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94-Shani Kaa Daan

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Shani Kaa Daan

Why everybody cannot take Shani's Daan (donation)?
Whatever Daan is given for Shani Dev, it is not accepted by everybody. Why? Because this Daan goes with some part of giver's sins. Beause Shani is the Kaarak Graha of Karm results, that is why everybody does not accept the Daan given for him. If he accepts it, he also tastes the fruits of those Karm done by the donor. And because Shani give the results of sinful actions very soon, that is why especially a Braahman cannot take the Dan given for him. Then to whom this Daan should be given? There is a special caste in India who takes this Daan. There is a story about it --

There was a Rishi named Dag. He spent lots of time in doing Tap. He spent this time sometimes eating only fruits, sometimes only water or air. There, in that forest, lived a Bheel woman also. Seeing the Rishi busy in Tap, she used to come to his Aashram to clean it. After a while when the Rishi woke up from his Samaadhi, he found his Aashram very clean. He thought who was he who was cleaning his Aashram? So to find out about the cleaner, one day the Rishi just sat pretending as if he was in his Samaadhi. On that day also that Bheel woman came and started cleaning his Aashram.

When she finished her cleaning, pleased with her services the Rishi opened his eyes and asked her to ask for any Var - "Priya, Ask for any Var." That Bheel woman stood and said to the Rishi - "Hey Rishi, You called me "Priya". This word is used for a wife, so when you have called me by this word, then give me a child too, otherwise your word will go a lie. You are a Rishi and a Rishi pronounces whatever word that takes the form, so your word should not be a lie."

Now Rishi thought, if I give her a child then my whole Tap will be useless, why did I called her as Priya? Why my mind got so polluted? Then he thought that maybe it is the fruit of my some past sin which I will have to tolerate. Thinking thus Rishi repented a lot and started crying. When he did not find any way to come out of this, he said to the woman - "Hey Devee, At present you go home. Let me think about then I will reply." The Bheel woman went to her home.

The Rishi thought a lot in the night and invoked his Devtaa and decided that "I will give her a son from my Tap power. When next day the Bheel woman came in the Aashram, he said to her - "You will get a son from my Tap power." The Bheel woman said - "Hey Rishi, You are again committing a mistake. You should think first that to whom you are given a son? We are Bheel, our son will only kill animals, catch fish and will do some other low level jobs. Just think if a Rishi's son will do such kind of jobs, then what people will say? He cannot read Ved because his mother is a Bheel."

Rishi again repented saying "Why I am not able to think such small things? And I am continuing to commit mistakes up on mistakes. Then he said to the woman - "O Woman, I agree that this is my fault, but I give you a son from my Tap power and because he will be my son that is why my descendents will be known as Dakaut. Nobody accepts whichever Shani's Daan, people's feet tremble just by name of accepting Shani's Daan; my descendants will take that whole Daan and because of my Tap power they will be unharmed. Even any other Daan which no Brahman accepts, my descendants will take that also." After having said thus Rishi got silent.

Bheel woman said "Then it is all right." and she went back to her home. Thus the descendants of that Rishi Dag are named as Dakaut and they are able to accept Shani's all Daan without hesitation.



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