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Story No 21-Shivi

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21-Raajaa Shivi

Once upon a time, there lived a king whose name was Shivi. He was so much famous for his charity that even Devtaa in Heaven began to tremble, lest he should take their kingdom. They thought of a strategy to test the level of his charity, for in the eyes of Devtaa only that man is invincible who has perfectly controlled self.

So one day when Rajaa Shivi was sitting in his hall with the open courtyard and gardens etc, there appeared a white Dove, high up in the air, flying straight towards him. An Eagle was following it. It seemed that he wanted to kill the Dove. The Dove was flying very fast, but Eagle seemed flying faster than it. Within no time the Dove came to the King and fell in the King's lap. It nestled itself in his lap panting and trembling. Then came the Eagle and perched on the floor just in front of the King's throne.

The Eagle said - "O Raajaa, This is my prey, give it to me." "No, I cannot give it to you. It has come in my refuge, and I cannot betray its trust." Eagle said - "But this is my food, and you have no right to take my food and leave me starving like this." Shivi said - "But I have lots of food for you, you may choose any other food you like equal to the quantity of this Dove." Eagle said - "It means that you will give me others' food and thus the other animals or birds will die. No, No, I cannot take this sin over my head." Shivi thought a little and said - "What if I give you my flesh, will it serve your purpose?" "Oh yes, If you like. I have no problem in that."

Immediately a balance was ordered and set to weigh Raajaa's flesh equal to the flesh of the Dove. As Raajaa was about to cut his flesh, the Eagle said curtly - "Your flesh should be weighed equal to the Dove's." Raajaa said - "It shall be done." Eagle again spoke - "It should be cut from your right eye." "No problem at all." "And your wife and son must be present here." Raajaa called one of his servants and asked him to bring his wife and son into his presence. "And you should not weep while giving me your flesh." "Sure." So the witnesses were brought, the Dove was placed on one side of the balance, and Raajaa got ready to cut his flesh from his right side. The executioner also got prepared to carry out his duties.

As the Raajaa's flesh was added to the balance, to the utter dismay of the whole court, the Dove got heavier and heavier with each piece of flesh added to it and the weight of the two could not be made equal at any moment of time.

At that time the Eagle saw a single tear in Raajaa's left eye. He thundered - "Stop. I do not want any unwilling sacrifice. Your tears destroy the value of your valuable gift." Shivi said - "No, O Eagle. This tear is from my left side. It is because that my left side weeps, because it says that why only right side of the King alone is being given opportunity to serve, why not me?" Everybody heard these words of Raajaa and were moved to hear them.

Eagle then permitted the King to use his left side. The King started putting his left side flesh also. But still the balance did not become equal. To make both sides equal, at one point of time, the King himself had to sit on the balance himself.

As he sat on the balance the Dove and Eagle disappeared immediately and there stood two Devtaa - Indra and Agni Dev (god of Fire). Indra said - "Against the greatness of Shivi, even Devtaa themselves shall struggle in vain." Raajaa became hale and healthy again and ruled for many more years to come.



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