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Story No 22-Vikramaaditya

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22-Raajaa Vikramaaditya
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For many centuries in Indian history, there was no city as famous as the city of Ujjain. It was always the seat of learning. Here lived a great King named Vikramaaditya - the King of Maalavaa. He is believed to be living in 57 BC. Even today we have a calendar famous with his name - Vikram Samvat. He was the greatest judge of all Indian history. Never was he deceived, never he punished the wrong man. The guilty trembled before him, because they knew that his eyes would look straight into their guilt. He never took rest until he understood the matter and give an answer that would convince all. He was so famous for his judgments that when any judge pronounced sentence with great skill, it would be said of him "he must have sat on the Judgment Seat of Vikramaaditya".

There lived many shepherds around Ujjain. One day some shepherd boys found a playground. They got very happy to see it. There was a small tip of a big stone peeping out of the ground, and there were many of such stones beautifully carved out. In the middle of the ground, there was a green mound. One of the boys sat on that mound and acted saying - "O Boys, I will be the judge and you can all bring your cases to me, and we will have trials." Hearing this other boys started laughing. They saw fun in this game, so they made up some quarrels and came to that boy for judgment.

The boys who brought their cases noticed that the boy who sat on the mound, looked like an ordinary child when he sat on the mound, but when he heard the case and gave his judgment he looked a different boy. He looked serious while doing his duties, not just playing game. The boys got a little frightened but still they played that game till the evening fell when the time came to go home. The boys never forgot that day but played that game every day. Gradually this news spread all over around and people used to come to that place to have their judgments through that boy's court. Surprisingly both parties agreed on his judgments. So most cases were settled there.

Since the King of that kingdom lived some distance away, he heard this a bit late. He thought that that boy must have sat on the Judgment Seat of Vikramaaditya. This King had long desired to be possessed by the spirit of the law and justice, to solve his difficult cases with proper justice. So he thought that when that boy could pass good judgment sitting there, let me go also there, dig that place and find the Judgment Seat, then I can do justice with every case.

So he went there and started digging there. Cows were driven away from there. But the boy who was playing the role of judge got very sad as if the very home of his soul was being taken away. After a long digging the laborers found a 20 feet long slab of black marble supported on the hands and outspread wings of 25 stone angels with their faces turned outwards as if for flight. The King got very happy to see it. He brought it home. The nation was ordered to observe three days of prayer and fasting. The fourth day the King was going to ascend that throne and then he would be able to judge people's cases justifiably.

The fourth day when the King was about to ascend it, one of the 25 statues said "Stop, Before ascending this throne think first if you are worthy to sit on this Judgment Seat of Vikramaaditya. Have you never wished for other's kingdoms to rule?" Hearing this many of his tyrannical wishes appeared before him. He knew that his life was unjust, so he said bowing his head "No, I am not worthy." That statue again said - "Pray and fast for three days for you must purify yourself before you sit on this throne." After saying this she flew away, so when the King lifted his head, he found only 24 statues supporting that throne.

After three days of fasting and prayer, when he came gain to ascend the throne, another statue said - "Think, Have you never taken other's riches?" He again bent his head and said "Yes". The statue said - "Pray and fast for three more days." and flew away in the sky. Thus each of the 23 statues told him to fast and pray for three days. When he came again, only one angel was left supporting that throne. This time the King was sure that he would ascend the throne.

But as he came near the throne, the 24th angel asked him - "Are you perfectly pure in your heart? Is your will like that of a child? If yes, then you are worthy to ascend the throne." The King again said - "No, I am not worthy of this throne." Hearing this the last angel also flew carrying the slab, and after that that throne was never seen on Prithvi.



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