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Story No 18-Pushpdant

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The story goes like this. There was a Gandharv Raaj whose name was Pushpdant, because his teeth were like flower buds. He was very very intelligent.

Now in those days, the King of Kaashee used to have beautiful gardens in his palace where he had world's most beautiful flowers growing. To protect his gardens from thieves he had many many security guards guarding them. But as the time went by, the guards and the King discovered that someone was stealing their flowers without their knowledge. They discovered of a new theft every morning so the King increased the security in gardens and tried very hard to protect more flowers from being stolen.

For months they couldn't catch the culprit behind it. Finally the King asked wise Braahman in his city to help him catch the thief somehow. After consulting the Braahman, the King took a step that no one had imagined. The next morning the guards caught the thief red-handed, very frustrated, in the garden. It was none other than Pushpdant. They caught him and brought him in the castle in front of the King. The King was quite upset seeing him and was about to punish him of his wrong doings that Pushpdant told the King that he was ready to accept any fine or punishment that he had for him but requested to King to tell him more about how he was able to catch him.

The King asked him whether he knew what he was stepping onto in the garden at night while stealing? Pushpdant mentioned it was leaves that he was stepping on. King told him those weren't ordinary leaves, they were the Bilva leaves that had once been used for Poojaa of Lord Shiv Ling in a temple. Pushpdant confessed how he had forgotten his Stotra for becoming invisible and not only that, but he had forgotten all other knowledge he had at that time when he was walking on those leaves. He realized what power those leaves had when they had only touched the Shiv Ling. He realized the eternal power of Lord Shiv and became his devotee right there. That is when he decided to write this Stotra we know as Shiv Mahimn Stotra today.

It is said there is no better Stuti (prayer) than this Shiv Mahimn Stotra in this world.




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