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Chapters 8-11

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8-Saving Pareekshit in Womb

Soot Jee said - "After doing Tarpan for their dead people in Gangaa River and consoled by Krishn and Dhaumya Rishi etc, Paandav came back to Hastinaapur. Thus Krishn got Yudhishthir's kingdom back from wicked people, got those people killed who touched Draupadee's hair, and made Yudhishthir to do three Ashwamedh Yagya. Then Shree Krishn asked his permission to go to Dwaarakaa. He was about to ride His chariot with Saatyaki and Uddhav Jee, that He saw Uttaraa rushing towards Him. She said - "Please protect me from this iron arrow. It has been coming towards me. At least protect my womb from this." Shree Krishn understood that Ashwatthaamaa has used Brahm Astra to destroy Paandav's Vansh (lineage). He saw five arrows coming towards Paandav also. Because Brahmaastra is Amogh (which does not miss its aim), so Krishn had to use His Maayaa to guard her womb. As it came near the womb it became calm. Then He rode on His chariot to go to Dwaarakaa. 

Then Kuntee prayed Him and requested Him to stay back for some time more, so He stayed back. Raajaa Yudhishthir was very sad after killing all his relatives and so many people. Krishn tried His best to console him telling past incidents but he was not at peace. He always thought that he had killed 18 Akshauhinee army just for his own sake and he could not be free from Narak (Hell) even after taking hundreds of births. Although it is said that if a King kills people for the good of his people then he is not considered sinful, but still he was not at peace.

9-Yudhishthir and Others Go to Bheeshm

So Yudhishthir, along with his brothers, Dhaumya Rishi and Ved Vyaas Jee, went to Kuru Kshetra to see Bheeshm to learn knowledge from him. Bheeshm was waiting for Uttaraayan Kaal to leave his body. Bheeshm welcomed them and said - "It is a very sad affair that in spite of being on the path of Dharm, you had to tolerate all this A-dharm. When Paandu died, you were very young. At that time also you had to face many troubles. I think all this has happened because of Krishn only. Otherwise how can anyone be troubled where Yudhishthir, Bheemsen, Arjun and Krishn Himself are there to protect them? Nobody knows when Krishn wants to do what in the form of Kaal.

Krishn is Naaraayan Himself. He is just doing His work hiding in Yadu Vansh. Only Bhagavaan Shankar, Devarshi Naarad and Bhagavaan Kapil know about Him. To whom you think that He is your cousin, to whom you have not hesitated to appoint as your minister, messenger and even Saarathee (charioteer), He is Paramaatmaa Himself. That is why He is so kind to everybody, even to me by coming here when I am going to leave my body. But now you rule your kingdom with Dharm. Krishn should wait here until I die."

Then many people asked Bheeshm many questions and Bheeshm replied all of them and taught them many useful things. In the meantime the Uttaraayan period also approached, so Bheeshm meditated on Krishn and prayed to Him and got united with Shree Krishn. Yudhishthir did his last rites. Then all came back to Hastinaapur and Yudhishthir consoled his elder uncle and aunt Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree and started ruling Prithvi according to Dharm.

10-Shree Krishn Goes to Dwaarakaa

Krishn stayed there in Hastinaapur for several months. Then He left for Dwaarkaa. Yudhishthir came a long way to see Him off. Saatyaki and Uddhav Jee etc accompanied Krishn to Dwaarakaa. Looking at Him, women of Hastinaapur were talking like this - "Listen, He is the person who still exists at the time of Pralaya. At that time, when even three Gun do not exist, this person exists. All powers are absorbed in Him. This person is Him." Krishn came to Dwaarkaa in the West of Sauveer and Aameer regions crossing Kurujaangal, Paanchaal, Brahmaavart (near the bank of Yamunaa), Kuru Kshetra, Matsya, Saaraswat and Marudhanv Pradesh. In the evening He used to dismount from His chariot and do Sandhyaa etc at a pond.

11-Dwaarakaa Welcomes Shree Krishn

Soot Jee said - "As Krishn arrived in His Aanart Desh, He blew His Paanchjanya conch. All came out of their houses to welcome Him. Vasudev, Akroor Jee, Ugrasen, Balaraam, Pradyumn, Chaarudeshn, and the son of Jaambvatee - Saamb, all came to welcome Shree Krishn with an elephant. Krishn respected everybody and satisfied them with their desired Var. First of all He went to His parents' palace. There He greeted to all His seven mothers. Then He went to His own palace in which His 16,000 queens were waiting for Him. When movable by nature Lakshmee does not leave Him even for one moment, how can anyone else be satisfied with His company? His wives lived in separate palaces there but Krishn was with everybody every time.



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