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In the beginning of the world, Brahmaa Jee poduced 10 Maanas Putra (mind children). One of them was Maharshi Atri. He was married to Anasooyaa. They had three sons - Chandramaa, Dattaatreya and Durvaasaa. Durvaasaa was a very glorious Muni. He was a great Tapaswee, but a very angry Muni and could shake the Tri-Lok. He has many stories of his anger, but one.

Durvaasaa and Indra
Once it so happened that he went to Swarg Lok to see Indra. At that time Indra was going somewhere riding on his Airaavat elephant. Durvaasaa got very happy to see him. He presented a garland of Paarijaat flowers to him. Dev Raaj took it and threw it on the head of elephant and set off for Nandan Van. Now that elephant was very intoxicated so he took off that garland and threw it on the ground crushing it. Durvaasaa got angry at this, he cursed Indra - "You have insulted me because of your wealth, that is why all wealth of Tri-Lok will be destroyed."

Hearing Durvaasa's curse Indra went back to his city and his all wealth got disappeared. Brahmaa etc Devtaa, Gandharv, Yaksh, Kinnar, Daitya, Daanav, Naag, human beings, Naag, all living beings became poor. So all went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Bhagavan, All living beings are afflicted. You are the Lord of the three Lok, please protect us." Brahmaa Jee said - "All this has happened because of Indra's misbehavior. He has made Durvaasaa angry, now until she will be pleased, everybody will be afflicted like this. So let us go and worship Naaraayan. When He will be pleased then only all will be happy." So all Devtaa along with Brahmaa Jee went to Ksheer Saagar and prayed Vishnu with Purush Sookt. They did Jap of 8-letter Mantra and Paath of Purush Sookt and then did Yagya praying with Divine Stotras.

Vishnu got pleased with their prayers and said to them - "You go and prepare for Saagar Manthan (churning the sea). Lakshmee lives there, we will get her from there. Use Vaasuki Naag as churning rope, Mandaraachal Parvat as churning rod and I will support you in all the ways." So Devtaa brought Mandaraachal Parvat and set it in the sea, used Vaasuki Naag as churning rope and started churning the sea with their Daitya brothers. The sea was so rough that the Mandaraachal was shaking a lot, so Vishnu assumed Kashchap (tortoise) form and kept the mountain on His back.

Fourteen things came out from the sea, including poison, Amrit, Lakshmee, Dhanvantari, Uchchshraivaa horse, Airaavat elephant, Kaustubh Mani, Apsaraa etc. When Lakshmee had appeared, Devtaa prayed her and she blessed them that she will always be with them.

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