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Duryodhan Troubles Paandav in Exile Too
Still he was not satisfied, so once he sent Durvaasaa Muni to take food at Yudhishthir's place when Draupadee had eaten her food as at that time she would not be able to offer food to them and Durvaasaa Muni would curse them, but Krishn saved them. (Draupadee had a Divine Pot which gave as much food to her as she waanted, but after she had eaten from it she would not get any, so she used to eat i the last.)

When Paandav's 12 years passed, they went to King Viraat's city to pass their one year of incognito. At that time Duryodhan was especially on look out for them so that if they are recognized during that period, they would go to 13 years of exile again. But luckily almost the whole year would have passed quietly, if Keechak had not misbehaved with Draupadee in Viraat's palace. This misbehavior compelled Bheem to kill Keechak. As Duryodhan heard this news, he deducted that it was Bheem only who had killed Keechak, so Paandav were hiding in Viraat's palace.

He, taking the issue of unsecured Matsya Desh, first sent Susharmaa to drive some cows from there, and when King Viraat had gone there to secure them along with Yudhishthir, Bheem, Nakul and Sahadev, he attacked Viraat Nagar. Viraat's young son Uttar had to go to fight with Kaurav army. Arjun somehow accompanied him and defeated the whole Kaurav army - Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Karn, Duryodhan etc. Everybody recognized Arjun even in an eunuch's disguise.

Duryodhan argued that Paandav had been recognized within the one year of incognito, so they should be sent to 13 years of exile again; but all calculations proved him wrong. Thus Paandav successfully completed their exile period.

Duryodhan's Plan for War
After this Paandav married Abhimanyu (Arjun's son) to Viraat's daughter Uttaraa and sent messages to Hastinaapur for peace through Drupad's Purohit, then Krishn but Duryodhan was not ready to give them the land even equal to point of a needle. So the war had to take place.

Duryodhan and Arjun in Dwaarakaa
When it was decided that there was no alternative except war, both Duryodhan and Arjun arrived in Dwaarakaa to ask for Krishn's help. Krishn was sleeping at that time. Duryodhan came first, so he sat towards His head on a high stool; Arjun came later and sat near Krishn's feet folding his hands. When Krishn woke up, He saw Arjun first, and then Duryodhan. He asked the reason for their coming and said clearly - "On one side my Naaraayanee army will be there and on the other side I Myself will there. I will not take up any weapon. And since I have seen Arjun first, and besides Arjun is younger to you, Arjun has the first right to choose whatever he wants."

Hearing this Duryodhan thought what he would do of weaponless Krishn, so he should ask for His army, but was afraid lest Arjun first asks for it. But he was very happy in his heart when Arjun asked Krishn Himself for himself. Duryodhan told that he would do with His army - that is what he wanted. After returning when he told this incident to his Maamaa Shakuni, he beat his head on his childishness.

The war broke in Kurukshetra. He mischievously got Shalya (Nakul and Sahadev's Maamaa) to his side. Duryodhan had 11 Akshauhinee army in all, and Paandav had only 7 Akshauhinee army. Besides there were many invincible heroes in Duryodhan's army - Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa,  Karn, Shalya, Ashwatthaamaa etc. Thus there was no match between the two armies. The war continued for 18 days. Bheeshm had fallen, Drone had died, Karn was killed by Arjun, Bheem had killed all his 99 brothers. Now there were only two people around him - Kripaa and Ashwatthaamaa. He asked Ashwatthaamaa to kill Paandav. He went to kill Paandav, but unfortunately he killed Draupadee's five sons who resembled their fathers. Ashwatthaamaa gave this news to Duryodhan and he peacefully died.



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