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80-Shani and Others

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Shani and Others - Some More Stories

Shani and a Braahman
Once upon a time there lived a Braahman in Satyavrat region. His name was Gunaratnaakar. Once that Braahman saw his deceased grandfather appearing in a dream and said to him that soon he will be under the Dashaa (period) of Saturn for 7 and a 1/2 years. The Braahman woke up from the dream and started chanting the Shani Stotra written by the King Dasharath. Saturn was greatly appeared by the recitation of his Stotra and said to him - "I am not going to afflict you for the whole period of 7 and 1/2 years; but I would have to afflict you at least for 3 and a 1/2 hours." The Braahman could not say anything because Shani Dev had already lessened the period from 7 and 1/2 years to 3 and1/2 months.

He thought and thought, and then picked some food, tied in a piece of cloth and made his way to a forest. There he sat down for penance. Just then some thieves broke into the palace of King Vasupaal of Lakshmee Pur kingdom and stole the jewelry from there. They tied it into a casket and ran away. They came running into the forest and disappeared. Meanwhile the security guards of the palace also came in the forest chasing the thieves and came across the meditating Braahman. They saw the casket of jewelry lying by his side. In fact when the thieves were running away, they hid the casket near the meditating Braahman thinking that nobody would doubt him being a sage and they can always take it back later. But since the security guards did not find anybody else, they searched his place and found the casket. They took the Braahman to the king and when the King untied the casket, he found only some food in it. The Braahman understood it, that it was the effect of Shani and explained the same to the King.

Shani and Harishchandra
Shani Dev did not spare King Harishchandra from his fatal affects. Although Harishchandra was a great king of great character. By his ill luck Vashishth Jee had an opposition from Vishwaamitra that Harishchandra was a truthful king. Vishwaamitra Jee asked if he could test him, Vashishth Jee agreed and Vishwaamitra Jee tested him. In this process, he had to sell out himself and his wife to Maharshi Vishwaamitra in order to pay him off his money. Harishchandra had to serve a Dom, man in charge of cremation ground. Shani Dev (in the grab of a snake cobra) had bitten his son Rohit who died instantly. By the ill luck of the royal family his wife took the dead body of her son to her husband only to cremate it. She had no money to pay the fees of cremation ground, so she went to town to get some money but king's people arrested her and was ordered to be executed. Now it was Harishchandra's duty to execute her, but as soon he got ready to execute her Dharm Raaj and Indra appeared and stopped him doing so.

Shani and Indra
It was the time to commence Saturn's period for Indra. Shani dutifully informed him about it, but Indra said he could not be under the spell for 19 years. Shani said he could make it for 19 days. Shani went down one more step, it could be 19 hours. Indra still not heeded. Shani gave the ultimatum it could be one hour. Indra said he could not even impose that and took the form of a mouse and entered a drainage. Shani waited the mouse not escaping for one hour. After one hour Indra took the form coming out of drainage. Shani did not do anything. Indra said - "See how I got out from your clutches." Shani submissively said - "The one hour in the foul smelling trench in the form of mouse was your Shani Dashaa (Shani's Period).

Shani and Naarad
Read a story about them here

Shani and Soorya Dev
Shani did not spare even his father. It is said that when Shani was born, Soorya got eclipsed.
(But then it nullifies the story of Shani and His wife's curse.]

Shani and Venkateshwar
Saturn's impact is said to have failed to work when he planned to trap Lord Venkateshwar. Thus it is believed that those who worship the Lord of seven hills especially on Saturdays will be absolved from the evil effects of Shani. (from



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