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Sarg 22-Raavan Wins Yam, Daitya, and Varun

Seeing his Doot burned, Yam Raaj understood that he is defeated. So he angrily said to his Saarathee (charioteer) to bring his chariot. Saarathee immediately brought a divine chariot. Yam Raaj climbed on it. Death also sat in front carrying a Mudgad. Kaal Dand (staff of Kaal ie time) also sat beside Yam Raaj. Seeing Yam Raaj sitting like this all Devtaa and Tri-Lok trembled in fear.

Saarathee brought the chariot in the battlefield. Seeing that horrible chariot and Death sitting on it, Raavan's ministers ran away, but Raavan was not afraid at all and got ready to fight. Yam Raaj used Power, Tomar etc to hurt Raavan. Yam Raaj released hundreds of Great Powers (Mahaa Shakti) on Raavan. Raavan couldn't tolerate so many powers and fell on the ground unconscious. He lay unconscious for seven days. After gaining the consciousness he again started fighting.

Devtaa, Gandharv and Muni also came along with Brahmaa to see this fight of Raavan and Yam Raaj. Both didn't want to move back from the battlefield. Raavan pierced the chests of Death from four arrows, Saarathee from seven arrows and Yam Raaj from 10,000 arrows. Seeing this Yam Raaj spit out flames from his mouth. Then Death (Mrityu) said - "Give me permission so that I can kill this evil Raakshas in one moment. I can kill even great mighty people then who is he? When I can kill Hiranyakashyap, Namuchi, Dhoomraketu, Vritraasur, Baanaasur etc many Daanav, Raajarshi, rivers, trees even this Prithvi then what is Raavan? He cannot escape."

"You stay back, I will kill him myself" saying thus to Death, Yam Raaj picked his Kaal Dand. Kaal Dand started killing Raakshas along with Raavan. Seeing this Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Dharm Raaj, We have given him Var. If your Kaal Dand will kill him then our word will prove lie. This Kaal Dand is very terrible. It doesn't see anything, dear or enemy, it just destroys away everything. We have created it to destroy Tri-Lok, so you should do the same which doesn't prove us lie. Therefore don't aim it at Raavan. [Because in either case we will be proved a liar] If Raavan was killed by Kaal Dand then we will be proved wrong because we have given Var to Raavan, or if he  couldn't be killed by Kaal Dand, then also we will be proved wrong as we have given Var to Kaal Dand that it would kill everybody regardless of friend or foe. Therefore to prove us true don't use Kaal Dand on him."

Dharm Raaj said to Brahmaa Jee - "O Creator of the universe and Swaamee of Tri-Lok, By your order, I keep my Kaal Dand back. When he is infallible because of your Vardaan, then it is useless to fight with him." And Yam Raaj disappeared from there. Raavan cried happily - "Yam Raaj is defeated" and Naarad Jee went away from there.

Now Raavan headed towards Rasaatal to win Naag and Daitya via sea. There he hoisted his flag in Bhogvatee Nagaree of Vaasuki Naag and headed towards Manimayee Puree. There lived such Daitya who were blessed  by Brahmaa Jee. Raavan challenged those Daitya and the fight started.

Hey Raam, This fight continued for one year but nobody got defeated, then Brahmaa Jee again intervened and said to Daitya - "Raavan cannot be defeated by Devtaa or Daitya in war, therefore you be friend. This is the only best way for you." So by the order of Brahmaa Jee Daitya and Raavan became friends witnessed by Agni. Both were happy with the friendship and Raavan stayed there respectfully for one year as he lived in his own house. There he learned 100 types of Maayaa (illusions) from Daitya.

Then Raavan went in search of Varun Puree. On the way he saw Ashm Nagar. There lived Kaal Keya of Kraalakaa species. He defeated them and killed Shoorpankhaa's husband and his own brother-in-law Vidyujivhaa.

Then he came to Kailaash Parvat and Varun's city. He was very surprised to see Ksheer Saagar from which Chandramaa is born and saw Surabhi cow whose milk is collected in Ksheer Samudra. He circumambulated Surabhi and entered Varun's Nagaree. There he defeated Varun's army chiefs badly and said to them - "Go and tell Varun that either he should fight with me or say "I am defeated".

In reply of this message Varun's sons, grandsons and army chiefs came out to fight riding on there chariots. Raavan's ministers pushed them back in a few moments. Although they fought very bravely, but couldn't face Raavan's fierce arrows and went to sky. Then the fight took place between Raavan and Varun's sons in sky.  Varun's sons showered arrows on Raavan from there. Seeing that shower, Raavan's minister Mahodar hit them with his Gadaa so they all fell down on Prithvi along with their Saarathee, horses and chariots.

Varun's sons did not get disappointed even after falling down. they stood in the sky and again started showering arrows on Raavan. Raavan used several types of weapons and afflicted them. This time they couldn't tolerate and fell on the ground from where their servants carried them away. When their servants were carrying them, Raavan challenged them too. Then Prahaas named minister said - "Hey Raavan, Varun has gone to Brahm Lok to listen to music otherwise he would have have surely fought with you. You have defeated his sons in his absence, now why do you challenge us uselessly? Go, You won." Hearing this Raavan went away to Lankaa happily.



It is similar to baseball bat, but little smaller and thicker.

The three worlds - Swarg Lok, Bhoo Lok and Paataal Lok.







All these were great Raakshas who were killed by Naaraayan





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