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Satyavatee was the daughter of a King named Uparichar Vasu and Adrikaa Apsaraa who lived in fish form in Yamunaa River. Uparichar Vasu had seven sons including Brihadrath. In fact two children were born to Adrikaa - one son and one girl. After giving birth to children, the fish Apsaraa went to Swarg. A fisherman found these children and took them to the King. The King kept the boy and later appointed him an army general, and gave the girl to the fisherman who brought her to King, to bring her up. Since she was brought up by Daash Raaj fisherman, she smelled like a fish and people wouldn't like to come near her. That is why she was called Matsya-gandhaa. She used to carry passengers in her boat across Yamunaa River.

Satyavatee and Paraashar
Once Muni Paraashar (grandson of Vashishth Jee) was crossing Yamunaa River, he got attracted to her and said to her - "Please accept me." Satyavatee told him that how could she accept him as she was a maiden. Paraashar said - "Even after accepting me you will remain maiden". At the same time Paraashar bestowed her boon for sweet smell emanating from her body. Since then she was known as Gandhvatee and Yojan-gandhaa in this world. After this her smell used to spread up to a Yojan around, and because of that sweet fragrance only Shaantanu came to her. Paraashar gave her a son Krishn Dwaipaayan, who was born on an island, was dark in complexion, that is why he was named as Krishn Dwaipaayan. He got known as Ved Vyaas Jee later because he divided Ved.

Satyavatee and Shaantanu
Once Satyavatee saw a King who had fallen in love with her. She was only a fisherman's daughter. Her name was Satyavatee. Her father knew that she would live in palace but he did not know in whose palace. Shaantanu decided to propose for her, so he went to Daash Raaj (Satyavatee's father) and proposed for her. Satyavatee also loved him but she had no say of her own.

Daash Raaj said - "O King, I have no objection, but her birth chart says that she will rule the kingdom, and I don't see any chance of that, that is why I cannot marry her to you." Since Shaantanu had already declared Devadatt as the Crown Prince of Hastinaapur, he could not say anything and came back to his palace. But he had got lost in Satyavatee's thoughts. He did not come out of his room for several days. Devadatt noticed his condition and asked his ministers etc if anybody knew about its reason. All expressed their ignorance. Then he asked Raajaa's Saarathee (chariot driver) if he knew something about it. He told him the whole story.

Devadatt went to Daash Raaj and asked him why he could not marry his daughter to Shaantanu. Daash Raaj told him also what he told Shaantanu also. He said - "I have no objection but Satyavatee's chart says that she would rule the kingdom, and Raajaa has already declared you as that Crown Prince, then her chart does not match with this condition, so  cannot marry her to him." Devadatt said - "I take vow that I leave my status of Crown Prince and I will never ask for kingdom. Only Satyavatee's son will be the King of this kingdom."

Dash Raaj was still not satisfied with this vow, he said - "O Prince, It is all right that you have taken a vow, but what is the surety of your children? If they ask the kingdom after they grow up, then?" At this Devadatt took another vow - "I Devadatt take this vow that I will never marry my whole life, I will never have my own children, I will always live as a bachelor and I will die as a bachelor." and asked him - "Now O Daash Raaj, Is there any more problem in your mind?" There was no problem now so Devadatt took Satyavatee to Hastinaapur. Satyavatee got married to Shaantanu and had two sons from him - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya.

After she got married to Shaantanu, she was never peaceful. She always thought about Bheeshm that this marriage did a great injustice with him, but she could not do anything, she was helpless in front of her father's wish. Shaantanu also died when her sons were very young. Bheeshm took care of both of them. When they grew up to marriageable age, Chitraangad died in a battle. Bheeshm married Vichitraveerya to two Kaashee's princesses - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. But unfortunately Vichitraveerya also died shortly after his marriage without giving them a child.

Now the problem was to give an heir to Hastinaa Pur. She requested Bheeshm for this but Bheeshm clearly refused to do so reminding her his vow. Then she called her eldest son Ved Vyaas and asked his help. He agreed and asked her to send Ambikaa to him. When Ambikaa went to him she got frightened seeing him and she closed her eyes. Ved Vyaas told his mother that since she closed her eyes she would give birth to a blind son. Then Satyavatee sent Ambaalikaa. Ambaalikaa got yellow seeing him. Vyaas told his mother since she got yellow seeing him she would give birth to a sick child.

Satyavatee was not happy with this development, so she asked him to give one more chance and she asked Ambikaa to go to him again, but Ambikaa was so frightened that she sent her maid to him. That maid felt so fortunate that she became very happy to go to Vyaas. Vyaas told his mother that Ambikaa sent her maid to him and she would have a very religious and moralistic son. And Vyaas Jee went away.

In due course of time Ambikaa gave birth to blind Dhritraashtra, Ambaalikaa gave birth to sick Paandu (he was yellow in complexion) and the maid gave birth to Vidur. All were educated by Bheeshm. When the time came Paandu was crowned the King of Hastinaapur because Dhritraashtra was blind and a blind man could not be a king. Vidur was taken care of properly and was appointed the Prime Minister of Hastinaa Pur kingdom. Bheeshm married Dhritraashtra to Gaandhaaree who tied a strip of cloth saying that if her husband cannot see this world, she also has no right to see it. Paandu attended the Swayamvar of Kuntee (Krishn's paternal aunt - Booaa) and she chose him as her husband. Later he married Maadree also. Vidur was also married according to his status.

Over the time Paandu had five sons - Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev. They all were born in forest. Dhritraashtra also had Duryodhan and Dushaasan etc 100 sons and one daughter Dushalaa. Paandu had died after the birth of his children, and Maadree became Satee with him, so Kuntee brought them to Hastinaapur.

One day Ved Vyaas Jee came to Hastinaapur and took Satyavatee to forest along with him. Satyavatee went with him along with her two daughter-in-laws - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa.



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