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Yudhishthir was the 1st of the five Paandav (Paandu's sons). He was the son of Dharm Raaj and Kuntee. He always spoke truth and forgive people. He had four brothers more Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev. All four were younger to him and respected him very much. Although Draupadee was the wife of all the five brothers, but all brothers were married separately also. He was good at using spear and sword.

(1) He was the man of principles. He never disrespected his great uncle Dhritraashtra in spite of life threatening attacks on him and his brothers. When he was sent to Laakshaa Grih, he never thought that he wanted to kill him. Only Vidur gave him a hint to be careful and told him the way to escape. Even after being escaped, he could not believe what had happened with him.

(2) When he was given Khaandav Van as the half share of his kingdom, he defended Dhritraashtra saying that "Our great uncle has given us our Karm Bhoomi." and within a short time changed it into more prosperous and beautiful kingdom of those times.

(3) When Dhritraashtra called him for playing Chausar, in spite of warned by his brothers, he obeyed him and went to play Chausar. He never initiated anything while playing, he left everything on Duryodhan saying that he is his younger brother and he had all the rights to decide about the game as he wished. Even when he had lost everything, even his wife Draupadee, he did not utter a word of dissatisfaction; and when he was called again to play the game, he readily came there and lost again. For this defeat he had to go to exile for 12 years and the 13th year to pass in incognito - means if they were recognized during this period, they had to repeat the exile period of 13 years.

(4) Once when they were in exile, his all the four brothers got unconscious while they went to bring water, only he saved them by answering 64 questions of the Yaksh who owned the pond.

(5) When Duryodhan came to tease them in the forest by living in their neighborhood and a Gandhav arrested him, it was only he who asked his brothers to get him freed saying that all the past incidents were only their domestic affairs, for outsiders they were united, and otherwise also as a citizen it is their duty to protect the king.

(6) He was a man of etiquettes. When the MBH war was going to begin, he went in between the two armies. People standing there were wondering as what he was doing there at the time of starting the war. First there he greeted all his elders, and then announced that whoever wanted to change sides, could do it at that time. Yuyutsu, Dhritrashtra's son from his Vaishya wife, defected Kaurav army at that time and joined Paandav.

(7) When in MBH war, Drone was destroying Paandav's army mercilessly, Krishn suggested him only one way to kill Drone. Krishn knew that when he would hear the news of killing of his only son Ashwatthaamaa, he will not be able to survive. Now how to declare Ashwatthaamaa dead? So if somebody spreads this news that "Ashwatthaamaa died" Drone will also die and Paandav's army will be saved.

Now who should spread this false news? To whom Drone will trust? Yudhishthir was considered the appropriate person to spread this news, but he was not ready to lie. Then Bheem took this responsibility, but asked him just to confirm this news when asked. After a long persuasion he agreed. There was an elephant named Ashwatthaamaa in Kaurav's army. So after killing that Ashwatthaamaa elephant, Bheem shouted loudly "Ashwatthaamaa died, Ashwatthaamaa died". Hearing this Drone got weak and he just sat where he was. First he did not believe it but then he thought to confirm with Yudhishthir. He went to ask Yudhishthir and Yudhishthir said, "Yes, Ashwatthaamaa died." and added whispering "Haathee" which Drone could not hear.

Hearing this from Yudhishthir's mouth he got sure that his son died and he prepared to go to Heaven. Seeing him weak, Dhrishtdyumn shot him arrow to kill him but by then he had already left his body. It is said that before lying his chariot used to run on the road four fingers up, but after this it touched the road.

(8) Even after the MBH war was over, he never thought of not keeping his great uncle and aunt with him. He kept them with him, always respected them properly, gave them money for whatever they wanted. He went to them daily in the morning to greet them before going to court. And even when they went away to forest at Vidur's advice without telling him, he felt as if he had committed any mistake that is why they had left him without telling him. When he had known there whereabouts, he went to the forest to bring them home.

(9) He alone went to Heaven with his mortal body on the basis of his qualities - Satya, Kshamaa and compassion. A dog followed Paandav when they were going to Swarg. After his four brothers and Draupadee had died on the way, only the dog was still with Yudhishthir. When Indra sent a Divine chariot to take him to the Swarg, he refused to go there without the dog. He told he could not go without the dog, because he was devoted to him and thus he could not leave him like that. Indra told him that there was no place for dogs in the Swarg, but Yudhidhthir was not ready to go to Swarg without his dog. Then the dog came into his real form - of Dharm Raaj (Yudhidhthir's father), and then only Yudhidhthir went to Swarg with him.

(10) In the last, when Yudhishthir arrived in Swarg and he did not see his brothers there, he asked Indra to show him his brothers that he wanted to live with his brothers only. Indra took him to Hell. There he heard some voices requesting him to stay there as by his staying there they were feeling comfortable. He plainly refused to move from there in spite of telling him that the Hell was not for him just because some grieved people were feeling comfortable by his staying. Then Indra again had to interfere and he vanished the whole scene and then only he could bring him to Swarg.



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