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77-Shani and Others

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Shani and Others - Shani and a King

There is a story about a King who bought an idol of Shani. Once there was a king who always spoke truth and always fulfilled his promise. He was a lover of art also. One day he called upon many sculptors in his kingdom to display their artifacts. He also proclaimed that if any sculptor will not be able to sell any of his work, he would buy it. Hearing this many sculptors came in his kingdom and displayed their artifacts. Many people also came there and bought their works. Their works were very good and almost all of them were able to sell their works at a good price. They were very happy and satisfied.

But there was one sculptor who was not able to sell his work. It is not that is work was of somewhat of a lower quality than any other sculptor, but his work was like that. It was a black iron statue of Shani Dev. It was shiny, well-cut and beautiful, but who would buy Shani's statue? Who would keep Shani's statue in his house? So in the end he was the only left with his Shani's beautiful statue. Although he was sad that in spite of the beautiful statue nobody bought it, but still he was satisfied with King's promise that "if somebody will not be able to sell his work, he himself will buy it".

So when everything was over and everybody went back to their respective places, he went to the King and said - "O King, I am sorry to bother you, but I have not been able to sell my work. Since you have promised to buy it, I have brought it to you." The King did not say "no" to him and gladly said - "O artist, I am also sorry to know that you have not been able to sell your work, but still I will surely buy it as I have promised. Bring it." The sculptor took out a small but a beautiful back iron statue and showed it to him. The statue was indeed very beautiful and was a good specimen of art. Why people did not buy it, the King could not understand it. But in a few moments he understood the reason. People did not buy it because it was the statue of Shani Dev. Who would like to keep a statue of Shani dev in his house? The King also did not want to keep it in his palace, but as he had already promised he could not have broken his promise too. So he bought it by giving him more money than he asked for it. The sculptor got very happy, he bowed in front of the king repetitively and went away. The King kept that statue in his palace.

After a couple of days the King dreamt that one shiny brilliant woman was going out of his palace he asked her - "Who are you and why are you going out o the palace?" She said - "I am Lakshmee. I cannot live where Shani lives." and she went out of the place. The King went to sleep. After a while he saw a male image went out. he asked him - "Who are you and why are you going out of the palace?" He said - "I am Vaibhav (prosperity), I cannot live without Lakshmee, so I am also going after her." thus he also went away. The King was tied to his promise so he could not do anything to stop them.

Later some other images of Dharm (Duty), Dhairya (Patience), Kshamaa (Forgiveness) etc also went away. The King let them go as he was tied to Satya (Truth). In the last he saw another image going out of the palace. he asked him also - "Who are ou and why are you going out of the palace?" he said - "I am Satya and I cannot live where Lakshme, Vaibhav, Dharm, Patience etc are not there. That is why I am also going from here." This time the King fell on his feet and said - "O Satya, I did not mind all those going away from my palace, because I had you and now you are also leaving me? If you will also go away how I will survive? I bought that statue because I promised the sculptors to buy any work which they could not sell in the market. That sculptor could not sell his work, so I bought it, I kept my promise. Did I do anything wrong?"

Understanding the King's feelings and faithfulness to himself, Satya stayed back in the palace. All othes, Lakshmee an others, were waiting for Satya to come out, but when Satya did not come out they started coming back in the palace, one by one, in reverse order. They told the King that without Satya nobody could live, so all of them were coming back. Who was so much devoted to Satya, he could never be unhappy at all." hus due to the devotion to Satya, Lakshmae and Shani lived together in that King's palace. (read also the story of Shani and Lakshmee)



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