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Sarg 11-Raam Passes Time

Raam and Lakshman were heading further with Seetaa in between them. Raam was in front, Seetaa was in the middle and Lakshman was in the last. They crossed several forests and mountains, saw many birds and animals. The two brothers, in the company of Seetaa, saw many different mountain peaks, forests and charming rivers. They also saw cranes and ruddy geese strolling on the sandy banks of rivers, and lakes filled with lotus flowers and water fowl. There were herds of spotted deer, long-horned water buffaloes in rut, wild boars and elephants that could topple trees. After going a long distance, as the Sun was setting, they saw a delightful lake covering one Yojan. It was full of red and white lotus flowers, adorned with herds of wild elephants, and its waters were crowded with flocks of swans and other aquatic birds. In the clear waters of that lake could be heard the sound of musical instruments, though no one could be seen.

So Raam asked a Rishi, named Dharmbhrit, about this secret. Muni said - "This lake is called as "Panchapsaraa Lake" (Five Apsaraa's Lake). Maandkarnee Muni has created this pond with the power of his Tap. It is always full of water. Hey Raam, Maandkarnee Muni did Tapasyaa living in water and living on air for 10,000 years. Devtaa got worried by his Tapasyaa and thought that Muni intended to take anyone's status. So they sent five beautiful Apsaraa to destroy his Tapasyaa.

The Muni, who was such a Tapaswee that he knew what was good and what was bad, got attracted to those Apsaraa to do Devtaa's work. To fulfill Devtaa's motive they all became Muni's wives. So Muni created this place for himself and those Apsaraa to live. Those Apsaraa entertained the Muni through their singing and dancing. This sound is of their singing and dancing mingled with the sound of their ornaments." Surprising at this Raam and Lakshman agreed with that Muni.

Raam saw an Aashram which was very beautiful. They entered that Aashram and stayed there overnight. He stayed there before also. They did not stay anywhere permanently. He stayed somewhere for eight months, somewhere for four months, somewhere for more than a month etc. 

Thus 10 years passed wandering in these Aashram. [See "Period of Exile"] Then Raam came back to Suteekshn Muni's Aashram. After a few days of stay there, Raam said to Suteekshn Muni submissively - "I have heard that Agastya Muni lives here, but I don't know where does he live. I want to see him, I want to serve him, this is my wish for a long time."

Suteekshn Jee said - "I myself wanted to tell you about it, but you yourself asked bout it. I tell you his place. Go to 4 Yojan southward from here, you will find his brother's Aashram there. That forest is called Pippalee Van. many birds will be singing in their sweet voices there. There are many ponds where you will see swans, geese, and other water birds. Stay overnight there and then start your journey again next morning towards south along with the forest. After going only one Yojan (4 Kos) you will see his Aashram. Seetaa and Lakshman will also enjoy its beauty which is full of amny kinds of trees. If you want to see him then you should go today only."

After greeting Muni Suteekshn, Raam started towards Agastya Muni's Aashram. They saw several ponds, rivers, mountains, clouds on their way to his Aashram. At one point Raam said - "Lakshman, It seems that this is Agastya Muni's brother's Aashram, because all trees are laden with fruits and flowers. Ripe Pippalee's smell is also filled in air and we can see smoke also coming out from the Aashram. Braahman are taking bath and offering flowers. Muni has built this Aashram after killing a Raakshas for the welfare of world. I tell you the story of that Raakshas, listen to it.

At one time, Vaataapi and Ilval named two Raakshas brothers lived here. Vaataapi used to take the form of a ram and his brother Ilval used to extend invitation to Braahman in the name of Shraaddh in the form of Braahman. Vaataapi fed them with that ram's meat. When they had eaten their food, then Ilval called his brother to come out - "O Vaataapi, now you may come out." Hearing this Vaataapi used to come out of their stomachs and the Braahman used to die. Thus thousands of Braahman died.

One day Agastya Muni also went there on their invitation. He also ate Vaataapi. "Now Shraaddh is over." saying this Ilval called his brother Vaataapi to come out. [But he didn't come out.] Agastya Muni said - "I have already digested him, now he cannot come out. He has gone to Yam's house." Hearing this Ilval ran towards Muni to kill him, but Muni burned fire just by casting a glance at him and he burned in that fire. Agastya Muni did this to protect Braahman." [It is said that after this Agastya Muni prohibited Braahman to eat any kind of meat.]

Evening fell, so Raam did His Sandhyaa and then He went to Muni's Aashram and greeted Muni. They stayed there overnight. In the morning Raam said to Muni - "I greet you. We passed our night very comfortably, now we want to see your brother Agastya Jee, that is why please permit us to go." [Agastya Muni's brother's name is Sudarshan but nobody calls him by that name. He is known as Agastya Muni's brother.]

Raam headed towards Agastya Muni's Aashram. On the way, as Suteekshn Muni told them, they saw many trees laden with fruits and flowers, and birds and animals. At one place Raam said to Lakshman - "Now the leaves of trees are soft and tender, so it seems that Agastya Muni's Aashram is also near now.

Maharshi is known as Agastya because of his Karm. Oh, this Aashram seems of his. It provides the resting place to travelers. All around the Aashram are torn clothes, all deer are sitting quietly, many types of birds are singing. It is his Aashram only with whose fear Raakshas do not want to come to south, means that they do not kill Muni here. Since Muni has come here, this direction is called Agastya direction. 

Vindhyaachal Parvat also does not stop Sun obeying Muni. He has become polite now. Muni is respectable to all. He will certainly be good to us also. I will complete my exile period here only worshipping him. Many Siddh Rishi worship Agastya Muni. Now we have come at the Aashram, so you go forward with Seetaa and inform him about our coming.



When Raam started for forest Lakshman was leading them as a guide, but now when Raam wanted to wage war against Raakshas Raam was leading Seetaa followed and guarded by Lakshman.





























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