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Page 16: Sarg 41

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Sarg 41-Preparation to Fight and Message to Raavan

Raam hugged Sugreev and said - "You did a great job without my consultation, but Raajaa shouldn't take such courageous actions. You seem to love courage, but you put us in an awkward situation by taking such a step. Never do this in future, because if you will be in some trouble then what I will do of Seetaa. Without you I don't need Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughn like brothers or even myself. I have made this up in my mind even before.

Although I knew your Indra- and Varun-like bravery and courage, still it was my decision that after killing Raavan along with his sons and army and crowning Vibheeshan in Lankaa, and handing over the kingdom to Bharat, I will end my life."

At this time Sugreev said - "I know my strength, then how could I forgive the abductor of your wife seeing him in front of me?" Raam appreciated Sugreev and said to Lakshman - "You go in the forest, divide your army and arrange them properly, because I can see the bad omens of killing Vaanar, bears and Raakshas. We should attack Raavan's guarded and dauntless Lankaa soon." Saying thus He came down soon from the peak. He looked at His army and asked them to be ready to fight. At the right time He took up His army and proceeded towards Lankaa. Vibheeshan, Sugreev, Hanumaan, Jaambvaan, Nal, Neel, Lakshman etc also followed Him. And behind them was the huge army.

Soon they arrived in Lankaa and started fighting with Raakshas. Raam and Lakshman were fighting from Lankaa's north Gate. They entered Lankaa and arrived where Raavan used to live. Nobody else was capable of entering that Gate. Mighty Raakshas were guarding it with various weapons as Varun guards his sea. It created fear in weak people's minds and was like Paataal with Raakshas.

Raam saw many types of weapons and armors of warriors. Neel along with Dwivid and Mayand was at the east Gate. Angad was holding south Gate; and Hanumaan along with Rishabh, Gavaaksh, Gaj and Gavaya was at the western Gate. Brave Sugreev along with Prajangh and Taras and other monkeys were holding the middle place. Many good Vaanar along with 360 million (36 Crores) Vaanar were with Sugreev.

By the order of Raam, Lakshman asked 10 million (1 Crore) Vaanar on each Gate. Just behind Raam were Jaambvaan and Sushen with a huge army to guard the middle section. All monkeys were ready for fight with trees, teeth, nails, rocks etc. 10 million (1 Crore) army was at Lankaa's Gate and rest were waiting all around.

Raakshas got surprised to see such a huge army of monkeys. This huge army was making so much noise that it shook Lankaa's boundary wall, Gates, forests etc. Raam ordered the army to attack, called Angad and said to him - "Hey Angad, You go by my order to Raavan and tell, "Your enemies have come in Lankaa after crossing the sea without any problem. You have committed the crime to Rishi, Devtaa, Gandharv, Apsaraa, snakes, Yagya and kings to die graceless and poor. 

Under the pride of whichever Var of Brahmaa Jee, you are boasting yourself, that whole pride of yours will be lost now, because I am going to punish you for that. You have kept my wife here, now I am here to punish you. If you will die here fighting with me you will get Swarg. Come and show me your strength on the basis of which you brought my wife. If you don't give Seetaa back then I will kill all Raakshas. Vibheeshan is here and he will get the kingdom of Lankaa. Fight with me, O Raavan, with patience. You will be pacified only by my arrows in the battlefield. Even if you will fly as a bird, then also you will not get peace in Trilok. I am telling you for your own good, that you perform your last rites now and have a look of your Lankaa, because now your life is in my control now."

Hearing thus Angad came to Raavan in a Muhoort (15-30 minutes) and saw him seated with his ministers. He also sat down with Raavan, introduced himself and told the message of Raam - "I am the messenger of Ayodhyaa's king Raam. If you have heard the name, I am Baali's son Angad. Raam has sent the message for you that you should fight with great bravery. Today I will kill you along with your sons and community, because everybody will be happy on your death. Vibheeshan will become the king after you, otherwise you return Seetaa."

Hearing this, Raavan said - "Catch this fool, and tie him." Immediately four Raakshas got up and caught Angad. To show his strength, Angad let them, and then he flew in the sky carrying all four of them. Raakshas could not tolerate the speed of Angad's flying and fell down on the ground. Angad got down on the top of Raavan's palace. The top part immediately ripped apart from the weight and speed of Angad. He again flew in the sky telling his name and came back to Raam. Raavan got very angry seeing his palace broken.

Raam got ready to fight. Sushen who could take any form he liked, got ready with other monkeys who also could take different forms according to their wish. He started wandering around Lankaa holding all of its four Gates along with his monkeys. Raakashas got surprised to see so many monkeys around. Now Raakshas were seeing a boundary wall made of monkeys. They got frightened and cried loudly. Raavan's brave Raakshas came with their weapons.








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