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6-Yuddh Kaand

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Page 19: Sarg 47-48

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Sarg 47-Seetaa Sees Maayaa Raam and Lakshman Lying on the Ground

When Indrajeet went to Lankaa, all chiefs of monkeys surrounded Raam to guard Him - Hanumaan, Angad, Neel, Sushen, Kumud, Nal, Gaj, Gavaaksh, Panas, Saanuprasth, Mahodar, Jaambvaan, Rishabh, Sund, Rambh, Shatbalee, Prithu. Carrying huge trees in their hands. they kept vigilance even for a move of a straw.

Raavan pleased with Indrajeet ordered him to go. Then he called Raakshasee who were guarding Seetaa. When they came, including Trijataa, he announced - "Raam and Lakshman are dead. Indrajeet has killed them in a fight. Tell this to Seetaa and show them to Her in Pushpak Vimaan. She was very proud of them. Now they are killed in war. Now She will come to me definitely disappointed and fearless. When She will see them dead, She will come Herself to me not finding any other way."

Raakshasee went to Pushpak Vimaan, took it along with them, went to Seetaa, made Her sit in the Vimaan and took Her around with Trijataa. Seetaa saw the monkeys' army dead, saw Raakshas enjoying and monkeys sad. She saw Raam and Lakshman lying on the bed of arrows motionless. Seeing them lying like that She started crying.

Sarg 48-Seetaa's Vilaap, Trijataa's Consolation to Her

[Seeing Raam and Lakshman lying like this] She said - "Whoever learned people forecast sons and my living with my husband throughout my life, today they all have proved wrong. Whoever told me that I would be the wife of the doer of many Yagya, that prediction has gone wrong today with the death of my Raam. Whoever princesses rule with their husband, they have lotus line in their feet, but whatever signs are there to become a widow, I don't see those signs in me, but still I am so unfortunate that even after bearing good signs, I am widow.

My hairs are of equal length, my eyebrows are not joined together, my thighs are without hair and round, my teeth are also without any space in between, my nails are round according to the roundness of my fingers, my navel is deep, my feet rest on the ground properly, I have all the auspicious signs, but all have gone wrong today.

Who killed Raakshas in Janasthaan, who crossed the huge sea easily, they were killed here. Why didn't both of them use any weapon like, Varun, Aagneya, Aindra, Vaayavya or Brahmaastra? That wicked has killed them by cheating being invisible. I know that no enemy can escape alive in front of Raam's eyes. This is not a big thing for Kaal, but Vidhaataa is very powerful. I am not sad about myself. I worry about Maa Kaushalyaa. She must always be thinking "When I will see my Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa after the 14 years are over?"

Trijataa said to crying Seetaa- "Hey Devee, You don't be sad for your husband. Your husband is alive. I tell you the correct reason of this. This Vimaan's name is Pushpak, if Raam and Lakshman had died, then it could not allow you to even board. If the leader dies then army wanders around discouraged and disappointed, but here this army is not wandering like this. They are guarding them with love, affection and faithfulness. Therefore you trust me, they are alive, and you will see them alive soon. I never lied before, nor I will lie in future, so you should take my word as true. Just see, although they are lying unconscious but they have life signs on their face. Nobody can defeat them in this war, so don't be sad for them, because they are alive."

Seetaa said - "If you are saying this then may Bhagavaan prove your words true." Trijataa brought Pushpak Vimaan back and Seetaa went to Her Ashok Vaatikaa with Her Raakshasee.





























Ashok Vaatika
A small garden full of Ashok trees. Raavan kept Seetaa here while She was in Lankaa.

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