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Story No 19-Ahalyaa

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Once Brahmaa Jee took all beautiful things from his creation and created a woman. He named her Ahalyaa. As she took a round of Brahmaa's court, all Devtaa got attracted to her and wished to marry her. Even Brahmaa Jee himself was so much attracted to her that wherever she went he created a face for himself in that side - thus he had four faces on all the four directions. Other Devtaa also got attracted to her, but could not say anything to Brahmaa Jee. Indra was especially attracted to her and wanted her. To save himself from her, Brahmaa Jee gave her in the service of Gautam Rishi. She went with him and started serving him. After a long time, pleased with her services Brahmaa Jee married her to Gautam Rishi.

But Indra did not forget her even for a moment and he considered it injustice that Brahmaa Jee gave such a beautiful woman to a Rishi. She should have been given to Indra only. He could never forget her and was always eager to have her.

Gautam Rishi had his routine. He used to wake up in Brahm Muhoort, at the crow of the cock, and went to Gangaa River to do his daily chores. One day Indra planned to play a trick on the Rishi. Rishi used to go to do his daily chores at the crow of cock. So Indra crowed before the normal time of the cock. Gautam Rishi woke up and went to Gangaa River to do his daily chores as usual thinking that morning has broke. Then Indra disguised himself as Gautam Rishi and entered his Aashram. He came to Ahalyaa and asked for her favor. Ahalyaa was very surprised to see Rishi back so soon and was rather more surprised to hear Rishi's strange request. But considering him as her husband she complied with his strange request.

When Indra was coming out of the Ashram, the Rishi was entering his Aashram. He had seen Indra coming out of his Aashram. He understood everything. He gave Shaap to Ahalyaa that she should turn to a stone. Ahalyaa fell on Muni's feet saying that she was innocent, she did not know anything about this trick and asked for his forgiveness. Rishi said - "When Raam will appear in Tretaa Yug and will pass from here, He will touch you with His foot, then only you will regain your former form and come to my Lok." Gautam Rishi cursed Indra also and he also had to pass his time in great difficulty.

Ahalyaa turned into a stone. When Raam appeared in Tretaa Yug and passed from there, He touched that stone with His foot and the stone turned into Ahalyaa. She prayed Raam and went to her Lok.



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