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4-Chaturthee Vrat

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4-Chaturthee Vrat-4th Day Vrat
From    Bhavishya Puraan 1/8

There are several Chaturthee's Vrat :---

Chaturthee on Tuesday - Angaarak Chaturthee
If one worships Ganesh on a Chaturthee fallen on Tuesday, he gets everything.

Shukla Chaturthee on Tuesday - Sukhaa Chaturthee
Shukla Chaturthee of any month which falls on Tuesday (Bhaumvaar), is called "Sukhaa" Chaturthee. This gives Saubhaagya, beauty and comfort to women. By the unification of Shiv and Paarvatee's Tej (powers), Mangal (Mars) was born to Prithvi. Because of being son of Bhoomi, he was called Bhaum and got famous with the names of Kuj, Rakt, Veer, Angaarak etc names. This protects body parts and bestows good fortune. Who keeps fast on this Sukhaa Chaturthee, and worships first Ganesh Jee then Mangal, he or she gets good fortune and beauty.

Ganesh Chauth

Krishn Chaturthee - Sankathaaraa Chaturthee
This Vrat, on every Krishn Chaturthee, is performed for Ganesh Jee to alleviate all problems. You can perform this Vrat for one time or making a Sankalpa to do for 3, 5, or 7 times. It is said that number 3 is dearer to Ganesh and hence 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or 21 are usually preferred. However, we can take a vow to do what ever number of times i.e, Chaturthee we feel like doing.

Chaitra Shukla Chaturthee
One should worship Ganesh with Damanak flowers.

Bhaadrapad Shukla Chaturthee - Ganesh Chaturthee
Ganesh Chaturthee Vrat is given in Agni Puraan, 20 also. Who keeps fast on Shukla Chaturthee and worships Ganesh, his all wishes are fulfilled. When Ganesh is pleased with somebody everybody is happy with him, therefore one should worship Ganesh Jee. One should do Ganesh Gaayatree Mantra Jaap. Chaturthee in Shukla Paksh of Bhaadrapad month is Ganesh Chaturthee. One should keep fast and eat and donate Til (sesame seeds) on this day after worshipping Ganesh Jee.

Bhaadrapad Shukla Chaturthee - Shivaa Chaturthee
Shukla Chaturthee of Bhaadrapad month is called "Shivaa" Chaturthee. Whatever Snaan, Daan, Tap, fast is done on this day, it becomes hundredfold by the grace of Ganesh Jee. One should donate Ghee, jaggery, salt on this day; and feed Braahman with jaggery Pooaa and worship him/them. Whoever woman feeds her mother-in-law and father-in-law jaggeery Pooaa and salty Pooaa, she becomes Saubhaagyavatee. Who desires for a husband, she should especially observe this Chaturthee and worship Ganesh Jee.

Maagh Krishn Chaturthee - Sakat Chauth
People observe this day, Sakat Chauth Kathaa (Sankat Chaturthee), a fast for Ganesh Jee to alleviate their all afflictions. Sometimes people observe this fast on every month Krishn Chaturthee.

Maagh Shukla Chaturthee - Shaantaa Chaturthee
Shukla Chaturthee of Maagh month is called "Shaantaa" Chaturthee. This gives peace all the time that is why it is called Shaantaa Chaturthee. All Punya done on this day are multiplied by thousand fold by the grace of Ganesh Jee. One should donate salt, jaggery, vegetables and jaggry Pooaa to Braahman and worship Ganesh Jee. Women should worship their mother-in-law and father-in-law and other respectable people and feed them. This Vrat gives them Subhaagya, grace of Ganesh Jee and they do not face any obstacle anywhere.

Phaalgun Shukla Chaturthee - A-Vighnaa Chaturthee
Phaalgun Shukla Chaturthee - one should eat only in the night this day.



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