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Rishi Durvaasaa-2       

Maharshi Atri's son Durvaasaa was very glorious Muni. He was a great Tapaswee but a very angry Muni and could shake the Tri-Lok. He has many stories of anger, but one.

Durvaasaa and Shakuntalaa
Shakuntalaa was the daughter of Vishwaamitra Jee and Menakaa Apsaraa. She was brought up by Maharshi Kanv in his Aashram. When she had grown up, once King Dushyant came that side while on hunting trip and seeing Rishi's Aashram asked for food and water as he was very hungry. Rishi had gone to bring his Yagya material, but Shakuntalaa was there, so she provided him with food and water. Both liked each other and they married with Gandharv method. After spending some time King Dushyant went away. While going back to his palace, he promised her to call her soon in his palace and gave her his ring for identification. When Muni came back he knew everything with the power of his Yog.

After King Dushyant had left, Shakuntalaa was lost in his memories. Once she was sitting lost in his memories, that Durvaasaa Muni came there, but Shakuntalaa was so much lost that she could not know that Muni was there. At this Muni got very angry and cursed her - "In whoever's memories you are lost, and you have ignored me, he will also forget you." As Shakuntalaa heard this she fell on Muni's feet and asked for his forgiveness. After a while Muni pitied her and said - "OK, Later he will recognize you."

The same thing happened. When Shakuntalaa had given birth to Bharat and went to the king carrying the child, King Dushyant did not recognize her. She got ready to take out the ring from her finger, but she did not find it. It fell in the river on the way while drinking water. She had to come back from the King's court.

The ring was swallowed by a fish. A fisherman caught that fish, and as he cut it for his food, he found King's ring in it. He came to return that ring to him. Later after a few years, the King saw Bharat playing with lion cubs and came to him curiously as who he could be. The child took him to Shakuntalaa. An Aakaashvaanee also confirmed that he was Dushyant's son. He accepted both of them and brought them home.

Durvaasaa and Paandav
While Paandav were spending their exile period in the forest, Durvaasaa Rishi came to Hastinaapur and got very pleased with Duryodhan's felicitation. Seeing him pleased, he asked them to go to Yudhishthir's place also to bless them. Durvaasaa agreed and came to him with his 10,000 disciples. It was about afternoon. He met Yudhishthir in the forest and said to him - "We are hungry. We are going to take bath, after taking bath we will take food at your place." Yudhishthir was very pleased to know, but from inside he was very worried.

They had a Divine pot which gave unlimited food till Draupadee ate from it. Since it was afternoon, Draupadee must have eaten her food and now nothing could come out of that pot. Yudhishthir came to his Aashram and told Draupadee everything. Draupadee also got worried because she had eaten her food. How could she felicitate Muni and his 10,000 disciples? And if she could not, he will become angry and curse them. She said - "Hey, Krishn" The then Vaasudev appeared in the doorway and asked Draupadee for some food. Draupadee said lowering her head that since she had her food, now she did not have any food. She had cleaned the pot also.

Krishn said - "You give me that pot, let me see if there is anything in it." Draupadee said - "I myself have cleaned it, it has nothing in it." When Krishn insisted, she brought the pot and gave it to Krishn. Krishn saw a green leaf stuck to the wall of the pot at one side. He took out that leaf and ate it saying, "May God satisfy the whole world with this food." The then Durvaasaa Rishi and his disciples felt satisfied. When they had finished taking bath, Durvaasaa told his disciples to run away from there only as they were not hungry at all and there was no use of going to Yudhishthir's place. Thus Krishn saved Paandav from Durvaasaa's curse.



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