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Duryodhan was the eldest son of Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree. He was younger than Yudhishthir and Bheem. Since all that Paandav were born in forest, he lived alone in the palace and dreamt about the Hastinaapur throne. Shakuni, his Maamaa and Dhritraashtra himself used to blaze this fire all the time. But when Paandu died in the forest and Maadree became Satee with him, Kuntee came back to Hastinaapur with her children. And the jealousy started from here.

Duryodhan and Bheem
Bheem was older than Duryodhan only by one day so both always fought with each other. Besides Bheem was much stronger than Duryodhan, so whenever they fought, he always got defeated by Bheem. This was not acceptable to him, so he always thought of some way to kill him.

Once, on Shakuni's advice, Duryodhan invited Bheem to eat Kheer (an Indian sweet dish made of rice and milk) and mixed poison in it. Bheem like Kheer very much, he ate it more than his satisfaction and got unconscious because of the poison. Duryodhan tied him with a rope and threw him in Gangaa River. Bheem drowned in the water and came to Naag Lok (Kuntee's mother was from Naag Vansh). When Naag saw somebody coming to their Lok, they bit him, but instead of dying, his consciousness came back. He fought with them and defeated them.

Seeing this they came to their King and reported all about this. The King asked them to bring him to him. When Bheem came there, he asked his introduction. He told them that he was Kuntee's son. They recognized him as their grand grandson and gave him a potion to drink to honor Kuntee. This drink gave him the strength of 10,000 elephants. Duryodhan got very upset at this.

Guru Dakshinaa to Drone
Both Kaurav and Paandav were taught by Drone. After the education, Drone asked both of them to bring Drupad in Guru Dakshinaa. First Kaurav went to bring him but came back defeated. Then Paandav went there and brought him to their Guru. Duryodhan did not like this.

In the meantime he extended his friendship with Karn and appointed him as the King of Ang Desh.

Laakshaa Grih
Now there was time to declare one of them as a Crown Prince. Dhritraashtra wanted to declare Duryodhan as the Crown Prince but the situation was such that he had to declare Yudhishthir the Crown prince of Hastinaapur. Duryodhan did not like this also and started conspiring to kill Yudhishthir. There used to be a fair at Baaranaavat in which the Crown Prince of Hastinaapur used to go. For quite some time there was no Crown Prince so only Dhritraashtra used to go there, but now he had a Crown Prince so it was decided to send him there. Yudhishthir asked the permission to take his brothers and mother also there.

Shakuni called his man Purochan and asked him to build a palace there made of all inflammable things and burn it on a certain day. Vidur was suspicious about all this, so he warned Yudhishthir, and sent his man to make a tunnel to escape from there. Because Vidur's warning and arrangement Paandav escaped from there after setting the palace on fire one day before the day Purochan was to set fire to it. Fortunately they found charred bodies of a woman and her five sons there so they thought that Paandav and Kuntee had died in that fire. They got very happy at their plan.

Draupadee's Swayamvar
Paandav were living in hiding in forest at Vidur's advice, that they suddenly got the news of Draupadee's Swayamvar. All Paandav went there in disguise of Braahman and Arjun won Draupadee defeating all other kings there, including Duryodhan, Karn, Jaraasandh etc. Duryodhan got very sad at this, but soon got the news that the Braahman who took Draupadee was none other than Arjun. Then he came to know that there was somebody who had leaked the information of his plan of Baaranaavat, so he killed him.

Duryodhan and Paandav in Hastinaapur
After the marriage of Paandav to Draupadee, Dhritraashtra had to welcome them along with their wife Draupadee to Hastinaapur, but his son was not ready for it. Duryodhan declared that he could not live with Paandav, so Dhritraashtra had to divide his kingdom. Paandav were given Khaandav Prasth region and they went there. After a while Yudhishthir did Raajsooya Yagya and invited everybody there. Everybody from Hastinaapur went there but Duryodhan got jealous to see their prosperity, so he planned for the dice game to defeat them and snatch everything from them. He invited Yudhishthir to play the game. Yudhishthir came there with his brothers and Draupadee and lost everything including his brothers and wife.

Duryodhan publicly insulted Draupadee in the court and Paandav couldn't do anything except taking vows to kill Dhritraashtra's all sons. Somehow Draupadee took every thing back. This again was not liked by Duryodhan, so he played another game and   defeated them by mischief again and sent them for 13 years of exile - 12 years of exile and one year of incognito.

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