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Chapter 5-7

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5-Naarad Jee's Previous Life

Naarad Jee asked Vyaas Jee - "Hey Muni, Why do you look so sad?" Vyaas Jee said - "Naarad Jee, I have written so many books, but I am not satisfied with my books. What can be the reason? You are very knowledgeable, that is why I am asking its reason from you only. I have known both Par-Brahm and Shabd-Brahm still I feel something lacking in me, tell me what is that?" Naarad Jee said - "Vyaas Jee, You have written many books, but you have not described the glory of Shree Bhagavaan. Anything that does not please Bhagavaan, that Shaastra or knowledge is incomplete. I know that you have explained Dharm etc very well in those books, but you have not described the glory of Shree Krishn. Hey Muni,  Now you listen to my previous life story.

In previous Kalp, in my previous life I was the son of a maid-servant of a Braahman. From my childhood I was assigned to his service. Although I was a child, but I did not do any childish act, did not play here and there and obeyed that Rishi sincerely, rather I listened to Shree Krishn Kathaa very attentively through which I was attracted to Shree Bhagavaan. And because of this my all sins were washed away. That Muni delivered knowledge to me. So you also describe the Krishn Leela. There is no other way to get peace except this."

6-Naarad Jee's Previous Life (contd)

Vyaas Jee asked - "After the Muni had left what did you do, Naarad Jee? How did you pass your time and how could you remember all this after your death because Kaal destroys everything." Naarad Jee said - "Once a snake bit my mother and she died. Then I was free and went to North and started meditating on Paramaatmaa's Swaroop which Muni had described to me before. Gradually that Swaroop appeared in my heart. It was beautiful, but suddenly it disappeared. I tried to see it again but it did not appear again. Then I heard His voice - "You will not be able to see me again in this life. I showed you my Swaroop to create the desire to see it again." Then I started meditation on His names and Swaroop and waited for my death. One day it came and I left my that physical body.

In the end of the Kalp when Naaraayan rests in the sea and Brahmaa entered His mouth with all His Lok, I also entered Brahmaa's body with his breath. After 1,000 Chatur-yug (one Kalp), when Brahmaa Jee woke up and desired to create the world then I also came out from his Indriya along with other Rishi. Since then I sing His praise on my Veenaa (an Indian string instrument to play music). This gives me a great pleasure." After this Naarad Jee went away.

7-Paandav Perform Last Rites of Their Sons

Shree Shaunak Jee asked - "After Naarad Jee went away, what did Vyaas Jee do?" Soot Jee Said - "Maharshi Vyaas then came to Shamyaapraas Aashram on the bank of the Saraswatee River and wrote Shree Mad-Bhaagvat Jee. He taught it to his son Shuk Dev Jee. Now you listen to the account of birth of Pareekshit Jee, Karm, Moksh and Paandav's going to Swarg because from this point account of Shree Krishn originates.

In Mahaabhaarat war, when many people had died from both sides, Paandav and Kaurav, Bheem had broken the thigh of Duryodhan, and Ashwatthaamaa brought Draupadee's five sons' heads instead of Paandav's heads to Duryodhan by mistake, and Draupadee cried and cried. Arjun said - "Dear Draupadee,  Don't cry. I will wipe your tears only after bringing the head of Ashwatthaamaa to you and you will take bath putting your foot on it after the last rites of your sons." So he with his Saarathee Shree Krishn, rushed after Ashwatthaamaa.

Ashwatthaamaa was also sad with this mistake. When he saw Arjun coming after him, he also starting running away from him. After some time he found that he could run no more, so he aimed his Brahm Astra towards Arjun. He knew how to release it but he did not know how to call it back. So a strange kind of light appeared in all directions and his Brahm Astra headed towards Arjun. Arjun asked Shree Krishn about this light as what it was and what caused it. Krishn said - "Arjun, this is Brahm Astra used by Ashwatthaamaa, but he does not know how to call it back, and no other weapon can face it, so you also use Brahm Astra." So he did.

Now two lights were heading towards one another and ultimately they collided. The heat of the collision was so much that it started burning Tri-Lok. All considered it Samvartak Agni (Pralaya Fire) of Pralaya Kaal (deluge). So with the permission of Shree Krishn, Arjun got both of them back. Although Shree Krishn instigated him to kill Ashwatthaamaa but Arjun did not kill him as he was his Guru's son.

He took him to Draupadee tied like an animal. Draupadee's heart filled with kindness, she greeted him and  freed him, considering him as Guru's son and a Braahman. Yudhishthir, Nakul, Sahadev, Saatyaki, Arjun and even Krishn Himself supported Draupadee's decision but Bheem did not. He said - "Who has killed sleeping children neither for himself, nor for his King, but without any purpose, such a man must be killed." Then Shree Krishn said to Arjun smilingly - "I Myself have said in Shaastra that even fallen Braahman should not be killed, while an Aatataayee should be killed. So you obey my both orders." Arjun understood it immediately and he took out the gem studded in Ashwatthaamaa's forehead. They untied him and sent him out of the camp. Shaving one's head, robbing one's wealth, and exiling one out of his place, all are like killing a Braahman. There is no other rule for their punishment. Paandav and Draupadee were very sad because of their sons' killing, they did the last rites of their sons."



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