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Page 18: Sarg 44-46

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Sarg 44-Angad Defeats Meghnaad

As the night fell, so the night war started among them. It was very dark so monkeys ask one another "Are you a Raakshas?" and Raakshas ask "Are you a monkey?" Thus they started beating, hitting, and killing each other. "Kill him", "Cut him", "Where do you run", "Come here" etc sounds were echoing. Wearing gold armors Raakshas looked like mountains with herbs.

Mighty monkeys disturbed Raakshas army. They were pulling flags from elephants, chariots and break them with their teeth. Raam and Lakshman killed many visible and non-visible Raakshas. Horses and elephants were making strange kind of noises. Raakshas were happier in dark so they started coming towards Raam. Raam shot 6 arrows and killed 6 Raakshas - Yagyashatru, Durdharsh, Mahaapaarshwa, Mahodar, Vajradanshtra, Mahaakaaya, Shuk and Saaran, These fiery arrows not only killed 6 Raakshas but also killed the Raakshas standing around them.

Angad killed Indrajeet's Saarathee and horses so Indrajeet had to hide himself. Raam, Lakshman, Devtaa Rishi etc praised Angad for his this brave action while Indrajeet got very angry with Angad on this situation. He started shooting arrows from hiding. Indrajeet was fighting with Raam and Lakshman. He tied both of them with Naag Paash and shot snake arrows at them. When he could not catch them in his visible state, he tied them with cheating.

Sarg 45-Meghnaad Ties Raam and Lakshman With Naag Paash

Then Raam ordered His 10 army chiefs to find out Indrajeet. Sushen's two sons, Neel, Angad, Sharabh, Dwivid, Hanumaan, Saamuprasth, and Rishbh Skandh uprooted many trees and flew in the sky to find out him. Indrajeet used Brahmaastra and stopped them going up. Monkeys got wounded and could not see anything. Thus Indrajeet started piercing bodies of all monkeys being invisible. He pierced Raam and Lakshman's bodies also badly with his arrows.

Invisible Indrajeet said - "When I fight being invisible then even Indra cannot see me, how can you see me?" Then he tied them with his Hawk (Cheel) arrows and said - "Now I send you to Yam Lok." He shot hundred of arrows at Raam and Lakshman and roared with happiness. He again shot many arrows at Raam and Lakshman. They could not see anything for a moment and fell down on the ground. There was no place left on their body without arrow.

Indrajeet used fast going, gold tailed and beautiful headed Naaraach, Ardh Naaraach, Bhalla, Anjilik, Vatsadant, Sinhdanshtra, and Shur named arrows at Raam and Lakshman. Raam could not hold bow any more and fell down. Lakshman got very sad seeing Raam falling like this and started weeping. Hanumaan and other monkeys also gathered there, and everybody got very sad.

Sarg 46-Meghnaad Comes Back to Lankaa

Then came Sugreev and Vibheeshan, Nal, Neel, Dwivid, Maind, Sushen, Kumud, Angad. All gathered there and saw Raam and Lakshman lying on the ground. They all were weeping. Monkeys were looking all around to see Indrajeet but he was nowhere to be seen. Indraajeet got invisible by Apratibhat and Apratikarmaa Maayaa. Then Vibheeshan use his own Maayaa and saw Indrajeet standing just before him. He was very happy to see Raam and Lakshman lying on the ground.

He was saying - "These mighty Raam and Lakshman who killed Khar and Dooshan, are lying like dead today on the ground stricken with my arrows. Even Rishi, Devtaa and Raakshas, all together cannot free them. For whoever my father cannot sleep at nights and nights, I have eliminated the same source of all troubles. Raam, Lakshman and all monkeys' bravery was useless." And he started killing other monkeys in front of other Raakshas. he shot 9 arrows at Neel, 3 arrows each at Mayand and Dwivid. He shot one arrow at the heart of Jaambvaan and 10 arrows at Hanumaan, 2 arrows each at Sharabh and Gavaaksh. He pierced the body of Angad with several arrows very fast.

Then he said again - "See, I have tied both brothers with my arrows. Come and see, O all Raakshas." All Raakshas thought that Raam was killed so they got very happy, praised Indrajeet and made loud roars. Indrajeet himself entered Lankaa very happy.

Sugreev got frightened to see arrows in all parts of Raam's body. Vibheeshan was also scared, he said to Sugreev crying - "Do not be so scared, do not cry. Wars are often like that. Here the victory is not easy. If we will be fortunate then these brave will get up soon. Save yourself and me. Who love Dharm do not fear death." After saying this Vibheeshan took some water in his hands, pronounced some Mantra and wiped his tears with his wet hands.

He again said - "Hey Sugreev, This time is not to become sad. You should protect them until they gain consciousness. When they will wake up then they will end our worries. Because it is not difficult for Raam to end our worries. Raam cannot die. Therefore till I organize my army, you take care of yourself and your power. See these monkeys are whispering, looking at our weeping eyes, so be all right and don't fear." Vibheeshan thus said to Sugreev and then said to his army also according to the time. Indrajeet went to his father Raavan with his army, greeted him and said - "Raam and Lakshman are killed." Immediately Raavan hugged his son and asked about it. Indrajeet described everything. Now Raavan got fearless and praised his son.




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