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6-Yuddh Kaand

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Page 17: Sarg 42-43

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Sarg 42-Fighting Starts

Many Raakshas went to Raavan and told him that monkeys had surrounded Lankaa. Raavan got very angry and ordered for guarding the Gates with double strength. Then he climbed up and looked at monkeys who were ready to fight. He thought as how these monkeys would be killed. He thought for a long time and continued to look at Raam's monkeys with wide open eyes.

Raam thought of Seetaa that She would be in trouble, so He ordered monkeys to kill enemy. Monkeys were ready with their weapons - trees, rocks etc, so they started climbing on Lankaa's boundary wall. They destroyed many doors of the wall's upper part. They filled the moat with trees and rocks, grass and straws. About 1 billion (100 Crores) monkeys climbed on Lankaa and started breaking gold tops and high doors While they were doing this, they were shouting, "Victory to Raam", "Victory to Sugreev". Nal and Panas controlled the whole boundary wall and started making arrangements for staying thereby  erecting tents etc.

Kumud was holding the east Gate with 100 million (10 Crores) monkeys. Shatbalee came to hold south Gate with 200 million (20 Crores) monkeys. Taaraa's father Sushen came to west Gate. Raam, Lakshman and Sugreev were holding Northern gate. Gavaaksh stood to guard Raam with 10 million (1 Crore) monkeys. Dhoomraaksh bear also came to guard Raam with 100 million bears. Vibheeshan also came to guard Raam with his ministers. Gaj, Gavaaksh, Gavaya, Sharabh, Gandhmaadan etc were protecting other monkeys from all around.

On the other side Raavan also ordered his Raakshas to come to attack. Thousands of conch blew and Raakshas started coming to fight. The fight started between Raakshas and monkeys. It was looking like Dev-Asur Sangraam. Raakshas were using lighted Gadaa, Powers, tridents and Pharasaa to fight with monkeys. Monkeys were using rocks, trees, their nails and teeth, Raakshas were pronouncing "Victory to Raavan" and monkeys were pronouncing "Victory to Raam", "Victory to Sugreev".

Sarg 43-Dual Fights

Then Raakshas came out of the city wrapped in armor, on gold-saddled horses, on Sun-like shining chariots. Then dual fight began. Angad started fighting with Indrajeet. They were fighting as Shankar fought with Andhakaasur. Sampaati was fighting with Prajangh, and Hanumaan was fighting with Jaambmaalee. Vibheeshan was fighting with Shatrughn Raakshas. Gaj was fighting with Tapan Raakshas, Neel fought with Nikumbh Raakshas, Sugreev fought with Praghas Raakshas and Lakshman fought with Viroopaaksh Raakshas. Raam fought with Agniketu, Rashmiketu, Mitraghn and Yagyakop Raakshas. Maind was fighting with Vajramushti Raakshas and Dwivid was fighting with Ashaniprabh. Nal caught Pratapan Raakshas for fighting and Dharm's son Sushen fought with Vidyunmaalee Raakshas.

Indrajeet beat Angad with his Gadaa, Angad hit Indrajeet back with the same Gadaa to Indrajeet's chariot, Saarathee, horses. Prajangh shot three arrows at Sampaati nd wounded him, then Sampaati used Ashwakarn weapon on Prajangh. Jaambmaalee hit Hanumaan on his chest, Hanumaan climbed up on his chariot and stabbed that Raakshas and broke his chariot.

Pratapan ran towards Nal, but Nal immediately pierced his eyes. Sugreev was getting wounded from Praghas so he hit him with Saptparn tree. Lakshman killed Viroopaaksh with one arrow after shooting several arrows. Agniketu, Rashmiketu, Mitraghn, and Yagyakop made Raam angry with their arrows, so Raam cut their arrows from His four arrows. Mayand hit Vajramushti with his fist and he fell down from his chariot along with his Saarathee.

Nikumbh pierced Neel with his sharp arrows. Nikumbh again shot 100 arrows at Neel, then Neel cut Nikumbh's and his Saarathee's heads with the wheel of his chariot. Dwivid was hitting Ashaniprabh with rocks, so Ashaniprabh pierced Dwivid's body with his sharp arrows. Dwivid got angry and he killed Ashaniprabh with his Saal tree.

Vidyunmaalee Raakshas shot arrows at Sushen, Sushen hit his chariot with a large rock. Vidyunmaalee immediately stood on the ground and took out his Gadaa and hit Sushen on his chest, but then Sushen hit him (Vidyunmalee) with a large rock and killed him.

Thus brave monkeys churned the brave Raakshas very well. The battlefield was full of spears, tridents, Powers, arrows, broken chariots, dead horses, elephants, monkeys and Raakshas etc. At that time Raakshas started getting faint with the foul smell of blood and just wished for evening to fall.




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