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4-Reading Sundar Kaand

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How to Read Sundar Kaand

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4. How to Read Sundar Kaand
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Once Paarvatee Jee asked Shiv Jee : - "Oh, God of all beings, I would very much love to know from you, the greatness of Sundar Kaand in detail."

Shree Parameshwar replied : - "I would summarize the greatness of Sundar Kaand for you, because only the great Lord Raam Chandra is capable to tell it in detail. Similar to the fact that God Raam is the greatest among all Devtaa, similar to the fact that Kalp tree is greatest among trees, similar to the fact that the Kaustubh Mani (gem) is the greatest among gems, in the whole Raamaayan, Sundar Kaand is the greatest chapter. By reading or listening to Sundar Kaand with devotion, all the wishes are fulfilled, all dangers will vanish, all diseases will be cured and all types of wealth will grow. Especially it is the greatest panacea for those who suffer from great diseases. Even diseases like tuberculosis, Leprosy and epilepsy, which cannot be cured by even Divine medicines, would be cured completely by reading Sundar Kaand 68 times by the grace of Lord Raam. Please hear its greatness with attention, which I am going to tell you now.

Please hear, the following ancient story, which tells about the greatness of Sundar Kaand . There was a great city called Kaancheepuram on the Earth and once upon a time it was ruled by Chol dynasty. Among those kings, there was a great king called Vaamshankar who lived with his wife Manoramaa, He gave very many charities and did several fire sacrifices. He was devoted to the great temple of the city, which included the great Temple of Kaamaakshee Devee and Ekaamra Naath and the Temple of Varad Raaj and ruled the state with efficiency. Unfortunately he was not blessed by any children.

Once coming out of the Temple of Kaamaakshee Devee, he saw a great sage entering the Temple. He worshipped that sage and when enquired he introduced himself to him. The sage asked him, in what way he would be able to help him and the king requested him to bless him to become a father. The sage told the King, that, “In your previous birth you were a saintly Braahman who lived in Raameshwaram and worshipped in the Temple daily. As a result you are now born as the King of this country, Unfortunately in your previous birth, you did not allow your daughter to join her husband and become a mother due to some family conflict. This is the reason why you are not able to become a father.” He then requested the King and the queen to observe strict penance, give gold and silver as charities to Braahman, and worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiv daily.

The King and the Queen followed his advice and as a result a good son was born to them. They named him Baalchandra and the prince grew up as an extremely learned and able man. When the King became old, he decided to give his kingdom to his son and make him his successor and retire to the forest. Unfortunately the terrible disease of Tuberculosis afflicted Baalchandra. In spite of treating by the foremost expert doctors of the world and daily prayers the prince was not cured. When the King and Queen were terribly worried and knew not what to do, the sage who had earlier blessed them with the child came again to that city. The King and the Queen fell at his feet and requested him to cure the disease of the prince. The sage told, "In his previous birth, your son stole the materials kept ready for the worship of Raam and enjoyed life with it and that is why he is cursed with this disease. But later realizing his sin, he daily read Raamaayan and worshipped Raam and that is why he has been born to you. I would now tell you, how to get rid of the effects of that sin.”

The King thanked him and wanted to know in detail as to what should be done. The sage replied, “Construct a decorated Yagyashaalaa and in its middle construct a square platform. Spread a white silk cloth on that stage. On that cloth, spread six measures of Paddy and on that half the quantity of raw rice. On that keep a golden vessel made of one pound of silver full of pearls. Cover that vessel with a silk cloth. On that vessel keep a gold plate in which the Shree Raam Yantra is drawn. Over that keep the golden statue of Shree Raam accompanied by Seetaa and Hanumaan. Worship this statue using Raam Sahasra Naamaavalee. Then read the entire Sundar Kaand.

This worship and reading should start in the early morning and end at noon. A non-fading ghee lamp also should be kept burning for 68 days and the above procedure should be repeated 68 times. On each day, Paayasam (Kheer) should be prepared fresh and offered to God Raam. Though this is the best (to complete this recitation in 68 days), completing the repetition 68 times can also be done in four months. It is best for the individual himself to read the Sundar Kaand, and it is of medium effect if it is got read by a single Braahman, and worse if it is got read by many Braahman.

After completing the above, The Yuddh Kaand should be completely read either for 5 or 6 days. All the 73 days, in the evening a great scholar should retell the stories of Sundar Kaand. This would cure even diseases which Ashwinee Kumaar Devtaa (Doctors of Gods) cannot cure. This also could help you win a war or even help you in getting occult powers, if your son does this, his disease would definitely get cured."

That sage then disappeared. The King performed the above worship and the prince himself read the Sundar Kaand daily and was fully cured of the disease. Hey Devee, just by reading Sundar Kaand 68 times the prince was cured of a terrible disease. There are also many others who got rid of their illness by reading Sundar Kaand. So even if one is poor or not physically able, he should observe the Vrat of Sundar Kaand and he will be benefited. There are also other methods of reading Sundar Kaand.

Reading 32 times - 64 days
This consists of reading Chapter 1 to 38 on the first day and the rest on the next day. This should be repeated 32 times in 64 days
Reading 24 times - 72 days
This consists of reading Chapter 1-15 on the first day, 16-41 the next day and the rest of the chapters on the third day. This should be repeated 24 times in 72 days.
Reading 12 times - 48 days
This consists of reading Chapter 1-15 on the first day, 16-32 on the second day, 33-51 on the third day and the rest of the chapters on the fourth day. This should be repeated 12 times in 48 days.
Reading 7 times - 68 days
Read 7 chapters a day and complete reading on the fourteenth day and repeat it 7 times and complete the Paaraayan in 68 days.
Reading 4 times - 28 days
Read 10 chapters per day for the first 27 days and read the remaining 2 chapters on the 28th day,
Reading 2 times - 17 days
Read 8 chapters per day and complete reading twice on the 17th day.

In all these cases on the last day, the last chapter of Yuddh Kaandam (131st chapter) should be read. On each day before and after the Paaraayan boiled milk with Sugar should be offered as offering (Naivedya) to the God. On the day of completion it is desirable to give a feast to the Braahman.

Methods for Reading Once.
Suppose some one is not able to follow any of the above desirable rules, he can read it in any way according to his capacity. Several such methods are given below: -

(1) Read the entire Sundar Kaand once in a full day.
(2) Read Chapter 1-35 on the first day and the rest of the chapters next day.
(3) Read Chapter 1-37 on the first day, 37-40 on the second day and the rest on the third day.
(4) Read chapter 1-15 on the first day, 16-37 on the second day, 38th chapter on the third day, 39-54 on the fourth day and the rest on the fifth day.
(4) Start on a Friday, daily read 9 chapters and complete reading on the next Friday.
(5) Read within 9 days stopping each day on 5th, 15th, 20th, 26th, 28th, 40th, 52nd, 80th and 68th chapters.
(6) Daily read 6 chapters and complete it on the 12th day.
(7) Read two chapters a day till 22 days, 5 chapters on the 23rd day, 3 chapters on the 24th day, 6 chapters on the 25th day, 3 chapters on the 26th day, 4 chapters on the 27th day and the rest 3 chapters on the 28th day.

If some one is not able to follow any of the methods suggested above he can read it as per his capacity without following any rules.

Problems Solved by Recitation of Sundar Kaand

Some of the specific problems, which could be solved by doing Paaraayan of certain chapters, are given below: -

(1) To achieve salvation read the Chapter 1 daily for six months.
(2) To warded off the effects of attacks of devils, ghosts, spirits read the Chapter 3.
(3) To get rid of dullness of brain, read the Chapter 13.
(4) To get rid of the sin of having affair with some one else’s wife, read Chapters 7-11.
(5) To get permanent wealth and happiness read the chapter 15.
(6) To get rid of bad dreams read Chapter 27.
(7) To get good behavior read Chapters 20-21.
(8) To rejoin with lost relatives read Chapters 33-40.
(9) To get rid of impending danger read Chapter 36.
(10) To get pardon from God for insult done to him knowingly and unknowingly read Chapter 38.
(11) To win over enemies, read Chapters 42-47.
(12) To become just and charitable read Chapter 51.
(13) For improvement of assets like house, land etc read Chapter 54.
(14) To get peace and happiness read Chapter 61
(15) To get perennial happiness and to attain God read Chapter 67.
(16) To get what one wishes read Chapter 41.
(17) To realize God and to become one capable of sweet words read Chapter 19.

It is essential to offer Naivedya to God before and after the Paaraayan. It would be great if at the end of the Paaraayan, Lord Raam, Goddess Seetaa and Lord Hanumaan are worshipped using Sahasra Naam (1000 names). If someone is not capable of doing it, he can worship using 108 names of the God. As Naivedya, boiled milk added with Sugar is supposed to be best offering to Lord Raam and Lotus and Tulasee (Ocimum) flowers are the best to worship the Lord. If Tulasee flowers are not available any flower can be used. However Karaveer (Aralee) flower should never be used for Him. If Pomegranate is offered to God,  it would bring in immense benefits. It would be better for the devotee to Chant Raam Gaayatree during the beginning, Aavaahan and at the end of the worship. Raam Gaayatree Mantra is like this --
“Dasarathaaya Vidmahe, Seetaa Vallabhaaya Dheemahi, Tanno Raamahi Prachodayaat."

Also it is essential that after the Pooja, meditation is done using Gaayatree Mantra or the Shadaaksharee Mantra of Raam viz "Raam Raamya Namah.”. Though it is desirable to represent Raam either by Dashaavaran Yantra or statue, it would be sufficient if worship is done to the Raamaayan Book. Raam with Seetaa, Lakshman and Hanumaan are always present wherever Raamaayan book is there. It is also essential that whosoever does the Paaraayan for getting specific objectives should observe Brahmacharya during the Paaraayan period."

After telling all this to Goddess Paarvatee Jee Lord Shiv told her that whoever reads or listens to this book on the Sundar Kaand Phal Praapti, would become a great devotee of Lord Raam and would lead a happy painless life.



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