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Sarg 18-Raavan Defeats Raajaa Marut

Agastya Muni further said - "Hey Raam, When Vedvatee burned herself, Raavan came to Usheerbeej country. Raajaa Marut was doing Yagya there with Devtaa. Brahmarshi Samvart was administering the Yagya. Seeing Raavan there Devtaa immediately changed into Tiryak Yoni (animals species). Indra, Dharm Raaj, Kuber and Varun changed themselves to peacock, crow, chameleon and swan.

Raavan said to Marut in Yagyashaalaa (where Yagya was taking place) - "Either you accept your defeat or fight with me." Marut asked - "But who are you?" Raavan said - "Don't you know me? I am Kuber's younger brother. Trilok trembles from my name. I have got this Vimaan after winning Kuber." Marut asked - "Do you think that you have done a good thing to win your elder brother? Remember, nobody gets admiration doing A-Dharm. Well, you stand here, you will not be able to go alive from here. You will get the result of A-Dharm."

After having said thus, when Marut got ready to fight, then Samvart Muni said affectionately - "Hey Raajan, You are doing Maheshwar Yagya. It is not proper to fight at this time. Who has been initiated into Yagya, he should not be angry and he should not fight. Besides Raavan is very mighty. It is impossible to win him in war." Obeying Muni, Marut kept his bow and arrow and started doing his Yagya. At that time Shuk said happily - "Raavan has won." So Hey Raam, When Raakshas couldn't quench their thirst with the blood of Rishi present there, they proceeded on their way.

After they left, Devtaa came into their own form. Indra pleased with peacock gave it a Var - "Now you will not have any fear from snakes and your back wings which are only blue till now, will have thousands of eyes form now on and you will be very happy to see rains." Dharm Raaj said to crow - "I, pleased with you, give this Var to you that you will never suffer from any disease and you will never have any fear from death until somebody kills you for the purpose to feed their dead, and then only those dead will be satisfied."

Varun said to swan - "From today your body's beauty will be very attractive. Your color will be as white as moon. You will always be happy and this will be the mark of our happiness." Hey Raghu Nandan (son of Raghu), Before swan's wings were blue and the lower part was of greenish color. In the end Kuber said to chameleon - "I give you golden color. This will be the mark of our happiness. Your head will always shine like gold." Thus after giving Var to different birds all Devtaa went to their Lok.

Sarg 19-Raavan Bags Anaranya's Shaap

After winning Marut, Raavan started winning other kings. Even the great kings had to accept had to accept defeat from him. Because of the Vardaan, Raavan used to say to kings - "Either accept the defeat or fight with me." Dushyant, Surath, Gaadhi, Gayaa, Pururavaa etc mighty and intelligent kings had to accept the defeat considering Raavan very mighty because of Vardaan.

After that Raavan came to Ayodhyaa. At that time there was the rule of a very mighty king like Purandar (another name of Indra) named Anaranya. Raavan said the same thing to him also. Anaranya got very angry to hear that, he said - "O evil soul, I will see you in the battlefield." Anaranya took 10,000 elephants,100,000 horses and thousands of chariots and innumerable soldiers and got ready to fight. A fierce fight took place between Anrany's army and Raakshas. But Hey Raam, Raajaa Anaranya's army started disappearing very soon. Seeing his army destroying, Anaranya himself came to fight with Raavan. Maareech, Prahast etc ran away from the battlefield seeing the skilful warfare of Anaranya.

Anaranya shot 800 arrows at Raavan, but Raavan was unhurt. Then Raavan slapped the king on his head. The king shook and fell down. Raavan said - "You have invited your death by not saying "I am defeated". You must have been busy in enjoying pleasures that is why you did not hear about my powers which are already well-known in Tri-Lok. If you had heard about it, you could not have dared to fight with me."

Anaranya said - "O boasting evil Raavan, I am losing my life, what can I do at this time? I am not defeated, nor I have run away from the battlefield. But my Kaal (death) has come now that is why I am leaving my body. I have not defamed Ikshwaaku Vansh that is why I am going satisfied. But I give you Shaap that Raam will be born to Dasharath in Ikshwaaku Vansh to kill you. If I have given any charity, done any Yagya, Tapasyaa and good Karm then my words will be true." So Hey Raam, Anaranya left the body after giving Shaap to Raavan."

Sarg 20-Naarad Advices Raavan to Win Yam Raaj

Agastya Muni furthr said - "When Raavan was wandering on Prithvi torturing people, he saw Naarad Jee going by skyway. Raavan greeted him, asked his welfare and expressed his desire to know about the purpose of his coming." Naarad Jee said - "Hey Raakshas, I am very pleased with your might. I am as happy now seeing you defeating Gandharv, Naag etc as I was happy when Vishnu defeated Raakshas. But I feel my duty to tell you something.

Why are you killing these innocent people. When even Devtaa cannot touch you then these human beings are nothing for you. These humans are already suffer from old age, various diseases etc and other types of grieves. Therefore what is the use of killing these already dead people? Do not kill these people who are already afflicted with sadness, love, hunger, thirst. You have already won Mrityu Lok, now you should win Yam Raaj. If you will win Yam Raaj you will automatically defeat all living beings." Raavan said - "Hey Naarad, You are right, but at this time I am going to Rasaatal to win Naag, later I will win Devtaa and Trilok and then we will churn the sea to extract Amrit." Naarad said - "Why don't you go to Rasaatal via Yampur?" Raavan said, "As you advice. So now I go to Yampur and kill Yam Raaj who trouble all living beings." Saying thus Raavan headed towards Yam Puree in south with his ministers.

Devarshi Naarad thought that, "how Raavan can win Yam Raaj who troubles everybody in the world including Indra, who has won Trilok, who is the witness of donation and Punya like second Agni, at the end of the age. How Raavan can win such Yam Raaj. This fight will be a spectacular scene, so let me go and see that. Then we will think what Raavan does later".

Sarg 21-Raavan Goes to Fight With Yam Raaj

After encouraging Raavan to fight with Yam Raaj, Naarad Jee came to Yam Pur and said to Yam Raaj - "Hey Mahaaraaj, Dashgreev named Raakshas has become very powerful and is coming to defeat you. I have come to inform you about this immediately." As Naarad Muni was saying this to Yam Raaj that Raavan's Pushpak Vimaan landed before Yam Raaj. Raavan saw from Vimaan that all creatures were bearing the results of their Karm, somebody was crying, somebody was bitten away by dogs, some were drowned in the blood and Vaitarnee River, some were heated by fire and Dharmaatmaa (religious) people were living in clean houses with beautiful women.

Seeing this Raavan freed those creatures who were in pain. Yam Doot (emissaries) got angry and attacked Pushpak Vimaan. This was enough to break in war. Both armies started killing each other. Both, Prahast and Raavan, got wounded. Raavan's armor was broken. He fell down from the Vimaan. Then he aimed Paashupati Astra on his bow and shot it at Yam's emissaries. It headed towards them burning all trees on its way. It burned Yam's all Doot.






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