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Draupadee was the Divine daughter of Drupad - the King of Paanchaal Desh. He was known as Yagyasen also. His wife's name was Prishataa. He had 10 sons and he took part in MBH War along with his all sons.

Draupadee's Birth
When Drupad got defeated from Drone, he thought to take revenge from Drone and desired a son so that he can kill him. For this he decided to do a Yagya. When the time came to offer Aahuti, the Rishi asked Drupad to call his queen. The maid informed them that the queen was taking bath. The Rishi could not wait and offered Aahuti to get a girl. In a little while a girl appeared from the Havan Kund. The girl was very beautiful, clad in Divine clothes with long black hair. Drupad did not want a girl, but she was so beautiful that he accepted her as his daughter. She dark in complexion that is why she was named as Krishnaa. Being the daughter of Drupad she was called Draupadee. Drupad was called Yagyasen, that is why one of her names was Yagyasenaa also. Because she was the princess of Paanchaal Desh, she was called Paanchaalee.

But then Drupad asked Rishi to offer another Aahuti to get a son. The Rishi offered another Aahuti and this time appeared a man along with the military outfit and carrying a sword and a bow and arrows. Seeing him Drupad got very happy. He was named Dhrishtdyumn. Thus this Yagya fulfilled Drupad's both the wishes - a daughter to marry to Arjun, and a son to kill Drone.

Draupadee's Marriage
Because her father wanted to marry her to Arjun, he built a mechanism in which a fish was revolving at the top of a pillar. Below its shadow was falling in an oil pond. One had to pierce its eye looking at the shadow of the fish in the oil below. By then the news of the death of Paandav and their mother Kuntee had spread throughout, so Drupad was worried about her marriage as who could fulfill the condition of her marriage.

Many kings, including Duryodhan, Karn, Dushaasan etc came to marry Draupadee, but nobody could pierce the eye of the fish. Krishn and Balaraam were also present there. Once Karn got up to try his luck, he had picked up the bow also, but as he was about to aim it, Krishn told Draupadee by signs that she should not let him participate in this competition. So she said - "I will not marry a Soot Putra." Karn felt very much insulted and got very angry at all this.

Paandav also came there in disguise of Braahman. Krishn asked Arjun to come forward and try his luck. Arjun picked the bow and pierced the eye of the fish. Everybody got very surprised to see that in spite of many Kshatriya present there, a Brahman pierced the eye of the fish. Lots of fighting took place but Arjun and Bheem defeated all of them and they took Draupadee to their home.

Now Drupad was very much worried. Although he could not say anything because his condition of marriage was fulfilled, but he was not ready to marry her to a Braahman; so he asked his son Dhrishtdyumn to follow them and find out what happened to his daughter. he followed them and reported back that those were Paandav, thus Paandav were alive, and who pierced the eye of the fish, he was none other than Arjun. But his sister became the wife of all the Paandav just on the words of Kuntee. Drupad was happy to know that Draupadee was married to Arjun, but got sad to know that she became the wife of all the five Paandav just on the words of Kuntee. Later he married her properly to them.

Draupadee as Queen
Duryodhan's plan to kill Paandav failed, rather they had married Draupadee also. Hearing that Paandav had married Drapadee, Dhritraashtra had to call them to Hastinaapur, but his son Duryodhan could not live with them at all, so he forced Dhritraashtra to divide the kingdom. Dhritraashtra divided the kingdom and sent Paandav to Khaandav Van keeping Hastinaapur for himself. There Yudhishthir did Raajsooya Yagya and called everybody. Everybody was happy except Duryodhan and Shakuni. Both planned to take their kingdom too, so they invited them to play Chausar (a dice game) in Hastinaapur through Dhritraashtra. They went there, played Chausar, and lost everything including Draupadee.

Draupadee was insulted by Duryodhan, Dushaasan and Karn in the whole court. Dushaasan brought her in the court dragging through her hair, and tried to take off her clothes in order to make her naked, but by the grace of God she was saved. At that time she vowed that she would not tie her hair until she would wash her hair with Dushaasan's chest's blood. Bheem fulfilled her this vow. Dhritraashtra understood a little and he returned everything to Paandav whatever they lost. After this Paandav were ready to go to Indraprasth.

But Duryodhan's aim still remained unfulfilled so he conspired with his Maamaa again and stopped Paandav going from Hastinaapur to Indraprasth. Once again they played the Chausar and once again the Paandav lost - this time they had to go in exile for 12 years plus one year incognito. If they were recognized in one year incognito they would have to repeat the whole process again.

Draupadee in the Exile
While Draupadee was in exile, she was insulted thrice. Once when Paandav were away for hunting, Draupadee was insulted and then was kidnapped by Jayadrath. Arjun and Bheem followed them and brought Draupadee back. When asked for the punishment for Jayadrath, Draupadee kindly pardoned him saying that she did not want to make Dushalaa widow and freed him only by shaving his head leaving only 5 locks of hair representing five Paandav.

Once Durvaasaa Muni came to Hastinaapur along with his 10,000 disciples. Duryodhan felicitated them very well but just to insult Paandav, especially Draupadee, he sent them to see Paandav also, thinking that when they would not be able to welcome them properly, he would give them Shaap. He met Yudhishthir on the way and told him that he was going to take bath and after coming from there he would take food. When Yudhishthir told this to Draupadee, she had already eaten food from the pot and she could not get any more food from her Akshaya Paatra. (She had this Akshaya Paatra given by Soorya Dev to feed Braahman and guests. It gave food only till she herself ate the food from that pot.) Now what to do? How to satisfy Muni Durvaasaa and his 10,000 disciples? How to save themselves from his anger and Shaap?

Krishn knew the situation, He came there and asked why they were worried. Draupadee told the whole story. He asked the pot to see whether there was anything in it? Draupadee insisted that she herself kept it after cleaning and washing. Krishn still insisted, so she brought it to Him unwillingly. Krishn checked it and found a leaf stuck to its one side. He took it out and ate saying "May God satisfy the whole world with this food" and got ready to go. Yudhishthir asked - "What about Muni And his disciples?" Krishn said smilingly - "He will not come now." Yudhishthir was surprised to hear this. Durvaasaa and his disciples felt satisfied there, so they thought that "when we are already full, what we will do there?" and went away from there only.

Third time when Paandav were living incognito at Viraat's place, Viraat's wife Sudeshnaa's brother Keechak got attracted to her and misbehave with her. That time Bheem saved her by killing him.

Draupadee After the War
Draupadee's grieves had not yet come to end. After the war ended, Paandav were rejoicing. They stayed in some other camp that night. All others were were in their usual camp. Ashwatthaamaa was mad at Paandav who killed his father by lying about his death; and at Dhrishtdyumn too who also shot arrows at his father. So he immediately proceeded towards Paandav's camp. There he killed everybody whoever was sleeping in that camp including Draupadee's sons. After killing everybody he returned to Duryodhan, and gave this news to him that he had killed everybody including Draupadee's childen so that he has finished even Paandav's Vansh. Duryodhan got very happy to hear this.

Thus in the end her five sons were also killed like this - in sleep and brutally. She cried and cried for her children and if he was not punished she would not eat anything. Yudhishthir explained her that Ashwatthaamaa had gone very far in the forest how could he be caught. Then she told him to bring his Mani and put it on his head, then only she could be pacified. She again requested Bheem to rescue her and he went to find Ashwatthaamaa. Krishn took Yudhishthir and Arjun to follow him as Ashwatthaamaa had Brahmaastra and Bheem should be saved from it. Krishn advised Arjun to release Brahm Astra against Ashwatthaama's, but Naarad Jee and Vyaas Jee intervened and Arjun got his Astra back, but Ashwatthaamaa could not get it back and it fell on Uttaraa's womb. Later Krishn saved Pareekshit. Ashwatthaamaa also gave his Mani to Yudhishthir.

After being crowned as the King of Hastinaapur Yudhishthir and Draupadee lived happily for some time.



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