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Ved Vyaas

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Maharshi Ved Vyaas

Maharshi Ved Vyaas Jee is the son of Maharshi Paraashar (son of Vashishth Jee) and Satyavatee - a fisherman's daughter. It is said that he is the incarnation of Vishnu. Satyavatee used to take passengers across the Yamuna River in her boat. Once Rishi Paraashar was crossing the river in her boat that he got attracted to her and gave her a son. He was named as Krishn Dwaipaayan, because his complexion was dark (Krishn) and he was born on an island (Dweep or island). He grew up as he was born and went to forest as Satyavatee was unmarried at that time, saying that "Whenever you will remember me, I will come."

Later Satyavatee got married to Rajaa Shaantanu and had two sons from him - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Chitraangad died in a battle, and Vichitraveerya got married to Kaashee's two princesses Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Vichitraveerya also died without having any child, so to continue Bharat Vansh, Satyavatee called Krishn Dwaipaayan and he had two sons from these two widows ( Dhritraashtra and Paandu respectively), and one son (Vidur) from Ambikaa's maidservant.

He was called Ved Vyaas because he divided Ved in several branches and taught them to his good disciples. His very dear disciple was Romharshan, better known as Soot Jee, whom he taught Mahaabhaarat and Puraan (commonly known as Itihaas, means history) to tell them to others.

He not only divided Ved but also wrote many Puraan and Mahaabhaarat. A very interesting incident is known about his writing Mahaabhaarat. When he intended to write it, it was so big that he needed a scriber to write it, so he went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Pitaamaha, I wish to write this Granth (big book), I need somebody to write it." Brahmaa Jee thought for a moment and said - "I don't see anybody else who can write it except Ganesh Jee. You may go to him and ask his convenience."

Ved Vyaas Jee went to him and told his problem. Ganesh Je said - "I can help you, but I have a condition."  "What?"  "That I will not stop in between, you will have to dictate me continuously. If you will stop in between, I will leave." Vyaas Jee said - "Then I also have a condition." This time Ganesh Jee's turn was to be surprised, he asked - "What is that?" Vyaas Jee said - "You will not writ anything without understanding its meaning first." Ganesh Jee got ready and the work of writing Mahaabhaarat was started.

It is said that in whatever time Ganesh Jee used to write Vyaas' Shlok, Vyaas Jee used to create many more Shlok during the same time. It shows that Vyaas Jee's Shlok had such a deep meaning that Ganesh Jee had to take so much time to write them as he could not write them without understanding their meaning first. It is also said, that once Ganesh Jee's pen got broke so to continue his writing work he had to break his one tusk and use it as a pen. That is why his one tusk is broken.

Ved Vyaas Jee continued to visit several times to Paandav and Kaurav in Mahaabhaarat times.



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