 sons. Vihangam, Kaamgam, Nirvaanruchi etc will be Dev Gan. Arun etc will be Sapt Rishi and Vaidhrat will be Indra. Aaryak's wife Vaidhrataa will give birth to Dharmsetu Ansh Avataar and He will protect Tri-Lok in the same Roop (form).

The 12th Manu will be Rudra Saavarni. Devvaan, Upadev and Devshreshth etc will be his sons. Ritdhaamaa will be Indra and Harit etc. will be Dev Gan. Tapomoorti, Tapaswee, Aagneedhrak etc will be Sapt Rishi. Satyasahaa's wife Soonritaa will give birth to Swadhaam Ansh Avataar and He will maintain the Manvantar.

The 13th Manu will be Dev Saavarni. Chitrasen, Vichitra etc will be his sons. Sukarm and Sutraam etc will be Dev Gan and Divaspati will be Indra. Nirmoke, Tatvadarsh etc will be Sapt Rishi. Devhotra's wife Brihatee will give birth to Ansh Avataar Yogeshwar and in the same form Bhagavaan will give Divaspati Indra's status.

The 14th Manu will be Indra Saavarni. Uru, Gambheerbuddhi etc will be his sons. Pavitra, Chaakshush etc will be Dev Gan and Shuchi will be Indra. Agni, Baahu, Shuchi, Shuddh, Maagadh etc will be Sapt Rishi. Satraayan's wife Vitaana will give birth to Brihabhdaanu Avataar and He will spread Karm Kaand.

Hey Pareekshit, These 14 Manvantar continue like this in past, present and future. 1,000 Chatur-Yug Kalp is counted by them only.

14-Manu's Job Description

Raajaa Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, What do these Manu, Sapt Rishi etc do in their Manvantar? And who appoints them?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Manu, his sons, Sapt Rishi and Devtaa all are appointed by Bhagavaan. Whosoever Avataar I have mentioned to you, the same Avataar will guide them to manage this world. In the end of a Chatur-Yug period when Shruti are forgotten, Sapt Rishi bring them into light with their Tap and those Shruti protect Sanaatan Dharm. Manu helps people to follow their Dharm. And sons of Manu divide the Kaal and Desh and maintain their people and Dharm. Devtaa accept the share offered to them in Panch Mahaa-Yagya and enjoy the wealth of Tri-Lok provided by Indra. They make sure that world gets enough rains. Bhagavaan appears in the form of Sanak etc Muni to spread knowledge, in the form of Yaagyavalkya etc Rishi to do Karm, and in the form of Dattaatreya to do Yog. Bhagavaan populates the world in the form of Mareechi etc Prajaapati.



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