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Story No 23-Ajaamil

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From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/1

There lived a Braahman in Kannauj (UP) city, his wife used to work as a maidservant. His name was Ajaamil. He didn't have any kind of bad habit or conduct. He was a very pious man. One day by the order of his father, he went to forest and brought some flowers, Kush grass etc for Havan. When he was coming back, he saw a Shoodra enjoying around with a prostitute. Ajaamil got attracted towards that prostitute. He came home but he always used to think about her and gradually forgot to do his duties. He used to take many valuable things to her and tried to attract her. Finally he left his wife and served this prostitute and her children. This sinner thus disobeyed Shaastra, ate this prostitute's money for a long time, besides he did not do any Praayashchit also of his sins.

Thus he passed almost 88 years like this. He had 10 sons - the youngest son being named as Naaraayan. Both parents used to love him very dearly. Ajaamil was in intense love with his youngest son. Now the time came for him to die, still he was thinking about his son only.

One time he saw three fierce-looking Yam's Paarshad carrying a rope with a sliding knot. He got scared to see them. At that time his son Naaraayan was playing nearby, so he called him loudly - "Naaraayan, O Naaraayan". As he called "Naaraayan, Naaraayan" Vishnu's Paarshad were also passing that way. They thought that he was calling their Swaamee Naaraayan's name, so they immediately ran to help him. They beat the Yam's Paarshad and freed Ajaamil's soul from them.

Seeing this Yam's Paarshad got very disappointed. They went back to Yam Raaj and told the story, and said - "It has never happened before that you sent us to bring somebody and Vishnu's Paarshad snatched him from us. What happened this time?"

Yam Raaj said - "As he pronounced "Naaraayan" from his mouth, at the same time his all sins were washed away. Even the greatest sinful man's sins are washed away only by pronouncing the name of Bhagavaan. If a man pronounces Bhagavaan's name even unknowingly or without any intention, his all sins are washed away automatically. Great saints know that even if somebody pronounces Bhagavaan's name in signs, in jokes, in singing, or in being angry, then also his all Paap are destroyed and he is not worthy of punishment. As Amrit makes somebody immortal even if it is taken without knowing its characteristics, in the same way Bhagavaan's name also washes all sins even if it is taken unknowingly."

Ajaamil got healthy. He bowed to Bhagavaan's Paarshad. Vishnu's Paarshad guessed that Ajaamil wanted to say something so they immediately disappeared. Ajaamil had heard everything what Vishnu's Paarshad said to Yam's Paarshad. Hearing all that he became very sad about his going so low that he produced a son from a prostitute, and did not care for his old parents. He thought, "Fie on me that I have misbehaved with my family. I did not take care my parents also. They were helpless, they didn't have anybody else except me still I abandoned them. Did I see a dream? Who were those four Siddh who got me freed from that sliding knot? Where did they go?"

He thought that now he would do all good in future. He had only a little contact with Vishnu's Paarshad - they were not even Bhagavaan, they were just only His Paarshad, and from that contact only he developed Vairaagya towards this world. So he went to Haridwaar and sat in Samaadhi. Then he saw the same four Paarshad of Vishnu again. He bowed to them and left his physical body.



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